Charmander Community Day in October 2020

Charmander made an appearance at the thirty-third Community Day event, which took place in October 2020. Charmander was featured on the second Community Day, the first being in May 2018.

Charmander Community Day is here!


In 2020, Charmander will be the subject of the October Pokémon Go Community Day.

The event will take place on October 17 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. It will get twice Stardust for catching Pokémon and will have a higher Charmander spawn rate. The event will also increase your chances of finding a Shiny Charmander, so if you don’t already have one, now’s your chance.

There will be Timed Research as well as regular Field Research Tasks that offer Charizard Mega Energy throughout the event, so players should stock up on Mega Energy.

If Charizard develops during the event, he will learn Dragon Breath instead of Blast Burn.

Mega Charizard Y (the flying-and-fire-type Mega Evolution) is a good fire-type attacker, thus gaining the Mega Energy is beneficial if you plan on raiding often.

Charmander has already been featured in a Community Day, but it finished second in the most recent community ballot, earning it a new event.

A Community Day featuring First Generation Pokemon Charmander will be held on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Charizard, Charmander’s last stage evolution, will only be able to use Dragon Breath.

Pokémon Community Day Charmander

Players will enjoy some awesome bonuses during this Community Day:

  • The beginning of the event is Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 11:00 local time;
  • The end of the event is Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 17:00 pm local time;
  • First Generation Pokémon Charmander will appear more frequently in the wild;
  • If you’re lucky, you may come across Shiny Charmander:
Shiney Charmander
Shiney charmeleon
Shiney Charizard
  • To get the Pokémon Charizard, who knows the Dragon Breath attack, you need to transform the Pokémon Charmeleon, stage 2 of Charmander, during the event or up to two hours after its completion:
  • Take a few snapshot during October Community Day for a surprise;
  • For 1280 coins A special one-time pack will be available in the store that contains Elite Charged TM, 30 Ultra Balls, 3 Star Pieces and 3 Super Incubators;
  • For 1 USD you can get access to a special event quest:

Community Day Quest in October 2020

Community Day Quest in October 2020

Community Day infographic:

Community Day at Pokémon GO in October 2020

Community Day at Pokémon GO in October 2020

List of useful items

For a cool Charmander Community Day in Pokémon GO, bring the following items:

Pokemon go lucky egg
Lucky egg
Pinap berry
Pinap berry
poke Ball
poke Ball
Incense in Pokemon GO
Lure module pokemon go
Lure module
Pokemon go super incubator
Super incubator
Pokemon GO Remote Raid Pass
Remote Raid Pass


Star Piece will aid in the collection of a large amount of Stardust dust. Along with Rare Candy and the Unova Stones, Stardust is one of the most precious materials in the game.

As the rate of egg planting increases, the number of incubators will grow.

As usual, Pinap Berry will come in helpful to boost the quantity of candy you acquire.

Because we will capture a lot of Pokémon on Community Day, Lucky Eggs will help you get experience quicker.

Where would we be without Pokeballs? Spend as little as possible before the event to ensure its success.

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To be safe, always pay attention to your surroundings.

Every month, for a few hours, you may meet a unique Pokémon in the wild. During these hours, you may learn a previously unobtainable move for that Pokémon or its Evolution, as well as gain Community Day bonuses. Celebrate what it means to be a Pokémon GO community member!

Please keep in mind that Fast TMs and Charged TMs will not offer unique movements on Community Day. You must capture or develop the highlighted Pokémon during Community Day hours to learn the special move.