April Fools 2019 Event

April Fools 2019 Event is Here!

April Fools’ Day has here, and Niantic, like many other developers, is celebrating with a unique event in Pokemon Go. Last year, the developer famously replaced the game’s 3D Pokemon models with 8-bit graphics, but this year, gamers will have another opportunity to catch a Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum’s distinctive hat from the Pokemon anime series.

While utilizing the new Go Snapshot function, you’ll be able to see a hat-wearing Pikachu throughout the day. Like Smeargle, the Pikachu—or perhaps Ash himself—may photobomb the images you capture; if this occurs, exit the mode and the Pikachu will emerge in the wild, allowing you to catch it.


April Fools 2019 Event

Ash’s headgear Pikachu is now accessible in Pokemon Go for the first time in over a year. Niantic initially released it as part of the game’s anniversary event, however several additional hat-wearing Pikachu have appeared subsequently, including a Santa hat Pikachu during the game’s annual winter event.

This is also your last opportunity to see Giratina in its Altered Forme. After Dialga’s departure, the Legendary Gen 4 Pokemon returned to Raid Battles last week. Giratina will morph into its Origin Forme—the more serpent-like look it assumes in Pokemon Platinum—at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET until it departs Raid Battles on April 29. Here are some hints on how to capture Giratina.

On April 2, Niantic will also launch the Bug Out event, during which Bug-type Pokemon will surface more often and Incenses will last twice as long as usual. After that, on April 13, the developer will hold this month’s Pokemon Go Community Day. Bagon, the foundation form of the famous Dragon Pokemon Salamence, will be featured this time.

April Fools 2019 Event

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Pokémon GO looks to be enjoying some April Fools’ Day fun, as Pokémon anime lead Ash Ketchum appears in GO Snapshot mode.

According to Serebii.net, photobombing Smeargle in Pokémon GO’s GO Snapshot mode has been replaced with Ash Cap Pikachu and Ash Ketchum himself, based on reports from players residing in places where April 1st has occurred.


April Fools 2019 wow



Any photobomb by Ash or Ash Cap Pikachu will result in the appearance of an Ash Cap Pikachu, the Pokémon’s first appearance since it was last accessible over a year ago.

This may be done five times each day, according to Serebii.net.

Several reports of a shining Ash Cap Pikachu have also come in, making this the first time a shiny Ash Cap Pikachu has been captured.