Bagon Community Day in April 13, 2019

April is here, which means Pokemon Go gamers will soon have a new Community Day to look forward to. Niantic has released the first information for this month’s event, which is set to return on Saturday, April 13. This time, it will include a rare Dragon Pokemon: Bagon.

Bagon will emerge in higher quantities than usual during the Community Day, making it much simpler to add them to your collection. Given that Niantic usually releases the Shiny version of the month’s highlighted Pokemon at each Community Day, this month’s event should be your first opportunity to capture a Shiny Bagon.

Bagon Community Day is Here!



Bagon is the basic form of the mighty Dragon/Flying Pokemon Salamence, so collect as many as you can during April’s Community Day. If you develop any into Salamence within an hour of the event’s finish, it will also learn a unique move, but Niantic hasn’t disclosed what it is yet.

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April’s Community Day, like March’s, will take place from 3-6 PM local time, rather than the typical timetable. Niantic is also granting triple the regular amount of XP for catching Pokemon as an extra incentive to participate. More information on the event may be found on the official Pokemon website.

That’s not the only thing going on in Pokemon Go next month. Niantic is also hosting a Bug Out event from April 2-9. Bug Pokemon will occur more often than usual at this time, and Incenses will last twice as long. Poke Stops will also provide unique limited-time Field Research missions centered on Bug Pokemon.

A new month comes a new Pokemon Go Community Day. Continue reading for more information about the Pokemon Go Community Day in April 2019. Continue reading to learn about the Pokemon Go April 2019 Community Day start time, featured Pokemon, and unique moves. If you want to be the greatest, like no one ever been, this is the book for you.

Pokemon Go Community Day April 2019 start time

Pokemon Go Community Day April 2019

When the April 2019 Pokemon Go Community Day goes live is the first thing you’ll want to know. The Community Day for Pokemon Go in April 2019 will, as usual, last for three hours. The precise start and finish timings are shown below:

  • Worldwide: April 13, 2019 | 3 PM to 6 PM

The most recent Community Day will run three hours, starting at 3 PM on April 13, 2019, in whichever time zone you are in—the event timing is adjusted to those hours in each location. That means no waking up early or staying out late, which is convenient regardless of where you live.

Pokemon Go Community Day April 2019 featured Pokemon

Pokemon Go Community Day April 2019

Bagon is the featured Pokemon for the April Pokemon Go Community Day. The brave tiny Bagon will emerge significantly more often than it has before (it is generally rather uncommon). On April 13, 2019, you will have a three-hour opportunity to capture as many Bagon as you can.

Thankfully, the 3-Hour Lures you’ll have access to throughout the event will make this easy. If you capture and develop a Bagon on Community Day, it will evolve into a Salamence with a one-of-a-kind special move (Outrage). Any Salamence captured within the same time period will also get the unique move. You will get an hour after the event finishes (at 7 PM on April 13, 2019) to develop a captured Bagon into a Salamence using the unique move. You’ll also have 3x Catch XP active for the three hours of the April Community Day.

Pokemon Go Community Day April 2019 exclusive move

Pokemon Go Community Day April 2019

Salamence’s unique move is Outrage. Remember that you must level up and develop your Bagon into a Salamence within the three-hour event to get a Salamence with the devastating Outrage attack.

Meanwhile, the Gen 4 Legendary Giratina will return to Raids on March 28. It will first appear in its regular Altered Forme until April 2, at which point it will morph into its Origine Forme. On March 30, there will also be a new Limited Research event. During this time, you’ll discover unique Field Research activities centered on Lotad, as well as your first chance to capture Shiny forms of Lotad and Castform.

Final Recap


Next week, Niantic has a number of huge events planned for Pokemon Go, including a special Latios Raid and the return of the annual Eggstravaganza. But first, the developer is hosting April’s Community Day. The monthly event resumes today, April 13, providing players all around the globe with another opportunity to win bonuses and catch some uncommon Pokemon, including a new Shiny.

April’s Community Day, like previous months, will only last three hours, during which you’ll be able to locate higher spawns of this month’s highlighted Pokemon. While the timeframe is usually the same, the specifics of each Community Day—such as what time it begins and what extra incentives you may earn—typically change month to month, so we’ve gathered all the crucial data you need to know about this month’s event below.


What Pokemon Is Featured?

Each Community Day, Niantic chooses one “featured” Pokemon to be the event’s star. During Community Day, the highlighted Pokemon will spawn more often in the wild than usual, providing an excellent chance to stock up on them. Furthermore, Community Days often provide players with their first chance to capture the Shiny form of the highlighted Pokemon for the month, and the monster may learn a special move if it completely develops before the conclusion of the event.

Bagon, the initial form of the fan-favorite Dragon Pokemon Salamence, is the featured Pokemon for April’s Community Day. Bagon will be significantly more frequent than usual during the event, and you’ll get your first opportunity to catch a Shiny Bagon. Furthermore, if you develop Bagon all the way to Salamence within an hour of the event ending, it will instantly know the strong Dragon-type attack Outrage.

What time does it begin?



Until last month, Niantic hosted each Community Day at a certain time frame that changed based on your country; for example, in North America, the event would always run from 11 AM – 2 PM PT, while Europe’s Community Day would run from 10 AM – 1 PM UTC.

However, beginning in March, Niantic altered the Community Days program. Rather of taking place at specified times in each location, the event will instead take place worldwide from 3-6 PM local time. Because you no longer need to adjust the event hours to your time zone, this should make it much simpler to recall when the Community Day is taking place.

What Other Benefits Are Available?

Along with higher Pokemon spawns, Niantic provides a few more incentives during each month’s Community Day as an additional reason to attend the event. This month, catching Pokemon on Community Day will reward you three times the regular amount of XP. Furthermore, Lure Modules, which generally last 30 minutes, will be active for three hours if utilized during the event.