Chimchar Community Day in November 16, 2019

Niantic has released information about the forthcoming community day. Chimchar will be featured in Pokemon Go’s November Community Day. Chimchar is a fire-type Pokemon that is native to the Sinnoh region. Chimchar transforms into Monferno, who evolves even further into Monferno.

Chimchar Community Day is Here!

Pokemon Go November Community Day will be held on November 16, 2019, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in your time zone. Every Monferno that developed into an Infernape on Community Day would learn a special move named ‘Blast Burn’ two hours following the event.

Pokemon Go Chimchar Community Day


The Pokemon Go November Community Day event also includes a number of benefits for gamers. Pokemon Go November Community Day will include the following bonuses: All eggs incubated and 3-Hour Lures have a 1/4 hatch distance. You could also come across Shiny Chimchar if you’re fortunate.


When it comes to the glossy family of Chimchar, it has a pink-red body instead of the typical orange. Take a peek at the gleaming Chimchar family down below. Shiny forms of the Chimchar family with pink-red tails may be readily identified on the overworld map.


chimchar pokemon go community day Chimchar Community Day in November 16, 2019 Chimchar Community Day


The November Community Day in Pokémon GO includes Chimchar and a Special Move. This month’s Pokémon GO Community Day event includes Chimchar, as well as an Infernape with a unique attack.

The Fire-type Chimchar is the popular Pokémon for November’s Pokémon GO Community Day, and you’ll want to capture as many of them as possible. The November Community Day will take place on Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time.

During this season, Chimchar will occur much more often in the wild, and if you’re lucky, you may even discover a Shiny Chimchar! If you develop Monferno (Chimchar’s Evolution) into Infernape during the event or up to two hours thereafter, the Infernape will know a move that it cannot ordinarily learn. Lure Modules will also last three hours at this period, and Eggs will hatch in one-quarter the typical time.

On November 16, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time, Pokémon Go will hold the Community Day event. Chimchar, a fire-type monkey Pokémon, will appear during the event. It effectively implies that players will have a better chance of catching Chimchar owing to increased spawn frequency, as well as a greater probability of encountering its Shiny version.

Pokémon Go Community Day November 2019. Image: Pokémon.

Pokémon Go Community Day November 2019. Image: Pokémon.

Furthermore, two extras were announced on the official Pokémon website. Instead of the typical 30-minute interval, lures may now be deployed and maintained active for three hours. Pokémon eggs may now hatch after just travelling a fourth of the typical distance while incubating.

For the time being, Infernape’s Community Day unique move remains a mystery, and it will most likely be revealed a few days before the event. However, Pokémon Go Hub predicts that it will be ‘Blast Burn,’ which is the same move that virtually every fire-type Pokémon learnt during Community Day events.

Chimchar appears in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. It transforms into Monferno, who then evolves into Infernape. During the event, players will have the chance to catch Shiny Chimchar, Shiny Monferno, and Shiny Infernape if they are fortunate.


Pokemon Go Chimchar Community Day



A Final Recap

Although Pokémon Gen 8 with Sword and Shield was released this week, Pokémon GO is still only halfway there, with the Gen 4 Pokedex available and Gen 5 beginning to be introduced to the game lately.

That means a day of collecting Chimchar, the fiery ape that matures into Monferno, then Infernape, on Community Day. He’s really one of my favorite non-Gen 1 starters, so I’m glad this day has finally come.

Today is Pokémon GO Community Day, which runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time, and Chimchar spawning will be everywhere. While the sought Blast Burn move for Infernape is a plus, many gamers will be looking for a three-hour only, genuinely rare specimen with a shining, Blast Burn Infernape.

Shiny Infernape, like his previous two evolutions, has deeper pink-ish skin, making him one of the best shinies we’ve seen in a long time, since the color contrast is stark. Even the fire on his head changes color, becoming more pink.

You’ll have to play the odds to locate one, like you always do. On Community Day, it means you should expect a 5-8% spawn rate for shining Chimchars, which implies 1 in 20 or 1 in 15 will be a shine.

To improve your chances, take use of the three-hour lures available throughout the event, and if there was ever a time to spray incense, it would be now, since it attracts more Chimchar at a higher rate, as it does with every Community Day Pokémon. Then all you have to do is hope for the best and see if you can land a powerful IV shiny before the event expires.

After that, collect all of the candy you’ve collected and be sure to develop your new, shiny Infernape before the event finishes so it can Blast Burn. You will never get this opportunity again, and not only will Blast Burn be gone, but shiny Chimchar will become much, much more difficult to obtain. Don’t pass up this chance.

Community Days remain one of the most successful things GO has ever done, albeit we are now entering the “un-fun” season, in which it begins to get rather chilly in most regions, making strolling around outdoors capturing Pokémon less enticing. But, despite the cold, go fetch them Chimchar. I’ll see you out there. Shivering.

Check back soon to find out what the special move is called, and have a great Chimchar Community Day, Trainers!