Dratini Community Day in February 24, 2018

Dratini Community Day is Finally Come, especially following the success of the inaugural Pokémon GO Community Day, the second official Community Day has been scheduled for February 24 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. CST. A Dratini with a distinctive move, quadruple Stardust, and three-hour Lures is highlighted. More information about this event will be released shortly, so check back for updates.

Last month, Niantic Labs added a new kind of limited time event in Pokémon GO: Community Day, a now-monthly event aimed to bring people out and about on one Saturday a month.

Pokemon GO – Community Day featuring Dratini set for Feb. 24th, 2018

Community day differs from regular events mostly due to its very short duration, which is intended to encourage gamers to all go out and play at the same time, as compared to a regular event, which may last a week or even two.

Dratini Community Day

During that time, we’ll witness a rise in the spawn rate of an event Pokémon with a special move, triple Stardust for all catches, and lures that endure for 3 hours, or the length of the event.

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Raids will also take place on Community Day, just like every other day. My advise is to seek them out even if you don’t need the Raid Pokémon: Raids are natural gathering places for gamers, and you may as well make some friends on Community Day. Continue reading to learn more about Community Day #2.

When does it happen: Tomorrow, February 24th, is Community Day. There are three major time zones, each with its own set of event timings. The event will begin at 2:00 PM EST, 10:00 AM GMT in Europe, and 12:00 PM JST in Asia Pacific. The event will last just three hours in each zone.

Raids will also take place on Community Day, just like every other day. My advise is to look for them, even if you don’t really need the Raid Pokémon: Raids are natural gathering places for gamers, so you may as well make some new friends on Community Day.

The Pokémon: Last time, we had an unique Pikachu that knew how to surf, which was adorable but not especially significant in the meta. This time, though, we have Dratini, which develops into Dragonair and then Dragonite — the final evolution is less uncommon given that more players have had a chance to capture it since launch, but it remains one of the greatest Pokémon in the game due to its strong stats and relative flexibility. Dragonite is an excellent generalist monster for filling out a Raid team, and it can even serve as a gym defender in a pinch.

Importantly, Dratini is one of only a few Pokémon that count towards the Dragon-type medal, which may be a rare beast even for high-level gamers. This is particularly significant since a high Dragon medal might increase your chances of capturing Rayquaza, who is now circling the game. If you, like me, don’t even have a bronze Dragon medal, going out there and catching a lot of Dratini will be your best bet for a long time.

Dratini Community Day in February 24, 2018

The big shift here isn’t for Dratini, but for Dragonite, its third-tier evolution. During the event, each Dratini that evolves into Dragonair and then Dragonite will gain Draco Meteor, a strong Dragon-type move that cannot be learnt via TMs. As previously said, Dragonite is a very skilled Pokémon, although Draco Meteor does not seem to be its most potent charged attack. However, the goal of Pokémon GO is to capture them all, including any and all varieties. So seize it!

UPDATE ONE: While the Pokemon Go Community Day has passed, it looks that it was positively received by fans.

Niantic will hold one Community Day every month, offering awards and some type of unique Pokemon boost.

There were a lot of Dratinis in February, as well as the Shiny version.

And, based on early reaction from fans, it was a huge success with Trainers.

“My most gorgeous Pokémon is Shiny Dragonair. “Shiney Dragonite,” one enthusiast remarked on the internet.

“Shiny Dragonite is wonderful,” says another. He’s like a flying Barney, a huggable global killer that smiles serenely while showering meteors down on cuddly and uncuddly Pokemon equally.”

“I was scared the day might be a washout,” said another.

“Not only was error 29 virtually seared into my phone screen but for some reason my gotcha simply refused to reconnect. I did my typical unpair/repair routine when it seldom fails, but due to login difficulties, I lost almost half an hour on my gotcha alone.

“I burn through stardust on a daily basis and only reached half of my target since I ignored all the garbage that the gotcha would typically tackle.”

“To put that in perspective, I caught 45 dratini in the first three hours and 90 in the latter three hours… Due to dratini tiredness, I barely played 2/3 of the second half. We completed our 6-hour event.”

As previously said, obtaining a shining Datini simply indicates that gamers were able to develop them into a Shiny Dragonite, which may remain a somewhat uncommon find.


UPDATE TWO: The Pokemon Go Community Day event has concluded in the United Kingdom, but it will soon begin in other places, including portions of the United States.

A new communication from Niantic says that things will begin at about 11:00 a.m. in the United States.

That implies the new Community Day awards will be available at 1pm CST and 12pm EST.

The great secret of today’s event, as described below, is that Shiny Dratini may be captured in the wild.

Those playing in the UK have corroborated this, with 2-3 Shiny versions appearing for every 100 standard Dratini throughout the event.

While we know a lot about the new Pokemon Go Community Day awards, it seems Niantic has kept a few surprises from us.

The new event will go live later today and will provide players with the opportunity to obtain a large amount of Dratini Candy.

There will even be a special move available for individuals who have enough to develop a Dragonite.

While Draco Meteor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the three-hour lures and Stardust benefits should compensate.


So, what is the new Community Day mystery?

Niantic looks to be releasing new Shiny Dratinis into the wild as well.


The upcoming Pokemon Go Community Day will have its own special event.

The new versions have been discovered in the game’s network data and seem to be ready for release tomorrow.

Trainers will be eager to attempt and develop their new catch up to a Dragonite, since the new Dratini sports a pink appearance.

This will result in the unlocking of a green Dragonite, which might be highly important if Niantic ever releases a new trading system.

As you may have heard, the Community Day event will take place at various times across the globe, depending on where you are.

On Saturday, February 24, Pokemon Go Community Day 2 will last three hours.

The second Community event begins at 10 a.m. UK time and continues until 1 p.m. GMT.

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On Pokémon GO Community Day, come out and play in your neighborhood parks with your friends. Every month, for a few hours, you may meet a unique Pokémon in the wild. During these hours, you may learn a previously inaccessible move for that Pokémon and gain Community Day bonuses. Celebrate what it means to be a member of the Pokémon GO community while making new friends!