Bisharp #625

Evolution family

Bisharp is part of a two-member family.


Pawniard Pawniard_shiny
#624 Pawniard

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Bisharp Bisharp_shiny
#625 Bisharp


Best moveset for Bisharp

When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, Bisharp’s greatest techniques are Snarl and Iron Head. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the finest for PVP encounters.


  Snarl 13.1 dps
  Iron Head 37.9 dps


  Snarl 13.1 dps
  Dark Pulse 32 dps


 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
  Metal Claw 8 10 13.7
  Snarl 12 12.7 13.1
Main move Damage EPS DPS
  Dark Pulse 80 -16.7 32
  Iron Head 60 -26.3 37.9
  X-Scissor 45 -20.6 28.1
  Focus Blast 140 -28.6 40

The green moves benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus and deliver 20% more damage.


Bisharp is a humanoid Pokémon that walks on two legs. It features a spherical, red and black skull that resembles a battle helmet and is capped with a golden, double-headed axe blade with white edges. It has a yellow face with a black outline. The helmet hides the majority of its yellow-and-black visage, but its triangle eyes are exposed. Bisharp’s red shoulders, which resemble shoulder pads, protrude slightly over its arms and have a small yellow line where they meet its black body. It features retractable blades connected to white, metallic hands that resemble gloves. Two blades encircle its body, giving the appearance of a ribcage. Its thighs are scarlet and becoming thinner as they go closer to the knee. It has two metallic feet that are split along the center, mimicking cloven hooves. These hooves are also reminiscent of steel military boots or leggings.

In the wild, Bisharp governs over a pack of Pawniard and competes with other Bisharp to become the pack’s leader. The loser of these battles gets expelled. It is notoriously pitiless, with no emotion while dispatching victims. When hunting, the Pawniard let the leader Bisharp deliver the killing blow. When a Bisharp’s head blade becomes chipped or broken, it relinquishes its role as boss. Bisharp keeps a tight check on its pack members to ensure that no Pawniard considers betraying it. It is at odds with Fraxure over the position of sharpening stones.