Ekans #023

Best moveset for Ekans

When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, Ekans’ greatest attacks are Acid and Sludge Bomb. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the finest for PVP encounters.


  Acid 13.5 dps
  Sludge Bomb 41.7 dps


  Acid 13.5 dps
  Sludge Bomb 41.7 dps


 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
 Acid 9 10 13.5
 Poison Sting 5 11.7 10
Main move Damage EPS DPS
 Wrap 60 -11.4 20.7
 Poison Fang 35 -19.4 24.7
 Sludge Bomb 80 -21.7 41.7
 Gunk Shot Elite TM 130 -32.3 50.3
 Frustration Shadow 10 -16.5 5
 Return Purified 35 -47.1 50

The moves highlighted in green benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus, and deal 20% more damage.




Ekans is a serpentine purple Pokémon. It has yellow eyes, an underbelly, a strong stripe around its neck, and a rattle. Ekans’ body is surrounded by three pairs of black lines, as well as another line that links to each slit-pupiled eye and arcs toward its snout. It has a big mouth with a pink tongue and no visible teeth. The bite of a newborn Ekans is unpleasant but not poisonous. This Pokémon becomes taller as it ages.

Ekans dwells in grassy savannas and plains, where it creeps through grass discreetly. It may also be found in woodlands and lonely wastelands, where it feeds on Pidgey and Spearow eggs but will attack other prey from behind. It can sense danger and the fragrance of prey by flicking its tongue out. Its mouth may detach to swallow enormous prey, although this might render Ekans too heavy to move or lead it to get trapped, causing it to faint. It sleeps by wrapping itself around tree branches at night. If it is not in a tree, it will coil up, allowing it to protect itself from all sides. It is discovered to have some swimming ability in the second film. Glare was Generation I’s trademark move.

Evolution family

Ekans is part of a two-member family.

Regular Version


Ekans Ekans #023 ekans
#023 Ekans

50 Ekans candy Ekans #023 ekans
Arbok Ekans #023 ekans#024 Arbok


Shiny Version


Ekans shiny Ekans #023 ekans
#023 Ekans

50 Ekans candy Ekans #023 ekans
Arbok shiny Ekans #023 ekans#024 Arbok



  • Ekans was released along with the game launch on July 6th, 2016.
  • Shiny_Pokemon_icon Shiny form of Ekans was released at the start of Team GO Rocket Disruption on July 25th, 2019.
  • Icon_Shadow_Pokemon Shadow form of Ekans was released with Jessie and James on July 9th, 2020.
    • Shiny form of Shadow Ekans was released on the same day.
Method Maximum CP Details

(weather boosted)
In wild since 2016 Jul 6Increased spawns in:
Pokémon GO Fest 2021: Jul 17 – 18
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto: 2021 Feb 20
Pokémon Spotlight Hour: 2021 Feb 2
Team GO Rocket Event: 2020 Jul 10 – 15
Team GO Rocket Global Take-over: 2020 Mar 6 – 9
Team GO Rocket Leaders Disruption: 2019 Nov 7 – 14
Team GO Rocket Disruption: 2019 Jul 25 – Aug 1
Lunar New Year 2019: Feb 4 – 13
529 Increased chance/Previously in:
5-km – Lunar New Year 2021: Feb 9 – 14
5-km – Team GO Rocket Event: 2020 Jul 10 – 15
2-km – Team GO Rocket Disruption: 2019 Jul 25 – Aug 1
2-km – 2017 Feb 9 – Jul 7
5-km – 2016 Jul 6 – 2017 Feb 9
Raid Battles

(weather boosted)
Tier 1 CP 3,240Visit List of Raid Bosses changes for complete appearance
Research tasks
397 Field Research:
Defeat 2 Team GO Rocket Grunts: Team GO Rocket Strikes
Trade a Pokémon: 2021 Sep
Defeat 2 Team GO Rocket Grunts: 2021 Feb
Defeat a Team GO Rocket Grunt: Rocket Take-Over 2019 Nov 24 & 2020 Mar 7
Catch 3 Pidgey or Murkrow: 2018 Apr – Jun
Special Research/Timed Research:
Kanto Celebration Event – 2nd part: Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts
A Troubling Situation – 2nd part: Catch 2 Shadow Pokémon
Team GO Rocket

(weather boosted)
Rescuing from Jessie and James:
2020 Jul 10 – Sep 30


Pokemon Ekans – Generation 1 Pokemon ranked 23 in the Pokedex… It is found in the Kanto area and is of the toxic kind. Ekans transforms into a tree after consuming 50 sweets.

Parameters and characteristics of Pokémon Ekans

Max BS 1048
Аttack 110
Protection 97
Resistance 111

How to find and catch Pokémon Ekans?

Pokémon Ekans may be found in parks and marshes. It is possible to capture him around overgrown lakes, industrial sites, and industries.

Pokemon Ekans are seldom seen on the map. Many players reared him from eggs or captured him during a tournament.


  • Ekans is one of the wild Pokémon that Ditto might appear as.