Fletchling Community Day in March 6, 2021

This Fletchling Community Day On March in Pokemon Go is come. The event takes place today, March 6, all around the globe, and includes the Normal/Flying Pokemon Fletchling, the first Gen 6 Pokemon to appear in one of Go’s Community Days. To bring you up to speed on this month’s event, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about Community Day in March 2021, from the start time to the unique Community Day moves and other incentives available.

Fletchling Community Day is Here!

Fletchling, a Flying-type debuted in Pokemon X and Y, is this month’s featured Pokemon. Fletchling will emerge in the wild more often than normal on Community Day, making this an excellent time to stock up on Fletchling Candy. During the event, you’ll also have a better chance of encountering a Shiny Fletchling.



March’s Community Day Move: Incinerate

Fletchling will not only emerge more often on Community Day in March, but its ultimate form, Talonflame, will also be able to learn an event-exclusive move. If you successfully develop Fletchinder into Talonflame during the event or up to two hours later, it will know the Fire-type attack Incinerate automatically. This applies to any Fletchinder that develops within the specified timeframe, regardless of whether you captured it before March’s Community Day.

March’s Community Day Hours

March’s Community Day, like past events, will last six hours, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. That means you’ll have until 7 p.m. local time to develop Fletchinder into an Incinerate-knowing Talonflame.

Community Day Special Research

Niantic will offer a paid Special Research story centered on the Flying-type called The Bravest Bird as part of March’s Community Day. Tickets to obtain entry to it will cost $1 USD and may be bought ahead of time via Pokemon Go’s in-game store.

Other Community Day Bonuses

Aside from higher Fletchling spawning, there will be a few extra in-game incentives available for March’s Community Day. To begin, you’ll get three times the regular amount of XP for capturing Pokemon during the event. Furthermore, any Incense you use will be active for three hours rather than the normal 60 minutes.

Finally, in Pokemon Go’s in-game store, Niantic will offer a special Fletchling Community Day package. The package will cost 1,280 PokeCoins and will contain the following items:

  • 50 Ultra Balls
  • 5 Lucky Eggs
  • 1 Poffin
  • 1 Elite Fast TM


Niantic has announced details for March 2021 Pokémon GO Community Day. Read on below to learn more:

March Community Day’s featured Pokémon will be Fletchling!


The featured Pokémon for March Community Day will be Fletchling, the Tiny Robin Pokémon!

Date + Time

Saturday, March 6, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time


  • Fletchling will be appearing more frequently in the wild. If you’re lucky, you may encounter a Shiny one!
  • Evolve Fletchinder (the evolved form of Fletchling) during the event or up to two hours afterward to get a Talonflame that knows Incinerate.
  • Take a few snapshots during Community Day for a surprise!
  • There’ll be a special one-time-purchase Community Day Box available for 1,280 PokéCoins, featuring 50 Ultra Balls, five Lucky Eggs, a Poffin, and an Elite Fast TM.
  • For US$1 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency), you’ll be able to access the Fletchling Community Day–exclusive Special Research story, The Bravest Bird.

Keep an eye out for the release of tickets for The Bravest Bird Special Research story! The tickets are not refundable (subject to applicable law and the exceptions set forth in the Terms of Service). Please keep in mind that this Special Research will not come with an in-game medal.


  • 3× Catch XP
  • Incense activated during the event will last for three hours

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events are subject to change. Be sure to follow us on social media, opt in to receiving push notifications, and subscribe to our emails to stay updated. For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check this help center article.

—The Pokémon GO team





When playing Pokémon GO, please be cautious of your surroundings and obey local health authorities’ rules. Future events are subject to change. To keep up to date, follow us on social media, sign up for push alerts, and subscribe to our emails. For the most recent information about in-game events and feature improvements, be sure to check this help center article.

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