Arbok #024

Pokemon Arbok – Pokemon 1 Gen, ranked 24th in the Pokedex… He resides in the Kanto area and is a toxic kind of Pokémon. This is the last stage of Pokemon Ekans evolution.

Parameters and characteristics of Pokemon Arbok

Max BS 2171
Атака 167
Protection 153
Resistance 155


How to find and catch Pokémon Arbok?

Arbok may be found in parks and marshes. It is possible to capture him around overgrown lakes, industrial sites, and industries.

Arbok is an uncommon sighting on the map. The simplest method to get it is to develop Ekans.


Best moveset for Arbok

When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, Arbok’s greatest attacks are Acid and Gunk Shot. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the finest for PVP encounters.


  Acid 13.5 dps
  Gunk Shot 50.3 dps


  Dragon Tail 13.6 dps
  Gunk Shot 50.3 dps


 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
 Bite 6 8 12
 Acid 9 10 13.5
 Dragon Tail 15 8.2 13.6
Main move Damage EPS DPS
 Dark Pulse 80 -16.7 26.7
 Sludge Wave 110 -31.3 41.3
 Gunk Shot 130 -32.3 50.3
 Acid Spray 20 -16.7 8
 Frustration Shadow 10 -16.5 5
 Return Purified 35 -47.1 50


The moves highlighted in green benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus, and deal 20% more damage.

Evolution family

Arbok is part of a two-member family.

Regular Version


Ekans Arbok #024 arbok
#023 Ekans

50 Ekans candy Arbok #024 arbok
Arbok Arbok #024 arbok
#024 Arbok


Shiny Version


Ekans shiny Arbok #024 arbok
#023 Ekans

50 Ekans candy Arbok #024 arbok
Arbok shiny Arbok #024 arbok
#024 Arbok


  • Arbok was released along with the game launch on July 6th, 2016.
  • Shiny_Pokemon_icon Shiny form of Arbok was released at the start of Team GO Rocket Disruption on July 25th, 2019.
  • Icon_Shadow_Pokemon Shadow form of Arbok was released with Jessie and James on July 9th, 2020.
    • Shiny form of Shadow Arbok was released on the same day.
Method Maximum CP Details

(weather boosted)
In wild since 2016 Jul 6Increased spawns in:
Mega Buddy Challenge: 2020 Sep 22 – 28
Raid Battles

(weather boosted)
Tier 3 CP 14,153Visit List of Raid Bosses changes for complete appearance
The Pokemon Arbok is one of the many capturable monsters in Pokemon Go.

#024 Arbok Info


Combat Moves

When in battle, touch the screen to attack with combat moves, and the Pokemon will release their attacks as quickly as they can. Attacks that are repeated will fill the bars on their specific meter. When any or all of the bars are full, press and hold the screen for a few seconds to unleash a special move.
Possible Attack Moves
Name Type Damage
Acid Poison 9
Bite Dark 6
Possible Special Moves
Name Type Damage Number of Special Bars
Sludge Wave Poison 110 1
Gunk Shot Poison 130 2
Dark Pulse Dark 80 2
  • Evolves From: Ekans

What counters Arbok?

   Arbok is a Poison type Pokémon, which makes it weak against Ground and Psychic moves.

The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Arbok are:

  • Calyrex (Shadow Rider),
  • Mewtwo,
  • Hoopa (Unbound),
  • Deoxys (Attack),
  • Alakazam.