December 2021 Pokemon Community Day in 18 and December 19, 2021

Pokemon GO Community Days are usually a fantastic chance for lovers of the game. Community Days is a special day ( especially this December 2021 Pokemon Community Day ) not only encourage Pokemon GO users to gather and play as a group, but they are also valuable chances to locate uncommon Pokemon in large numbers, such as starter Pokemon from throughout the franchise’s regions.

As is customary, Pokemon GO will end the year with a December Community Day, which will include powered-up Incense, enhanced Stardust earnings, and special packages to keep fans stocked throughout the event. However, unlike most others, December 2021 will not have a Community Day. The day is divided into two days of exceptional incentives that do not revolve around a single Pokemon.

December 2021 Pokemon Community Day is Here!


Niantic has revealed that the two Community Days in December, which will take place on the weekend of December 18th and 19th, will honor different Pokemon featured in past Community Days in 2020 and 2021. The 18th and 19th include separate lists of Pokemon who have appeared in previous Community Days

On each of those days, those Pokemon will share the limelight once again. This weekend of Pokemon GO celebrations seems to be a terrific chance for gamers all around the world, allowing them to capture valuable Pokemon in droves and make up for any Community Days they may have missed.


December 18’s Community Day Pokemon

pokemon go gible


The 18th of December will include somewhat more Pokemon than the 19th. The first day’s activities will feature six Pokemon: Machop, Roselia, Swablu, Gible, Snivy, and Fletchling. Some of these Pokemon are difficult to locate in the wild in Pokemon GO, so the Community Day is always a good chance.

Shiny hunters will also be pleased to know that all of these Pokemon have Shiny varieties in Pokemon GO, implying that the quest for colorful variants has begun. Niantic will boost the maximum Pokemon storage quota in December, making it much simpler to catch shiny Snivys and Gibles on December 18th.

December 19’s Community Day Pokemon



The second December Community Day contains just five Pokemon, however one may argue that the Pokemon included are more valuable. Pokemon GO users should anticipate to see a lot of Eevee, Duskull, Shinx, Tepig, and Oshawott on the 19th. It’ll be fantastic to see so many beginning Pokemon out in the wild on that day, and Eevees are always quite valued to Pokemon GO aficionados. Catching Eevees will be particularly crucial because of the specific moves that Eeveelutions may learn during these Community Days.

December Community Day’s Other Stars


During the December Community Days, Eggs and Raids will be updated as well. During the event, hatching 2km Eggs may net you a Charmander, Weedle, Abra, Gastly, Rhyhorn, Magikarp, Porygon, Elekid, Magby, Seedot, Piplup, or Budew.

The Raid Pokemon roster is almost similar, with the exception that Budew will not appear in Raids, and Electabuzz and Magmar will appear in Raids instead of Elekid and Magby. Every Pokemon emerging in Raids and hatching from Eggs has a shiny variation, much like the Pokemon arriving in the wild these days, thus shiny hunters will be kept busy on the 18th and 19th.

Niantic has chosen a somewhat unconventional strategy for the December Community Day, but it seems to be a decent concept, particularly given Pokemon GO’s complex fate in 2020 and 2021. It seems fitting that the game will commemorate the game’s achievements in recent months by giving users a second opportunity to collect Community Day stars.

Pokemon GO is still evolving and developing after 5 years. Many Pokemon have yet to enter the game, so Pokemon GO players should keep an eye on 2022, particularly as the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus approaches. There are obviously huge events on the horizon, but for the time being, the December Community Days look like a good way to end the year.

The December Community Day for Pokemon Go is almost approaching. This month’s event, like prior years, runs two days (Dec. 18 and Dec. 19) and allows players another opportunity to capture all of the highlighted Community Day Pokemon from 2020 and 2021. This weekend’s event has all you need to know, including which Pokemon are returning and which special moves they may learn.


Featured Pokemon

Every highlighted Pokemon from 2021 will return for Community Day in December. Throughout the event’s two days, you’ll have another opportunity to meet the creatures in the wild. Furthermore, all of the highlighted Pokemon from the 2020 Community Days will hatch from 2 kilometer eggs and appear in raid fights. The whole list is shown below:

Day 1

  • Machop
  • Roselia
  • Swablu
  • Gible
  • Snivy
  • Fletchling

Day 2

  • Eevee
  • Duskull
  • Shinx
  • Tepig
  • Oshawott

Egg Pokemon

  • Charmander
  • Weedle
  • Abra
  • Gastly
  • Rhyhorn
  • Magikarp
  • Porygon
  • Elekid
  • Magby
  • Seedot
  • Piplup
  • Budew

Raid Pokemon

  • Charmander
  • Weedle
  • Abra
  • Gastly
  • Rhyhorn
  • Electabuzz
  • Magmar
  • Magikarp
  • Porygon
  • Seedot
  • Piplup

Community Day moves

In addition to the featured Pokemon, you’ll get another opportunity to obtain all of the event moves from the Community Days in 2020 and 2021. If you develop the following Pokemon between December 17 and December 20, they will be able to learn their respective moves:

  • Charizard: Dragon Breath
  • Beedrill: Drill Run
  • Alakazam: Counter
  • Machamp: Payback
  • Gengar: Shadow Punch
  • Gyarados: Aqua Tail
  • Vaporeon: Scald
  • Jolteon: Zap Cannon
  • Flareon: Superpower
  • Espeon: Shadow Ball
  • Umbreon: Psychic
  • Shiftry: Bullet Seed
  • Altaria: Moonblast
  • Empoleon: Hydro Cannon
  • Luxray: Psychic Fangs
  • Roserade: Bullet Seed, Weather Ball
  • Garchomp: Earth Power
  • Rhyperior: Rock Wrecker
  • Electivire: Flamethrower
  • Magmortar: Thunderbolt
  • Leafeon: Bullet Seed
  • Glaceon: Water Pulse
  • Porygon-Z: Tri Attack
  • Dusknoir: Shadow Ball
  • Serperior: Frenzy Plant
  • Emboar: Blast Burn
  • Samurott: Hydro Cannon
  • Talonflame: Incinerate
  • Sylveon: Psyshock



In addition to the returning Pokemon, the following in-game benefits will be available during the Community Day event in December:

  • Three-hour Incense duration
  • Three-hour Lure Module duration
  • Half egg hatch distance
  • 2x catch Stardust
  • 2x catch XP

As an extra incentive, throughout the event, Pokemon exchanges will cost 25% less Stardust, and you will be allowed to make one additional special trade every day. There will also be a Special Research tale dedicated to the event, as well as free Timed and Field Research missions to complete. More information may be found on the official Pokemon Go blog.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go’s annual winter holiday event begins on December 16. Bergmite and its evolved version, Avalugg, are two new ice-type Pokemon added to the game for this year’s event. Our Pokemon Go December events roundup will keep you up to date on everything else going down in the game this month.

It was first published on November 18, 2021, at 12:15 p.m. PT.

Pokemon GO is now available for download on Android and iOS smartphones.