Deoxys Shiny Error: Players Affected Will Receive Compensation

Sadly We Get A Drammatic Deoxys Shiny Error:  Players Affected Will Receive Compensation.

Niantic Support tweeted the following on September 1st:

Trainers, we have fixed the problem that prevented you from using the shiny variants of Attack Forme Deoxys, Speed Forme Deoxys, and Defense Forme Deoxys as of 9:30 a.m. PDT. We apologise for the problem and will provide affected Trainers with further information in the coming days.

No other forms of Deoxys seemed to have its shiny switched on, just the Normal Forme. We have been waiting for word of recompense ever since the first tweet, with many trainers raiding particularly for those shinies.

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Niantic Support issued the following compensation today, September 7th:

“Trainers, we want to make it up to you with a package in your shop that contains 3 Remote Raid Passes if you finished a raid with any of the Deoxys Formes within the affected time period. Be sure to get this package before it disappears on September 13 at 5:00 PM local time!

You may find this bundle in the in-game shop with your daily free bundle. This bundle may only be claimed if you have space in your bag for the remote raid passes; otherwise, the “free” button will remain grayed out.

Check back to see whether you can still acquire the package if you’ve already used one of your three remote raid passes. Once you have three remote raid passes, you often aren’t able to get any more. By September 13 at 5 p.m. local time, be sure to claim it!

If you believe you were impacted by this issue but are unable to access the package in the shop, get in touch with Niantic Support through social media or in-game chat.

Pokémon GO is still well-liked by mobile consumers even though game has been available for six years. Niantic deserves praise for keeping the game interesting with frequent updates and events. Additionally, the creators swiftly fix bugs and other issues to provide gamers a fluid and engaging gaming experience.

The shiny variants of Attack Forme Deoxys, Speed Forme Deoxys, and Defense Forme Deoxys were not accessible in the game due to a bug, according to a Sept. 1 announcement from Niantic. However, at this time Normal Forme Deoxys could be discovered in the game in its shiny form.

Niantic had pledged to follow up with further information for the impacted players who had taken part in the raids involving those unique kinds of Deoxys while announcing the problem’s resolution.

The wait is over since Nianticas’ most recent tweet addressed this problem. Any player who finished a raid using one of the Deoxys Formes during the affected time, according to Niantic, will get a package from the in-game store.

Three Remote Raid Passes are included in this package, which will be available alongside the daily free bundle. Unfortunately, players will still only be given these three passes if they have already used up more than three raid passes during the time period.

Niantic has further recommended users to grab this package soon since it will only be accessible until September 13 at 5 p.m. local time.

If any of the impacted players do not get this package, they must immediately contact Niantic Support through the in-game chat feature or any of their social media accounts.

Unfortunately, Niantic is only issuing 3 remote raid passes as compensation, rather than replacing all tickets used, for trainers that participated in more than 3 raids.