Chester Heritage Festival Event

Niantic, Inc., the creator and publisher of Pokémon GO, The Pokémon Company International, and Big Heritage, the UK heritage organization, have collaborated to curate historical spots across Chester’s old city inside Pokémon GO in order to stimulate community involvement and education.

Over the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd, events will be held around Chester, including festivities centered on Chester Castle, which will be available to the public for the first time in 20 years. Visitors to the city will be able to participate in a variety of exciting trail activities, including in-game and real-world surprises for Pokémon GO players. The festivities take place during the annual Chester Heritage Festival, which honors the history of one of the world’s most historic cities.

Chester will welcome Pokémon GO Trainers from across the globe, transforming historical monuments into PokéStops with which gamers may engage. Big Heritage will also collaborate with schools in Cheshire and Merseyside as part of a campaign to inspire young people to explore and learn about their local area via the use of Pokémon GO.

John Hanke, CEO and Founder of Niantic, said “I’m quite thrilled about this collaboration combining local history with Pokémon GO. We love the notion of utilizing mobile games to encourage families to spend time outdoors together while also learning something new!”

The phrase “celebration” refers to the act of gathering a group of people to commemorate a noteworthy occasion, such as the birth of a new baby or a new family member. The Castle will also host many Pokémon Gyms and a few Pokéstops, enabling trainers to participate in both digital and historical raids!

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The word “campaign” refers to a sequence of activities that take place in a single area over the course of a single day. They’ll be ready to stamp your special edition Pokemon GO Pastport, which trainers will obtain on the day. This is the world’s only event where you may utilize Pokémon GO PastPorts!

Pokémon GO Map Trail – Use the app to guide you through the city in search of 10 different Pokéstops and answers to questions on a customized Pokémon GO explorers map. Completing all 10 and submitting your map to one of the city’s hubs will get you a limited edition official Pokémon GO History Explorer certificate.

There will be free Pokémon Go facepainters, musicians, birds of prey, and bizarre characters scattered across the city, as well as free admission for anyone under the age of 16 to the Sick to Death attraction (which also serves as a gym!).
The Grosvenor Museum will provide free film screenings and craft activities throughout the weekend.

The term “celebration” refers to the act of celebrating a birthday. We are currently working on the specifics with Niantic Inc, but the following may be confirmed:

Over 120 additional Pokéstops and gyms have been installed across the city (we think Chester will have the most number of gyms of any city!).
Lure-mania – there will be more lures in the city than you’ve ever seen before.
Raid Radio – We want as many individuals to engage in raids as possible, which is tough given the amount of gyms. We will help with the live delivery of radio information through the Facebook event page, as well as live streaming on Facebook throughout the weekend. To keep up to date, make sure you’re following us on Facebook.

You have the opportunity to assist us in developing your own in-game content. Pokemon Stop – As part of our collaboration with Niantic Inc, we want to significantly increase the number of Pokéstops and gyms at historic places around the UK. We will be allowing players to nominate historic sites or locales in their own local area (not only Chester) for inclusion in the game during the festival (conditions apply!).
As things go, we will confirm further specifics (both live and in-game) later this week. This is just the start!

“We are very happy about partnering with Niantic, Inc., who are real pioneers in their area and as enthusiastic as we are about getting people exploring and learning about the world around them,” said Big Heritage founder Dean Paton. It’s a great coup for Chester to serve as a ‘test bed’ for some incredible new ideas, and we aim to utilize the game based on the famous and popular Pokemon brand as a vehicle to help more people become enthusiastic about the past.”

First UK Pokémon GO Event Announced: Big Heritage “Chester Heritage Festival”, from 7/22 to 7/23/17

Niantic has announced its first official UK event in Chester, United Kingdom, in collaboration with their European community partners, Big Heritage. Big Heritage is a Chester-based civic non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing local communities via technology.

The event is to take place in the historic city of Chester on 22-23rd July, followed by a Pokémon GO Schools programme for schools in Cheshire, Wirral and Liverpool, commencing in September 2017.

According to the Big Heritage team’s official Facebook post, they are “beyond delighted” to be collaborating with Niantic and to discover new methods of utilizing Augmented Reality to explore Chester’s common past:

The event will be comparable to the Charlotte PokéWalk, which was hosted earlier this year in North Carolina, according to the official press release:

“Visitors to the city will be able to take part in a number of fun trail activities, with in-game and real-world surprises for Pokémon GO players”

According to Daily Star, Some historical sites will be transformed into PokéStops during the event:

Historical sites will be turned into PokéStops that players can interact with and Niantic say that Big Heritage will also be working with schools across the Cheshire and Merseyside regions as part of an initiative to encourage young people to explore and learn about their local area by playing Pokémon GO together.

We’re searching for volunteers to help out on the ground for the event, which coincides with the Chicago GO Fest. It’s your turn to shine, UK readers!

P.S. As no official imagery was provided, we’re using the cover image from one of our earlier news: New Niantic sponsored PokéStops appear in London and New York City.


My Thoughts About This Chester Heritage Festival Event




Hundreds of Pokémon GO players descended on the city over the weekend for two days of events aimed at using the game to educate young people about history, boosting shopkeepers, restaurant owners, and hotels.

Although trade data are still being collated, Marketing Cheshire anticipates a seven-figure economic benefit.

Take note of the following.

Big Heritage, a Chester-based non-profit founded by archaeologist Dean Paton, arranged the weekend’s activities in partnership with Niantic Labs, the Pokémon Company International, the game inventor and distributor of Pokémon GO.

Paton estimated that 16,000 to 18,000 people attended Europe’s first Pokémon GO event, which coincided with a similar event in Chicago. , nevertheless, there is a difference between the two. Participants, or “trainers,” were given “pastports” that included a tour of the city’s Viking, Medieval, Roman, and Civil War landmarks, from which they could hunt their simulated prey.

The weekend coincided with the reopening of Chester Castle after 20 years, which attracted 10,000 visitors over the two days.

Chester is a kind of Pokémon.

Paton told Place North West that he anticipated a successful but not amazing weekend. He said that numerous local hotels were fully booked prior to the weekend. The pleasant weather on both days contributed to increased turnout.

Katrina Michel of Marketing Cheshire was “quite happy” to see such a young demographic of visitors, as well as attracting a worldwide audience on social media “with no negative.”

Cheshire Police praised visitors and said that there was no crime during the Pokémon GO Chester Heritage Festival.

John Hanke, the founder and CEO of Niantic, stated his enthusiasm for the connection between local history and Pokémon GO. We love the idea of using mobile games to inspire families to spend time outside together while learning something new.”

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