Global Challenge and Global Hatches 2019 Event

 Global Challenge and Global Hatches 2019 Event is Here!

Global Challenges and Global Hatches 2019 Event

The Global Challenge and Global Hatches event was the second half of the Ultra Bonus Event 2019, and it included unique appearances of several Pokémon.

Prepare to face the Pokémon GO World Challenge events, Trainers. You’ve never had anything like this before. Professor Willow appointed our team coaches Spark, Blanche, and Candela to lead the event this year. Despite the fact that they are seasoned Pokémon GO trainers, the professor is still skeptical. Be certain that they are prepared to face any difficulties that may arise.

Each team coach will be in charge of gathering together athletes to do study all around the globe. As a result, Pokemon GO Fest will be popular this summer. Complete quests World Pokemon GO Challenge Join other players at each Pokémon GO Fest to get great rewards. If all teams complete their research objectives, a special raid day will be activated during the bonus week. And if we complete all of the Pokémon GO Fest objectives before the end of the summer, we’ll get an even more fantastic prize.

Spark, Blanche, and Candela, according to the professor, are ready to take on this task. And we shall all gladly provide our support to them.

2019 Pokemon GO Global Challenge

Pokemon GO Fest Chicago: Spark Challenge

  • Time Spark Challenge event – from 9:00 on June 13 to 17:00 on June 16, 2019 (GMT −7);
  • This test will run from start to finish. Pokemon GO Fest Chicago;
  • Pokemon GO Fest Chicago attendees must complete 1 million field quests to unlock Double Catch Candy;
  • Instinct, Valor and Mystic teams need to complete 15 million quests each worldwide;
  • Bonuses for successful completion will accordingly be: one rare candy per raid, eggs pokemon go double candies from eggs will hatch twice as fast;
  • All unlocked bonuses will be valid from June 18 to June 25, 2019;
  • When all bonuses are unlocked, Raikou will be available in raids for a short period of time, which will be communicated to us later;
  • Possible meeting with Shiny Raikou.

Pokemon GO Spark Challenge

Pokemon GO Spark Challenge

Pokemon GO Fest Dortmund: Candela Challenge

  • Candela Challenge Event will take place from 1:00 on July 4 to 9:00 on July 7, 2019 (GMT -7);
  • The event will take place during Pokemon go fest dortmund;
  • Participants in the Pokemon GO Fest Dortmund have 1 million field missions to complete. Unlock triple experience when catching Pokémon;
  • Instinct, Valor and Mystic teams need to complete 15 million quests each worldwide;
  • The bonus for the successful completion of these tasks will be respectively: doubled Lucky Eggs time, triple experience with Pokémon GO eggs and double raid experience;
  • These bonuses will last from July 9 to July 16, 2019;
  • If all teams succeed together – Entei will appear in raids on July 14, 2019;
  • Shiny Entei in Pokemon GO.

All Candela's Global Challenge Quests

Candela Global Challenge in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Fest Yokohama: Blanche Challenge

  • Event time – from 18:00 on August 5 to 1:00 on August 12, 2019 (GMT -7);
  • The event will be held together with Pokemon GO Fest Yokohama;
  • Pokemon GO Fest Yokohama guests must complete 2 million Pokémon GO Field Quests to unlock Triple Dust when capturing Pokémon.
  • Instinct, Valor and Mystic teams need to complete 25 million quests each worldwide;
  • After completing them, we will respectively receive 3000 dust per raid, triple dust when hatching eggs and double the duration of Star Pieces;
  • Bonuses will be active from 13 to 20 August 2019;
  • Revealing all bonuses will bring Suicune back to the raids on August 17, 2019;
  • If we’re lucky, we might run into Shiny Suicune.

Pokemon GO Blanche Global Challenge

Blanche Research Challenge

Niantic has introduced the 2019 Pokémon Go Global Challenge, in which trainers from across the globe will compete with those attending the Pokemon Go Fest events this summer to collect as many goodies as possible.


Update: Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama has concluded, and trainers have completed all of their challenge assignments successfully. This implies that all tasks from each Go Fest event were accomplished.

The following Yokohama bonuses will be available from August 13 at 1pm PDT to August 20 at 1pm PDT:

  • 3x catch stardust
  • Guaranteed 3,000 stardust per raid
  • 3x hatch stardust
  • 1 hour star pieces

In addition to this, as all challenges were completed, special bonus Suicune raid battles will be available on August 17, 4pm local time – and yes, if you’re lucky you could get a shiny!

The event will be broken down into three separate challenges, each lasting the duration of the three upcoming Pokemon Go Fest events which are taking place in June, July and August. They are as follows:

  • Pokemon Go Fest Chicago, USA
  • Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund, Germany
  • Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama, Japan

Unlocked rewards are solely dependent on how many research tasks are completed, with attendees of the events having to complete a fraction that global trainers do.

Teams come together

The story goes that all Pokemon Go trainers would set aside their team allegiances and work together to fulfill the massive number of chores necessary. In actuality, this is the greatest approach to ensure that all Pokemon Go players may take part in each event.

Global Challenges and Global Hatches 2019 Event wow

Trainers came together and completed all of the duties at last year’s event, which was fairly similar. Despite the fact that there are considerably more obstacles to fulfill, the same will be anticipated.

Global Challenge research tasks

The nature of the research missions has not yet been disclosed, but they will most likely be of the toss three curve balls in a row or collect ten kind of x Pokemon sort.

The quantity of completed activities, rather than individual tasks, will determine rewards. The awards will be made accessible if trainers at both events and throughout the world meet the goals. For each event, the goals and awards are as follows.

Pokemon Go Fest Chicago

The Chicago challenge took place from June 13 at 9 a.m. PDT to June 16 at 5 p.m. PDT.

Unlocked bonuses were accessible from June 18 at 1pm PDT through June 25 at 1pm PDT.

If all bonuses are obtained, Raikou will be accessible in raids at an undetermined time and date. There’s even a possibility of seeing a gleaming Raikou!

Number of research tasks to complete Rewards
Event attendees 1 million 2x catch candy
Team Instinct 15 million Guaranteed 1 rare candy per raid
Team Mystic 15 million 1/2 egg hatch distance
Team Valor 15 million 2x hatch candy

Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund

The Dortmund challenge lasted from July 4 at 1 a.m. PDT through July 7 at 9 a.m. PDT.

Unlocked bonuses were available from July 9 at 1pm PDT to July 16 at 1pm PDT.


Entei and its shining form were also available as prizes in raid engagements.

Number of research tasks to complete Rewards
Event attendees 1 million 3x catch XP
Team Instinct 15 million 1 hour lucky eggs
Team Mystic 15 million 3x hatch XP
Team Valor 15 million 2x raid XP

Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama

The Yokohama challenge will take place from August 5 at 6 p.m. PDT to August 12 at 1 a.m. PDT.

Unlocked bonuses will be accessible from August 13 at 1pm PDT to August 20 at 1pm PDT.

This time, the bonus Pokemon will be Suicune, who, along with its shiny version, will be accessible in raids at an unspecified time and date.

Number of research tasks to complete Rewards
Event attendees 2 million 3x catch stardust
Team Instinct 25 million Guaranteed 3,000 stardust per raid
Team Mystic 25 million 3x hatch stardust
Team Valor 25 million 1 hour star pieces