Blastoise #009

Combat Moves

Touch the screen during in battle to employ fighting moves, and the pokemon will unleash their attacks as rapidly as they can. Repeated attacks will fill the bars on their respective meter. Press and hold the screen for a few seconds while any or all of the bars are full to activate a special move.
Possible Attack Moves
Name Type Damage
Bite Dark 6
Water Gun Water 10
Possible Special Moves
Name Type Damage Number of Special Bars
Flash Cannon Steel 100 1
Ice Beam Ice 90 3
Hydro Pump Water 130 1

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Blastoise is a huge turtle Pokémon that walks on two legs. It has a blue body that is primarily concealed by a strong brown shell. This shell’s bottom is cream-colored, with a white ridge across its arms and separating the top and bottom parts. At the top of its shell, two powerful water cannons are positioned over its shoulders. These firearms can be stretched and retracted. The skull of a Blastoise features triangular black-on-the-inside ears, small brown eyes, and a cream-colored lower jaw. It has large arms with three claws on each hand. It has three claws on the front of its foot and one on the back. It has a short tail that protrudes from the bottom of its shell.

The gigantic cannons on this Pokémon are capable of producing water blasts that can pierce steel and concrete and may be used for high-speed charges. Blastoise deliberately bulks up in order to withstand these massive blasts and demolish its opponents. Skull Bash was Generation II’s signature move. In the anime, Blastoise demonstrated his capacity to lead large groups of Squirtle and Wartortle. Freshwater ponds and lakes seem to be its preferred environment.

As Mega Blastoise, it generates two smaller shells over its arms, each with its own water cannon. The two rear weapons are replaced with a single, bigger center water cannon that retracts inside the ship’s shell. This cannon extends forward over Mega Blastoise’s head, with a blast range of almost 6 kilometers (10 kilometers). Ridges develop over its now-red eyes and reach to its ears. It has slightly inclined rearward ears and a little point on its chin.

It develops to the size of a Gigantamax Blastoise. Its eyes are white with vivid blue sclerae. Its blue arms, head, and legs lighten, while the bottom of its shell darkens. Its shell transforms into a battleship-like structure with 31 different-sized guns: twin cannon sets emerge from hexagon and rectangle-shaped holes within the shell, and a main cannon protrudes from the center. Its tail and legs are covered with white triangular dots. Three red clouds encircle the main gun.

Gigantamax Blastoise can adapt to any situation by using a variety of cannon combos. It loves to overwhelm its opponent by blasting dynamic, strong torrents from its cannons since it is not very proficient at accurate shooting. According to legend, the principal cannon is powerful enough to blast through the mountains. The 12 weapons around Gigantamax Blastoise may also be separately arranged to attack in any direction.

The only Pokémon known to be able to use the G-Max Move. Gigantamax Blastoise is G-Max Cannonade.

 Best moveset for Blastoise

When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, Blastoise’s greatest moves are Water Gun and Hydro Cannon. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the finest for PVP encounters.


  Water Gun 12 dps
  Hydro Cannon Elite TM 56.8 dps


  Water Gun 12 dps
  Hydro Cannon Elite TM 56.8 dps

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 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
 Bite 6 8 12
 Water Gun 5 10 12
Main move Damage EPS DPS
 Flash Cannon 100 -37 37
 Ice Beam 90 -15.2 27.3
 Hydro Pump 130 -30.3 47.3
 Skull Bash 130 -32.3 41.9
 Hydro Cannon Elite TM 90 -26.3 56.8
 Frustration Shadow 10 -16.5 5
 Return Purified 35 -47.1 50

The moves highlighted in green benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus, and deal 20% more damage.

Evolution family

Blastoise is part of a three-member family.

Regular Version


Squirtle Blastoise #009 blastoise
#007 Squirtle

25 Squirtle candy Blastoise #009 blastoise
Wartortle Blastoise #009 blastoise
#008 Wartortle
100 Squirtle candy Blastoise #009 blastoise
Blastoise Blastoise #009 blastoise
#009 Blastoise
200 Blastoise mega energy Blastoise #009 blastoise
Blastoise mega Blastoise #009 blastoise
Mega Blastoise


Shiny Version



Squirtle shiny Blastoise #009 blastoise
#007 Squirtle

25 Squirtle candy Blastoise #009 blastoise
Wartortle shiny Blastoise #009 blastoise
#008 Wartortle
100 Squirtle candy Blastoise #009 blastoise
Blastoise shiny Blastoise #009 blastoise
#009 Blastoise
200 Blastoise mega energy Blastoise #009 blastoise
Blastoise mega shiny Blastoise #009 blastoise
Mega Blastoise

Event Pokémon forms

This Event Blastoise form cannot mega evolve.

