Happy 6th Anniversary Pokemon GO!

Another Year is Passed… Happy 6th Anniversary Pokemon GO!

Happy sixth birthday, Pokémon GO! Each year, an outstanding artist creates a new piece of spectacular artwork to both honor the occasion and tease of things to come. Yusuke Kozaki (@kymg on Twitter), who is also in charge of character design for Pokémon GO, created this year’s anniversary artwork, and it is stunning! Happy 6th Anniversary Pokemon GO!

Today, Niantic, a Californian software company and pioneer in the creation of AR technologies, celebrates the sixth anniversary of Pokémon GO with its followers. A fantastic voyage, with many new things in store for its gamers.

Image for an Anniversary: Our Baby Grow Up!

This unique sixth anniversary art looks back at the very first anniversary art in a pretty amazing throwback!

The above is the first anniversary artwork, and as you can see below, there are many similarities. The Kanto beginning final evolutions are still on top of gyms, but they are now all Mega Pokémon evolutions. Instead of Tyrogue, Venusaur is joined on the gym by Cyndaquil, Charizard is seen facing Mega Latios (Latias? Who knows?) instead of Aerodactyl, and Blastoise is still shooting their water cannons.

For the last six years, Pokémon GO has encouraged its Trainers to go trekking in the mountains, find new landmarks in your yard, or capture, trade, and challenge Pokémon with friends, bringing people together in unexpected ways and looking to develop or deepen friendship relationships.

Do not be concerned; this will continue in the future. Niantic is arranging a magnificent party with six themes, including a particular focus on Charizard, which is the number 6 of the Pokedéx, to kick off the title’s sixth anniversary in the greatest possible manner. So get ready for some exciting news.

Happy 6th Anniversary Pokemon GO!
Happy 6th Anniversary Pokemon GO!

The PokéStops are all in the same placements, while the Team Leaders are all in identical stances. Blanche is in the same area but instead of reading a book, she is snuggling an Alolan Vulpix and Ninetails, however Spark has managed to remain on the ground this time! Instead of Spark plummeting into the sky, we see a trainer avatar figure jumping up to Togekiss. Cute! Professor Willow is still leading the trip with another trainer avatar persona, but for the sixth anniversary, he has abandoned the bike.

Rhi joins the cast this year, staring in astonishment at the assortment of Pokémon.

The anniversary graphics are often interpreted as previews for what’s to come in GO, but we can’t take it as gospel since, looking back at prior years, we still don’t have some of the Pokémon seen in the photographs. Mega Lucario debuted on the fourth anniversary poster two years ago, and Mega Mewtwo appeared on the fifth anniversary poster two years later, yet neither is still in the game a year and two years later. However! Many of the Pokémon depicted do make it into the game, so let’s see who we have that isn’t yet in Pokémon GO.

The sixth Anniversary event in Pokémon Go includes the introduction of new Charmeleon, Charizard, and Pikachu outfits. You may develop your previous Party Hat Charmanders into Party Hat Charmeleon and Charizard, as well as find them in the wild with Cake Costume Pikachu. If you’re fortunate, all new dressed Pokémon will be shiny.

In addition to new costume Pokémon, worldwide trainers will be able to capture Pansear again during the sixth Anniversary event due to Go Fest Ultra Unlock bonuses – and Pansear will be shiny this time. The normally region-locked Pokémon is a rare discovery for most people, so catching its new shiny variation during the event would be even more uncommon.

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We’ve previously speculated on Turtonator’s possible influence on GO, and there are some great fan favorites hinted here! Vivillon is a Pokémon that we have been waiting for; it has so many varied patterns that we believe it will be a new regionally unique Pokémon, with diverse patterns seen all around the world. Cosmog is an Alola Legendary, and it will be fascinating to see how they adapt it in GO, since it develops! It develops into Cosmoem, then either Solgaleo or Lunala, depending on the time of day and night in the game.

We already have the midnight and noon forms of Lycanroc in game, but not the dusk variant, which is seen below. Vikavolt, a chunky tiny Electric and Bug type, develops from Charjabug. Mimikyu, perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated Pokémon, is the one that everyone is most excited about. A real fan favorite, I see people begging for two things with every tweet Niantic makes: Cowboy Hat Caterpie and Mimikyu. And it seems like Mimikyu will be arriving shortly!

Interestingly, this graphic deviates from the annual practice of showcasing the following generation beginning Pokémon. Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott replace the generation 8 starters Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. With their unique Hisuian ultimate evolutions, these three starters compose the Hisuian starting Pokémon; may we see Hisuian variants coming to GO soon? GO is swiftly catching up with the generations of Pokémon that have previously been released, thus it makes sense to visit the Hisui area before venturing into the Galar region.

