April Fools’ Day 2018 Event

Niantic Labs is planning on celebrating one of the most hated holidays of the year: April Fool’s Day. A lot of trickery and fake news pops out on this day, but Niantic is taking the opportunity to do something special and fun for the Pokemon Go audience.

April Fools’ Day 2018 Event is Here!


April Fools' Day 2018

Over on the official Niantic Labs website, The firm said that a fresh new graphics engine is being developed to provide players with the option to experience a brand new visual approach for the game. What is the function of the graphics engine? It allows you to play Pokemon Go with classic 8-bit graphics.

The top picture depicts Pikachu, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur in their 8-bit incarnations, evocative of when Nintendo and the Pokemon Company first debuted the pocket-monster capture series to audiences back in 1996.

Technically, the game does not appear exactly like its Game Boy predecessor. The sprite work for the fight scenes in the original Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red was really pretty good. Indeed, it was the high-quality art on such a low-end device as the Game Boy that enabled the video game series to thrive so well, particularly when paired with the fact that the television program was absolutely thriving at the time.

The April Fool’s Day visuals upgrade has been supplemented by another recent update that adds all-new missions to the game. These aren’t your ordinary fetch or item acquisition missions; instead, they have players roaming about, accomplishing different chores and working toward an eventual objective laid forth by the NPCs.

Capturing the original Mew is one of the most recent objectives. Some of you may recall that there was also an event to get a Mewtwo. The event was held in Yokohama, Japan, and allowed players to get the Legendary and very uncommon Pokémon.

Professor Willow’s newest quest line is a pretty difficult sequence of duties, with the first phase involving collecting 10 Pokemon and spinning five PokeStop signs. You must also transfer five Pokémon.

It is just the first phase in Pokemon Go’s quest line, which comprises eight components. The quest line has been requested by fans of the mobile game since 2016. So it’s been two years, but perhaps it’s not too late.

As part of the April Fool’s Day event, you may check out the game’s 8-bit visuals while participating in the new questing system and attempting to get your very own Mew Pokemon. I’m sure many players will appreciate the nod to vintage Pokemon games from Nintendo’s earlier platforms.

Pokemon Go was released in 2016 on iOS and Android devices, and it has since amassed a sizable fan base. Niantic Labs has been updating the game on a regular basis with new content and Pokémon, including those from Generations 2 and 3. The most recent update included the aforementioned questing structure, which should keep players coming back for more.

Pokemon Go trainers want Niantic to bring back a popular April Fools joke from 2018 which altered the images used in the Pokemon list. 

Every year on April 1st since the launching of Pokemon Go, the creators have given a broad range of activities and amusing features.

The next day, such oddities are immediately eliminated, restoring the game to its normal condition.

Niantic changed the visuals used for Pokemon to their old-school 8-Bit counterparts on April 1, 2018, and trainers on Reddit feel that feature should have been permanent.

Pokemon Go trainers want 8-bit images

Reddit user ffturb0 took to the Pokemon Go subreddit after he came across a screenshot from April Fools day in 2018.


In his remark, he adds he wishes there was an option to have the 8-Bit pictures in the game all the time.

Immediately after it was posted, trainers rushed the comments with support for the function.

One user noted that he observed the Pokemon list loaded quicker, leading others feel the addition may genuinely assist certain trainers.

“I remember this it was extremely nice I guess it helped my game load my Pokemon list faster,” they remembered. “I imagine folks with slower phones may benefit from having this back, but also for the nostalgic reasons.”

Although ‘Cometstarlight’ remarked that even though they observed others ‘hating’ on the feature, they loved gazing at the sprites.


“Oh, I wish they made them a permanent toggle feature,” they stated. “I remember seeing so many people on Facebook bashing on them because they were ‘confusing’ and ‘didn’t make sense.’

“They honestly made scrolling through and locating particular Pokemon simpler for me because I grew up looking at sprites like these.”

With over 5,800 upvotes and climbing on the original post, it’s evident that many would welcome having the feature added to the game permanently.

It’s uncertain whether or not Niantic will put 8-bit sprites back to Pokemon Go — but we’ll make sure to update if it ever occurs.