Archeops #567

 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
  Wing Attack 8 11.3 12
  Steel Wing 11 7.5 13.8
Main move Damage EPS DPS
  Ancient Power 70 -9.4 24
  Dragon Claw 50 -19.4 29.4
  Crunch 70 -10.3 21.9

The green moves benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus and deliver 20% more damage.

Evolution family

Archeops is part of a two-member family.


Archen  Archen_shiny
#566 Archen

50 Archen_candy
Archeops Archeops_shiny
#567 Archeops



Archeops is a gigantic avian Pokémon that has characteristics of both birds and reptiles. It has a red featherless snake-like head with a green stripe going over the top. It has sharp teeth in its mouth. It has white eyes with black pupils and no irises. Its body is covered with frayed-looking yellow and blue flying feathers on its arms and legs, allowing all four of its limbs to function as wings. These “wings” all have sharp claws. On the ankles, it bears a ring of tiny green feathers. It possesses a fully-movable spine in its tail rather than a pygostyle, and its tail is totally red and featherless save for a fan of blue feathers at the end. It has delicate plumage.

It can fly, but it prefers to run, using a running start to take flight with its weak wing muscles. Archeops must run roughly 25 mph (40 km/h) as it gains speed along a 2.5 mile (4 kilometers) track to reach flight. When Archeops is on the ground, he can hunt more effectively. Archeops is reported to be clever, hunting in groups for prey. Before another Archeops swoops down on the victim, one Archeops corners it. It is capable of outrunning even a car. It is intelligent enough to collaborate with its mates to capture prey. Archeops is extinct but may be resurrected via fossils. Archeops is omnivorous; in the anime, it is shown eating fruit as well as searching for prey.