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Aurorus is part of a two-member family.


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#699 Aurorus



  • Mirror Coat was initially intended for Aurorus, however it was deleted before Aurorus was launched.
  • It was, nevertheless, classified as a Fast Attack. It might just be a mistake.


Aurorus is a dinosaurian Pokémon that resembles a sauropod. Its primary color is blue, with a light blue underside. It has a long neck, piercing blue eyes, and a long, tapering tail with a teardrop-shaped tip. A V-shaped white marking with a single light blue crystal in the middle appears on its head. Two enormous, flowing sails go down the length of its neck from the top of its head. The sails start off mild whitish-yellow and fade into a faint bluish-purple towards the margins. However, as shown in Pokémon-Amie, its sails may change color based on its mood. A line of microscopic ice crystals runs the length of its body on both sides. It has three clawed toes on its rear legs but just one huge nail and one claw on its forelegs.

Aurorus is normally peaceful and friendly, but when furious, he may make ice barriers or imprison adversaries in ice. The crystals on its body create freezing air with temperatures as low as -240 degrees Fahrenheit (-150 degrees Celsius). One Aurorus was found frozen in a glacier as it appeared many years ago. When Aurorus howls, numerous auroras are reported to emerge in the sky.