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In 2019, there were numerous Convention Events that were tie-in regional events in Pokémon GO for real-world conventions.

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The incident occurred at numerous conventions:

Event Location Date
2019 Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain February 25th – February 28th 2019
Dreamhack Dream League Stockholm, Sweden March 22nd 2019
MCM Birmingham Wellington, New Zealand March 23rd – March 24th 2019
Heroes Dutch Comic Con Utrecht, The Netherlands March 23rd – March 24th 2019
EGX Rezzed London, United Kingdom April 4th – April 6th 2019
Armageddon Expo Wellington, New Zealand April 13th – April 15th 2019
Insomnia Birmingham, United Kingdom April 19th – April 21st 2019
Icon Comic & Games Johannesburg, South Africa April 20th – April 22nd 2019
Fan Con: Cape Town Comic Con Cape Town, South Africa April 27th – April 28th 2019


Convention Events 2019