Sprites Release
Blastoise sunglasses Blastoise #009 blastoise Blastoise sunglasses shiny Blastoise #009 blastoise Sunglasses Blastoise was released at the start of the seventh Community Day on July 8th, 2018.
Shiny_Pokemon_icon Shiny form of sunglasses Blastoise was released on the same day.
Blastoise clone Blastoise #009 blastoise Clone Blastoise was released at the start of Pokémon Day 2020 on February 25th, 2020.
Shiny_Pokemon_icon Shiny form of Clone Blastoise does not exist in game code.



  • Blastoise was released along with the game launch on July 6th, 2016.
  • Shiny_Pokemon_icon Shiny form of Blastoise was released at the start of the seventh Community Day on July 8th, 2018.
  • Shiny_Pokemon_icon Shadow form of Blastoise was released on July 22nd, 2019.
    • Shiny form of Shadow Blastoise was released on Battle Weekend on July 9th, 2022.
Method Maximum CP Details

(weather boosted)
In wild since 2016 Jul 6Increased spawns in:
Pokémon GO Fest 2020: Jul 25 – 26
Water Festival 2018: Jun 7 – 21
Water Festival 2017: Mar 22 – 29
Holiday 2016: Dec 25 – Jan 3
Raid Battles

(weather boosted)
Tier 4 CP 26,291Visit List of Raid Bosses changes for complete appearance
Special Raid Challenge:
2019 Dec 7[1]
Research tasks
1,057 Field Research:
Catch 25 Pokémon: Pokémon TCG Crossover Event
Hatch 5 Eggs: Water Festival 2019
Special Research/Timed Research:
A Mega Moment – Completing 2nd part
GO Fest 2020: Welcome!: Catch 20 Water-type Pokémon
GO Snapshot
2,113 Obtainable during:
Mega Buddy Challenge: 2020 Sep 22 – 28 (1 per day)

Mega Blastoise

  • Mega Blastoise was released at the start of along with Mega Evolution on August 27th, 2020.
  • Shiny_Pokemon_icon Shiny form of Mega Blastoise was released on the same day.
Blastoise mega energy 1 Blastoise #009 blastoise Mega Energy required:
Initial Base Mega_Level High Mega_Level Mega_Level Max Mega_Level Mega_Level Mega_Level
200 40 20 10
Energy Sources Details
Mega Raid Battles
Obtain Mega Energy from Mega Raid Battle
Boss CP 42,017Catch CP 1,409/1,761 (weather boosted)
2022 Jun 16 – Jul 1
2022 May 10–25
2021 Feb 21 – Mar 16
2021 Jan 1 – 19
2020 Aug 27 – Dec 1
Research tasks
Field Research:
10× – Catch 10 Water-type Pokémon: Since 2021 Jun
10× – Power up Pokémon 5 times: Since 2021 Jun
25× – Make 6 Nice Throws: 6th Anniversary
20× – Catch 10 Water-type Pokémon: Water Festival 2022
25× – Power up Pokémon 5 times;
70× – Power up Pokémon 10 times: A Mega Moment
20× – Catch 3 Water-type Pokémon: Festival of Colors 2022
20× – Power up Pokémon 10 times: 2021 Mar
10× – Power up Pokémon 7 times: Charge Up
10× – Power up Pokémon 5 times: 2020 Nov – Dec
5× – Battle another trainer: Mega September
Special Research/Timed Research:
500× – A Mega Moment
40× – Kanto Celebration Event
30× – Kalos Celebration Event


What counters Blastoise?

Blastoise is a Water type Pokémon, which makes it weak against Grass and Electric moves.

The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Blastoise are:

  • Kartana,
  • Xurkitree,
  • Thundurus (Therian),
  • Zekrom,
  • Deoxys (Attack).