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Due to COVID-19 pandemic:
Trainers now can open 30 Gifts per day.

A Gift is an item that may be delivered from one Trainer to another. Gifts include things of greater worth than those ordinarily obtained from spinning PokéStops. Each Friend may only receive one present per day, and a maximum of 20 gifts can be opened each day. There are two types of donations: standard and sponsored. Let’s continue to how Gifts In Pokemon GO How it Works ? Pokemon Go Wiki

Gift’s in-game description
A box that you can send to a friend. Contains a variety of useful items.

Trainers may carry up to twenty Gifts in their Item Bag at any one time, and they do not use any space. They may be seen and trashed from the page for the Item Bag.


Gift sending[ps2id id=’Gift sending’ target=”/]

After receiving a Gift at a PokéStop, a Trainer may mail it to their friends. To do so, Trainers must go to the Friend information page and press the Gift icon underneath the friend’s avatar.


The button may be grayed out if the Trainer does not have a Gift in their Item Bag, or if the Friend has not yet opened a previously delivered Gift. If a Gift was delivered to a particular Friend on that day, the button will be grayed out with an arrow icon.


Once the send Gift button has been touched, the Trainer may choose a Gift from their Item Bag to send. 1 After selecting a Gift, the Trainer may deliver it, add a Sticker, or touch on the Gift’s postcard to get a detailed picture of the PokéStop or Gym where the Gift was acquired.

Stickers may be selected from the Trainer’s Item Bag 5 or purchased from the in-game store. Before giving a Gift, a Sticker may be exchanged or deleted after being selected.

After sending a Gift to a Friend, the arrow symbol appears next to their avatar in the Friends list.


Gift opening[ps2id id=’Gift opening’ target=”/]

Once a Trainer gets a Gift from a friend, a Notification will appear at the top of the screen and may also be seen in the Notification Tab. On the Friends list, it is also shown which Friend sent an unopened Gift, if one exists.


After tapping on a Friend who has given a Gift, a Gift overlay 1 will appear on their profile page. This overlay may be bypassed to complete other actions with that Friend, such as sending a Gift, dueling, or trading.

After pressing the Gift from a Friend icon, the Trainer has the choice to either open the Gift 2 immediately or dismiss the screen to delay opening. There is also a postcard 3 for the Gift that displays a picture and the name of the PokéStop or Gym from whence the Gift was received and delivered; the Trainer may touch on the postcard to see the Photo Disc’s information.

When Trainer opens a Gift, an animation cued at level 5 and a random number of things will be added to Trainer’s Item Bag. The following goods and consumables may be obtained in varying quantities after opening Gifts from Friends:

  • 7-km Eggs
  • Stardust
  • Stickers
  • Poké Balls
  • Great Balls
  • Ultra Balls
  • Potions
  • Super Potions
  • Hyper Potions
  • Max Revives
  • Pinap Berries
  • Johto Evolution Items (including Sun Stone, Metal Coat, King’s Rock, Dragon Scale and Up-Grade) – extremely rarely
  • Rare Candy – only during special events and from Sponsored Gifts


Sponsored Gifts are a distinct form of Gift that cannot be given to friends, but may be opened by Trainers who have received them via PokéStops, Gyms, or raid victories.


Sponsored Gifts from Baskin-Robbins

Trainer will see the sponsor’s logo and name if they tap on a Sponsored Gift, and they will have the option to open the Gift or dismiss the screen. Trainer sees a post card of the Gift with a sponsored message, and when tapping the OPEN button, the Gift’s things appear in bubbles and are added to the Trainer’s items bag. Then, a message from the sponsor is presented, and Trainer has the option to press “Learn more” for additional information about the sponsored offer. [3]

There is a daily restriction on the amount of Sponsored Gifts that may be received, and Trainers are not guaranteed to get a Sponsored Gift from the same PokéStop or Gym, since Sponsored Gifts are awarded per account.

By deselecting the “Show Sponsored Gifts” option in the Game Settings menu, trainers may disable this function. This option has no effect on your ability to receive or send standard Gifts from sponsored or unsponsored Gyms or PokéStops.

Trainers with Child accounts will not get Sponsored Gifts, even if access to sponsored material is permitted through the Niantic Kids Parent Portal or Pokémon Trainer Club website.

Stickers[ps2id id=’Stickers’ target=”/]



Stickers selection

Stickers are consumable collectibles in the game that may be used to embellish a friend’s gift postcard. Stickers may be stacked up to 25 per kind, and similar to Gifts, do not use space in the Item Bag.

