Darmanitan #555

Best moveset for Darmanitan – Standard

When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, the greatest moves for Darmanitan (Standard) are Fire Fang and Overheat. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the finest for PVP encounters.


  Fire Fang 16 dps
  Overheat 48 dps


  Incinerate 15.1 dps
  Overheat 48 dps


 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
 Tackle 5 10 10
 Fire Fang 12 8.9 16
 Incinerate 29 8.7 15.1
Main move Damage EPS DPS
 Rock Slide 80 -18.5 29.6
 Psychic 90 -17.9 32.1
 Focus Blast 140 -28.6 40
 Overheat 160 -25 48

The green moves benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus and deliver 20% more damage.


Evolution family

Darmanitan is part of a two-member family.


Darumaka       Darumaka_shiny
#554 Darumaka

50 Darumaka_candy
#555 Darmanitan
(Standard mode)
#555 Darmanitan
(Zen mode)
#554 Galarian Darumaka
50 Darumaka_candy
#555 Galarian Darmanitan
(Standard mode)
#555 Galarian Darmanitan
(Zen mode)



Darmanitan Zen Mode

  • Darmanitan Zen Mode has not been released yet.

Galarian Darmanitan

Galarian Darmanitan Zen Mode

  • Galarian Darmanitan Zen Mode has not been released yet.


Darmanitan is a mostly crimson, squat ape-like Pokémon in its natural condition. It features wide, black-ringed eyes and long, bushy flaming brows that curve at the base. A diagonal red stripe separates the top and bottom halves of its brown face, and its huge mouth has spiky teeth. All of these facial traits suggest a frenzied or angry look. It has a rounded back and a stubby tail, with no apparent neck to separate it from the rest of the body. It has lengthy arms with spiky hair fringes on the wrists and huge tan palms, and its rear limbs are arranged similarly. Darmanitan also features three brown ovals on its underside and two wavy lines on its back. It possesses enormous physical power in its regular condition; a single punch may smash a dump truck. Its power level scales with the temperature of its internal fire, which may reach 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit (1,400 degrees Celsius).

During Zen Mode, which Darmanitan may access through the hidden Ability

In Zen Mode, its red fur and brown skin become blue, giving it the appearance of a Daruma doll. Its eyes become blank, and its limbs unite with its body, immobilizing it. It also only has three toes, as compared to the standard Darmanitan’s five. It is as hard as a rock in this stage. As it becomes motionless, it enters a meditative state to strengthen its intellect, utilizing it as emotional and spiritual power to combat and do daily tasks like gathering and eating food.

Galarian Darmanitan has a thicker coat and blue skin than Unovan Darmanitan. Its fur is white and decorated with many ice jewels; its fur forms the shape of a beard on its face. A large snowball resembling an afro sits on its head, speckled with many ice crystals. The biology of the Galarian Darmanitan is the consequence of it adapting to the cold of the Galar area. It grows a cold-air-producing organ, while its flame sac becomes dormant. This also changes its temperament, transforming it from an aggressive to a meek and timid disposition. When it detects people around, it gets so terrified that it pretends to be a snowman. It stores food and other items it discovers in the snowball on its head for later use. When in fight, it freezes its massive snowball to unleash tremendous headbutts.

The Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan is shaped like a snowman. Its artificial “head”, placed atop its true head, features glaring red-yellow eyes, a distorted grin, and a flame shooting out at the middle as its “carrot nose”. It has blank white eyes encircled by a crimson mask-like pattern on its face, as well as an aggressive smile with razor-sharp fangs. Its hands become bigger and orange, like mittens, and it develops more bright red-yellow dots on its abdomen. When a Galarian Darmanitan enters Zen Mode, its dormant flame sac rekindles. This changes Galarian Darmanitan’s temperament into a crazed rampage condition. It jumps about in fight, unleashing flames everywhere, with no regard for its surroundings, or whether its body begins to melt, posing a harm to both others and itself. It will continue to rage indiscriminately until its wrath has subsided.