Eggstravaganza 2017

Yesterday, I discussed a really amazing Easter Egg hunt type event that Pokémon GO should consider having for the holiday, in which users hunted for and opened wild “eggs” containing cash, prizes, and Pokémon. Say Hello To This Eggstravaganza 2017 Event!


Today, Niantic has announced their actual Easter event, an “Eggstravaganza,” that does indeed use the egg theme as expected, but in perhaps more traditional ways than I would have liked to see.

The event begins today at 1 p.m. PDT and goes through April 20th, as is typical for a week-long sprint like this. So, what exactly is included?

– 2 km eggs will spawn a wider variety of Pokémon than typical 2 km eggs.

– You will get additional sweets after each egg hatch. It is unclear if it is double or not.

– It’s a double XP event, and Lucky Eggs are 50% discounted in the item shop for 4x XP if you want it.

That’s all there is to it.

It’s really simple, and I’m not particularly fond of the idea. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting them to do everything I suggested yesterday, but this is fairly basic for a GO event, and I believe they could have done a lot more with it.

'Pokémon GO'


The 2 kilometer “longer range” hatch concept is intriguing, however it’s unclear if just 5 km items can hatch from those eggs, or whether 10 km stuff might be in there as well, which would be fantastic. Nonetheless, I’m not sure why a half-distance event wouldn’t have been better, and it would have undoubtedly persuaded people to purchase more incubators. Moreover, since you can’t toss away eggs and can’t chose what you obtain at PokeStops, getting 2 km eggs to hatch may be difficult for many gamers. I’m also not clear whether this expanded range will apply to existing 2 km eggs or if fresh ones would have to be obtained and hatched, which seems to be the case.

I understand incorporating Lucky Eggs as part of this “Eggstravaganza,” but I’ll admit that the excitement of leveling up in Pokémon GO has faded for a time now. Granted, I know a lot of players have been waiting for eons for another double XP event to mass evolve hundreds of Pokémon, but with the only leveling rewards being a mediocre assortment of items and the ability to inch your Pokémon a couple CP higher, I haven’t exactly been racing toward levels 30+ in the last few months. There’s really no compelling reason to.

It’s great that Pokémon GO is doing something, but to me, this seems like the bare least, and it might have been better. If 2 km eggs start hatching like Charizards and Dragonites, or if this is some kind of hidden Legendary release, I’ll reconsider, but for now, I’ll probably conduct a mass evolve and hatch some eggs to see what happens.

I’m hoping there will be some type of secret hidden in this event (a new Shiny, perhaps? ), but it may take some time to figure out. Come back here at 1 PM PT when the event begins, and maybe a few surprises will be disclosed at that time.

Pokemon Go’s newest event promises to “put a spring in your step” with an Easter “Eggstravaganza” that continues for the next week. The most significant update comes in the shape of an upgraded egg hunt. The most frequent eggs in the game, 2 km eggs, will now hatch a wider range of Pokemon. Hatching each of those eggs will also get you more sweets.

During the Eggstravaganza, all players will get twice XP. Lucky Eggs, which offer you four times the XP during the event and are half-price in the in-game store, will help you level up even quicker.

Eggstravaganza 2017 is Here!


The Easter event in Pokemon Go runs from now through April 20. Meanwhile, the game’s developer, Niantic, is promising more features and a new cooperative mode for the game’s continued success (65 million-plus monthly active users).

Whether you’re new to the game or just want to improve your abilities during this special event, check out our 20 key tips and techniques and stay up to speed on all the latest Pokemon Go news and updates with our comprehensive coverage.

Easter is coming up this Sunday, and it seems that Niantic, located in the United States, may proclaim it another Pokémon GO holiday. I’m not a fan of their proclivity for not announcing events until almost the day they begin, since I believe they’d be better off giving people a heads-up if they wanted to include Pokémon hunting into their weekend plans.

So far, we’ve just heard radio silence, but I’d be surprised if we got it to Friday without hearing anything official or the event actually starting.

Niantic like mixing and matching event kinds, never performing the same thing again so far. But, the way ahead seems to be clear for Easter. No, I’m not talking about cheap Revives (haha), but making this holiday egg-based seems like the natural choice.

But what does it really mean?

A few suggestions would be simple. Cut the time it takes to hatch eggs in half. Sell incubators at a loss. Increase the egg drop rate from PokéStops so that you always get one if you have an empty slot. That kind of stuff.

But I believe Niantic might be much more inventive.

What I’m seeing is something like to a Pokémon GO Easter Egg hunt, where gamers go out into the environment to discover eggs that hatch like genuine Pokémon.

These eggs would be dispersed around the planet and appear in the same way as everything else spawns. But, you know, they’re eggs. You’d notice one, click on it, and be led to a normal-ish capture screen, only instead of a Pokémon, you’d be gazing down an egg.

These “prize eggs” would contain a variety of randomized gifts for gamers. You might have used:

• Starlight

• PokéStop merchandise (Balls, Berries, Potions)

• Stockpile things (Incense, Lures)

• Objects of Evolution (please dear god)

• Real Pokémon

Clearly, they would be of variable rarity, since most eggs may contain either Stardust or common things, but you might also acquire some rare rewards (evolution equipment), and lastly, what you’d truly want is a Pokémon itself.

An Easter Egg Pokémon would not have to be fought in order to be captured; instead, it would just be added to your collection along with a lovely little candy bonus. The “common” tier of Pokémon, such as your Pidgeys, HootHoots, Rattatas, Sentrets, and so on, would be barred from participating in this “reward pool.” Rather, only 5 km to 10 km hatchable Pokémon would hatch from eggs.

To avoid excessive farming, free Pokémon from these eggs would have to be quite uncommon, but that sounds like an interesting item/reward pool to me, and one that would send players outdoors and searching for all the eggs they could find.

I’m sure there are other things you could do with eggs for this event, but that’s my major concept since it includes real exploring, and a “egg hunt” seems to fit with Pokémon GO’s general ethos. I have my doubts that my vision will be fulfilled, but maybe Niantic has something in the works.

Keep tuned in the coming days and weeks for further details on Pokémon GO’s unannounced but almost certainly imminent Easter event. Feel free to conjecture in the meanwhile.