Clefairy Commotion Event Preparation Guide

This three-hour event is almost approaching!

The Harvest Moon will occur on September 10, 2022, and Pokemon Go is planning a brief Clefairy Commotion event to commemorate the occasion.

On September 10, 2022, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. local time, the Clefairy Commotion event will take place. Clefairy will arrive in the wild more often than usual during this event.

Clefairy is a Fairy-type Pokemon from the Pokemon universe’s first generation. Clefairy may be evolved into Clefable in Pokemon Go by spending 50 Clefairy Candy.

Shiny Clefairy may be seen in Pokemon Go. Shiny Clefairy has green ear tips instead of brown. Shiny Clefairy is also a lighter pink than regular Clefairy.

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The harvest moon will illuminate the night sky next weekend, attracting a certain fairy-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Clefairy Commotion Event Preparation Guide in Details

On September 10, the mobile game will have a “Clefairy Commotion” mini-event. Clefairy will occur in the wild more often than usual between 6 and 9 p.m. local time that evening, and you’ll have a better chance of seeing a shining one.

The Pokemon Go Season of Light begins this month, and the game has a number of activities planned. The annual Psychic Spectacular returns on September 6, and this time you’ll receive your first opportunity at Mega Alakazam and shiny Elgyem.

Prior to that, on September 3, Pokemon Go will have an Inkay Limited Research event. During the occasion, you’ll be able to meet the perplexing Inkay by completing unique Field and Timed Research activities. You’ll also get more sweets every time you capture a Pokemon.

There are a couple more events planned for this month, including Fashion Week and Community Day in September. Everything else occurring in Pokemon Go over the next three weeks can be found in the Pokemon Go September events roundup.


With a focus on spawning Clefairy in the wild, it’s important to stock up on Pokeballs before the event.

Here are some easy ways to stock up on balls before Clefairy Commotion begins:

  • Daily Adventure Incense – If you have less than 30 total Poke balls in your bag, Daily Adventure Incense will give you 30
  • Open gifts from friends – Gifts provide trainers with Poke balls, Great balls, and Ultra balls
  • Spinning Poke Stops – Poke stops can provide trainers with balls — if you’re lucky
  • Daily free box – every day the PoGo shop provides users with a free box of supplies, often giving trainers Poke balls
  • Buying them – The in-game shop has bundles of 20, 100, and 200 Poke balls available to purchase as well


Clefable is outperformed by other Fairy kinds in the game because to its Max CP limit. Trainers will be relieved to learn that Clefable has performed well in both the Great and Ultra Leagues. This will be the ideal time to get one with a high IV rating for each league.

What will you discover by moonlight? Trainers, as always, keep safe!

Clefairy CP IV Chart

Clefairy Perfect IV CP Chart
1 16 2 51 3 86 4 120
5 155 6 190 7 225 8 260
9 295 10 330 11 363 12 396
13 429 14 462 15 495 16 528
17 561 18 594 19 627 20 660
21 693 22 726 23 759 24 792
25 825 26 858 27 891 28 924
29 957 30 990 31 1007 32 1023
33 1040 34 1056 35 1073 36 1089
37 1106 38 1122 39 1139 40 1155
41 1170 42 1185 43 1199 44 1214
45 1229 46 1245 47 1260 48 1275
49 1290 50 1306


Remember that you may use an Incense to lure wild Pokemon to your area for a short period during this event. This will increase the number of Clefairy you encounter and your chances of finding a Shiny one.