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Gallery[ps2id id=’Gallery’ target=”/]

Trivia[ps2id id=’Trivia’ target=”/]


Missing Sticker placeholder icon


Bulbasaur sticker with Bye

  • In order to obtain 7-km Egg from the received gift, Trainer needs space in their eggs collection, exactly like in case of obtaining eggs from Photo Discs.
  • There must be enough room in the Item Bag, before opening the gift.
  • In 0.179.0 game update, Sponsored Gifts were added to the game.
  • In game files there is an asset for missing icon which is currently unused.
  • Initially, Trainer could only have 10 Gift in Item Bag. It is increased to 20 since the COVID-19 pandemic and was announced to be permanent on September 29th, 2020.[4]
  • Initially, Bulbasaur Sticker by Funwari had a “Bye” word included, it was changed month after its release.
  • According to Niantic on the postcard feature:

We want this to mirror the feeling of when a friend gives you a present from a store you enjoy or sends you a postcard from a far-off land. It’s intentionally sentimental and brings two Trainers together in their travels. Plus, how exciting would it be if one Trainer sent a Gift from a special vacation spot or an exclusive event?”

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How to Find Gifts in Pokemon GO[ps2id id=’How to Find Gifts in Pokemon GO’ target=”/]

There are several methods to get Gifts in Pokemon GO. You will have a chance to get a Gift from each PokeStop you visit. Continue to visit PokeStops and spin discs in order to get a disc, since they are already rather frequent. Obtaining Gifts from a buddy is an alternative method. These may be unlocked, and doing so will provide you prizes.

How to Send and Open Gifts in Pokemon GO[ps2id id=’How to Send and Open Gifts in Pokemon GO’ target=”/]

My Strategies For Increase Your Level using Gifts in Pokemon GO

Once you have discovered a Gift at a PokeStop, you should mail it to a Friend. You’ll get XP that counts towards your Friendship with that individual, and they’ll receive a handful of things. Simply go to the Friends Tab in the Trainer menu and click on the person to whom you want to give a Gift. You have the option to send a Gift, but you can only do so once every day.

If you have received a Gift from a buddy, a red dot will appear above your Trainer Icon. To open your Gift and receive your benefits, click the link. You will get a postcard indicating where the Gift was picked up when you open it.


The Bad Things about The Pokemon Go Gift In My Opinion[ps2id id=’The Bad Things about The Pokemon Go Gift In My Opinion’ target=”/]

When Gifts were first rolled out in Pokemon Go, players could only hold a maximum of five gifts in their inventory. Since then, Niantic has increased the Gift limit to 10. In terms of how many Gifts you can open in one day, it’s currently a maximum of 20.


My Strategies For Increase Your Level using Gifts in Pokemon GO[ps2id id=’My Strategies For Increase Your Level using Gifts in Pokemon GO’ target=”/]

My Strategies For Increase Your Level using Gifts in Pokemon GO

if You Reached the 400 (for now in 2022) the friends limit in pokemon go, this is what i used for maximise the usage of the gifts and get instruments plus XP but before i’ve give it to you this tips, simple reminder that:

  • You may send them presents.
  • You can bring enough presents to mail them.
  • You may accept presents from them.
  • Will send presents to you.
  • Will quickly unwrap your present.
  • You have available space for receiving gifts (almost always).

Niantic imposes these restrictions by imposing a high limit on the number of friends, as well as reduced carry and daily open limitations.

Some (but not all) of your pals will comprehend these limits. Thus, there will always be friends who cannot or will not give you a present – or who do not routinely open your gifts. When ignoring you, not everyone is inconsiderate.

  • I aim to amass as many presents as possible during the day, then send / open gifts at a certain time, beginning at 23:30 my time each day.
  • I begin with friends who “Can accept” a present, who have sent me a gift, and who are likely waiting for me to open their gift.
  • If I have any remaining presents after returning gifts to all of my friends who have given me gifts, I send them to friends who “Can receive” but who have not sent me gifts.
  • When I am spinning picture discs throughout the day, I begin by completing my daily quota of presents to carry. If I am in a place with an abundance of picture discs to spin (Pokegyms and Pokestops are abundant), I send presents to pals who have not yet given me a gift and refill my carry limit by spinning more photo discs.
  • Before coming home (like many others, I do not live in close proximity to Pokegyms or Pokestops), I complete my quota (20, 30, or 40) in order to transmit my time to the beginning of the next day.
  • If a certain buddy wants a gift exchange at a given time, I retain a present to return and room in my bag to acquire stuff in order to level up.
  • If I am presently within range of one or more Pokegyms or Pokestops, I send/receive/spin as much as possible throughout my sleeping hours.

I strive to have fewer friends than the maximum since I utilize PokeGenie and its “Join a Remote Raid” option often when there is a coveted Pokémon featured in existing raids globally. As each user of this feature knows, using it results in making at least one new buddy. Consequently, if you utilize PokeGenie, you will never run out of pals, regardless of any restrictions Niantic imposes.

If Niantic’s Friends list included a sort by “last gift exchange with me” option, this would be much easier.

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