Galvantula #596

 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
  Fury Cutter 3 15 9
  Volt Switch 14 13.1 10.5
  Charge Beam Legacy 8 13.6 8.7
Main move Damage EPS DPS
  Bug Buzz 100 -13.5 32.4
  Cross Poison 40 -22 26.7
  Energy Ball 90 -12.8 23.1
  Discharge 65 -13.2 31.2
  Lunge 55 -11.4 22.8
  Thunder Legacy 100 -41.7 50

The green moves benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus and deliver 20% more damage.

Evolution family

Galvantula is part of a two-member family.


#595 Joltik

50 Joltik_candy
Galvantula Galvantula_shiny
#596 Galvantula


Method Maximum CP Details

(weather boosted)
Not in wild normallyIncreased spawns in:
Pokémon GO Fest 2021: Jul 17 – 18 (ticket only)
Raid Battles

(weather boosted)
Tier 3 CP 15,497Visit List of Raid Bosses changes for complete appearance
GO Battle League
1,260 Obtainable starting from rank:
1 (Season 7)


Galvantula is a Pokémon that is a yellow arachnid. Its body is made up of a head and an abdomen. It has a yellow top and a bright purple bottom to its head. It features two huge, blue, forward-facing eyes with black pupils and four smaller, simple eyes on its forehead in a 2×2 arrangement. It has two lengthy pedipalps that are joined from the underside of its head and are blue and hairless on the bottom half and coated in dense yellow fur on the top half. Galvantula has yellow and light purple fur on top and blue fur beneath its belly. Four hair tufts develop from its midsection and expand upward. Two huge tufts grow from the left and right sides of the back, with two smaller ones growing from each side. It has light purple fur on its back with three broad yellow stripes coming up from its back. Galvantula, while being based on a spider, has just four legs. A blue top half connects each leg to the head. The bottom part of its body is coated in yellow fur that creates a bell shape over its blue, conical feet.

Galvantula enjoys ensnaring victims with electrically charged silk. Galantula uses electric threads to prey on the chicks of bird Pokémon that cannot fly. Galvantula uses the fur on its abdomen to assault its enemies with electricity. The sufferer is stunned for three days and three nights by the electricity. Galvantula may now eat the target at its leisure. Galvantula’s pedipalps are exceptionally powerful, helping it to hold down rebellious prey. It also employs electric webs to protect itself against threats. Galvantula, as depicted in the anime, is not extremely hostile until provoked. It may attack in groups if disturbed. It has been seen to be exceedingly compassionate and protective of its pre-evolution, Joltik, and will actively seek methods to assist it.