It introduces numerous new versions of current Pokémon, as well as new evolutions for other Pokémon in GO, and will be a terrific way to add new Pokémon to the game without having to wait for the main series releases.


We also introduced two totally new characters! A feminine figure in purple strolling with Spark, wearing a lovely Vivillon bow that we should receive as a game option, and a more macho character peering out from behind Turtonator. Except for their looks in this picture, we know nothing about these two individuals; we’ll have to wait and see to find out more! It’s fantastic to see another black character in the game; greater diversity is always a good thing. May the individual lurking behind Turtonator be tied to the new ‘routes’ feature we’ve been teased?

They have a measuring tape wrapped around their cap and are dressed in an attire that could be described as laborer or miner as in the main series. Are you a hiker? The second individual wearing the Vivillon bow may be hinting to some type of Vivillon-related study or event; they are certainly more intriguing, and I adore the purple jumpsuit!

pokemon go anniversary event 2022 avatar items Another Year is Passed... Happy 6th Anniversary Pokemon GO! Happy 6th Anniversary Pokemon GO

Six Years of Pokémon GO: Thoughts and Feelings ;’)

Can you believe Pokémon GO has been around for six years? It was released a month after I married (and I frequently joke that it was a good thing it came out before the GO mania), and it has been a crazy six years. We could never have foreseen the epidemic and all the changes it brought to the game, or that GO would still be running strong after all these years.

We’ve seen Pokémon from seven different regions released, captured shiny and 100% IV Pokémon, lost hundreds of legendaries in raids, and had shinies leave on event days. Trading, raids, and PvP have all been added to the game, and we’ve experienced the ecstasy of a shlundo deal as well as the sorrow of a 12/12/12 fortunate exchange.

We’ve watched Pokémon GO content producers come and go, the glorious first few weeks of GO when it seemed like the whole globe was playing happily, and the long winter months of the epidemic when we had to play utterly alone. We’ve traveled across the globe for tournaments, or we’ve remained in our hometowns and played our own games. Global GO Fest, as well as the Kanto and Johto Tour, have been introduced. We’ve seen controversies and the hashtag #HearUsNiantic. We’ve seen plenty of faults, malfunctions, and blunders.

We’ve seen wonderful Community Days, as well as somewhat mediocre ones; we’ve seen folks ecstatic to see their favorite Pokémon come in game, as well as others who are still eagerly waiting. Because to GO, we’ve seen fantastic worldwide communities emerge, such as AR and PvP.

Rural players have struggled, while metropolitan players have been almost overrun. We’ve seen regional Pokémon released that most of us would never be able to go to capture, as well as guaranteed shiny Mythicals released, something many of us assumed would never happen.

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We’ve seen individuals start playing who have loved Pokémon their whole lives, as well as those who found Pokémon via GO and are now falling in love with our chosen fanbase for the first time. We’ve seen many highs and lows in the game and in our personal lives, but GO has been with us for the whole six years. We’ve seen GO be a bright light to brighten us up on our saddest days, as well as days when we can’t be bothered to check in since there’s nothing much going on.

We’ve always knew Pokémon GO was there for us, something to distract us, get us up and moving, keep us active, and give us a reason to come outdoors. We’ve walked into nature and questioned why car parks usually had better spawning, and we’ve attempted to capture Pokémon on top of mountains and in woods despite the fact that we didn’t have a phone service.

We’ve had disagreements with Niantic’s vision, been irritated by game modifications, and seen new features of the game implemented that improved our playing experiences. We’ve watched trainers come and go, travelled thousands of kilometers, used more battery packs than we ever imagined, and captured millions of Pokémon.

We’ve also seen Costume Pokémon. A plethora of Costume Pokémon.

We may not always agree, but thank you for the previous six years of Pokémon GO, and here’s to many more! Here’s to a bright future for Pokémon GO; we can’t wait to see what this year has in store.

The fun doesn’t end there, as this summer is jam-packed with Pokémon GO activities all across the globe. Tomorrow marks the commencement of a special Anniversary Event including new Charmeleon, Charizard, and Pikachu outfits. Then, on July 22nd, we have Pokémon GO Fest: Seattle, and on August 5th, we have Pokémon GO Fest: Sapporo. Finally, the worldwide Finale event will be place on August 27th, with more information to follow shortly.

Are you one of the millions of people who are still playing Pokémon GO six years later? Celebrate by preparing for this summer’s various events, and tell us what has kept you interested in the game all these time.

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Happy 6th Anniversary Pokemon GO!
Look This Cute 6th Years Anniversary Picture!

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