Clefairy # 035

Evolution family

Clefairy is part of a three-member family.

Regular Version


Cleffa Clefairy # 035
#173 Cleffa

25 Clefairy candy Clefairy # 035
Clefairy Clefairy # 035
#035 Clefairy
50 Clefairy candy Clefairy # 035
Clefable Clefairy # 035
#036 Clefable


Shiny Version


Cleffa shiny Clefairy # 035
#173 Cleffa

25 Clefairy candy Clefairy # 035
Clefairy shiny Clefairy # 035
#035 Clefairy
50 Clefairy candy Clefairy # 035
Clefable shiny Clefairy # 035
#036 Clefable


  • Clefairy was released along with the game launch on July 6th, 2016.Shiny_Pokemon_icon
  • Shiny form of Clefairy was released at the start of Valentine’s Day 2019 on February 13th, 2019.
Method Maximum CP Details

(weather boosted)
In wild since 2016 Jul 6Increased spawns in:
Clefairy Commotion: 2022 Sep 10
Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Finale: Aug 27
Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space: 2021 Aug 6 – 17
Luminous Legends Y: 2021 May 25 – 31
Luminous Legends X: 2021 May 4 – 17
Kanto Celebration Event: 2021 Feb 21 – 27
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto: 2021 Feb 20
Valentine’s Day 2021: Feb 14 – 18
Enigma Week: 2020 Aug 7 – 14
Pokémon GO Fest 2020: Jul 25 – 26
Summer Solstice 2020: Jun 19 – 24
Pokémon Spotlight Hour: 2020 Jun 23
Valentine’s Day 2020: Feb 14 – 17
Pokémon GO Fest 2019 Chicago: Jun 13 – 16
Valentine’s Day 2019: Feb 13 – 21
Female Day: 2018 Oct 11 – 12 (female)
Valentine’s Day 2017: Feb 8 – 15
660 Increased chance/Previously in:
2-km – 2016 Jul 6 – Dec 12
Raid Battles

(weather boosted)
Tier 1 CP 3,314Visit List of Raid Bosses changes for complete appearance
Research tasks
495 Field Research:
Send 3 Gifts and add a sticker to each: Hisuian Discoveries
Earn 5 hearts with your buddy: 2021 Aug
Catch 5 Fairy-type Pokémon: 2021 May
Earn 5 hearts with your buddy: Luminous Legends Y
Earn 3 hearts with your buddy: Kanto Celebration Event
Catch 3 Fairy-type Pokémon: 2020 Nov
Give your buddy a treat: Summer Solstice 2020
Transfer 5 Pokémon: 2020 Feb
Special Research/Timed Research:
Ultra Unlock 2021: Space – 1st part: Make 5 Nice Throws
Luminous Legends X – 1st part: Catch 7 Fairy-type Pokémon
Throwback Challenge 2020: Kanto – 2nd part: Battle in a raid
GO Battle League
660 Obtainable starting from rank:
1 (Interlude Season)


Pokemon Clefairy – Pokemon of the first generation, ranked 35 in the Pokedex… It is a magical kind of Pokémon that resides in the Kanto area. Clefairy is reincarnated as Clefable after eating 50 sweets.

Parameters and characteristics of Pokemon Clefairy

Max BS 1306
Атака 107
Protection 108
Resistance 172

How to find and catch Pokémon Clefairy ?

Clefairy may be seen around theaters and churches. It is also present in the cemeteries.

Clefairy spawns often on the map, therefore capturing it is not difficult. It may also be gained via evolution. Cleffa, the baby Pokemon.



Clefairy floating
Clefairy floating


Clefairy is a pink bipedal Pokémon with a pudgy, star-shaped body. From the top left corner of its mouth, a little, pointed tooth protrudes. It features wrinkles next to its black, oval eyes, a single dark pink oval mark on each face, and huge, pointed ears with brown tips. A tuft of fur curls over its brow, similar to its enormous, upward-curling tail. Each stocky arm contains two little claws and a thumb on each hand, as well as a single toenail on each foot. On its back are two small, butterfly-shaped wings. Clefairy’s wings, however unable of flight, may store moonlight and let it to float.

Clefairy is a relatively bashful creature that seldom interacts with people. It may be seen dancing beneath the full moon when it comes down from its mountain habitat on rare occasions. A magnetic field surrounds the area where they dance. When the sun begins to dawn, it returns home to sleep with the other Clefairy. Clefairy is revealed to be an alien Pokémon in the anime.


Best moveset for Clefairy

When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, Clefairy’s greatest attacks are Pound and Moonblast. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the finest for PVP encounters.


  Pound 11.7 dps
  Moonblast 40 dps


  Zen Headbutt 10.9 dps
  Disarming Voice 21.5 dps


 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
  Pound 7 10 11.7
  Zen Headbutt 12 9.1 10.9
Main move Damage EPS DPS
  Disarming Voice 70 -8.5 21.5
  Body Slam 50 -17.4 26.3
  Moonblast 130 -25.6 40

The moves highlighted in green benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus, and deal 20% more damage.


  • Normally, evolved stages of Pokémon cannot be shiny on the encounter screen, but Clefairy may be during the Summer Solstice 2020 and after.
  • Catching Ghost-type Pokémon counts towards the Clefairy Field Research – “Catch 3 Fairy-type Pokémon” in November 2020. It was repaired in a matter of hours.

What counters Clefairy?

Clefairy is a Fairy type Pokémon, which makes it weak against Poison and Steel moves.

The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Clefairy are:

  • Zacian (Crowned Sword),
  • Metagross,
  • Deoxys (Attack),
  • Nihilego,
  • Dialga.