The Great League be introducted in December of 2018, Pokémon GO PvP has grown in popularity. Since then, the Silph Arena has been the driving force behind the creation of new and interesting themed rated tournaments and events.

One of the most important things to consider if you want to get into the Pokemon GO PvP scene or if you are a seasoned veteran looking to learn more about winning tournaments is to know everything there is to know about having a dominant team for the Great League, which is the primary format for tournament play.

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Knowing which Pokémon to employ in various combat circumstances may be the difference between a victory and a defeat. A solid and varied team composition, coupled with game expertise, is essential for ascending the Silph League’s ranked ladder and dominating your local PvP group.

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Quick overview

Leads227 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueSkarmory386 f3 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueDeoxys (Defense)334 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueAltaria
Closers184 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueAzumarill003 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueVenusaur197 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueUmbreon
865 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueSirfetch’d105 f2 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueMarowak (Alola)
Attackers411 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueBastiodon308 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueMedicham260 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueSwampert
Defenders171 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueLanturn205 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueForretress288 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueVigoroth
618 galar Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueStunfisk (Galarian)

Important terms

It is critical to understand what Pokémon you may and cannot employ in a tournament, as well as the top meta relevant Pokémon with the greatest coverage. Before delving into the process of creating a successful Great League club, it is critical to understand the following terms:

Great League Tier Ranking List
Great League Tier Ranking List
Leads, Closers, Attackers and Defenders for Trainer Battles in the Great League


A Lead is a Pokémon that performs exceptionally well as the first ruling Pokémon in a battle. They are ideal for sending out head first because they are capable of pressuring the opponent with good coverage and resistances, but they frequently rely on burning a shield or two to give them the best chance in battle.


Closer Pokémon are Pokémon who function well when you don’t have any shields left. They have excellent type and stats, as well as amazing moves that allow them to avoid relying on shields.


An Attacker is a Pokémon whose greatest ability is to take down an opponent’s Pokémon with remaining shields when you are completely out of shields to use yourself. Their inherent mass, powerful assaults, and resistances enable them to overcome formidable defenses.


Defenders are Pokémon that shine when you have shields and your opponent is going all out. Because of their bulkiness and varied typings, they may serve as a sponge by absorbing damage and do not need to depend on shields.

Now that you’ve learned about the categories, it’s time to discuss a few specific Pokémon for each category who have been an absolute powerhouse in the past for tournaments, as well as why they performed so well.


227 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueSkarmory

Skarmory has been a dominating force since the Boulder Cup, the first themed Silph Road event.

With its enormous size, superb typing, and good moveset, Skarmory is a force to be reckoned with and is a mainstay for most, if not all, competitions that can feature this beast.

Skarmory is a strong lead choice in the GO Battle League, but it must keep an eye out for another popular selection, Galarian Stunfisk.

Skarmory possesses a staggering ten resistances and a perfect record against all Grass-types in the Great League. When confronted with a Grass-type opponent, its farming potential is astounding, allowing you to store up 2 Sky Attacks to acquire a significant edge over your opponent.

386 f3 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueDeoxys (Defense)

Defense Form Deoxys is another another top-tier leader. Deoxys Defense Forme, a pure Psychic-type, has access to Counter as a quick move, as well as a variety of powerful and varied charge moves.

Psycho Boost and Rock Slide are usually the best options since they oppose many of the other Pokémon in the Open Great League meta, making it a must-have for every trainer.

The Ghost-type is its main danger, since Pokémon that oppose Defense Forme Deoxys, like as Dark-types, are quickly worn down by Deoxys’ spaghetti arms, which strike them with Counter. Rock Slide, one of the hard-hitting charge techniques it has access to, covers its second vulnerability, the Bug kind.

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As a leader in GO Battle League, one of the most difficult counters to look out for is Haunter/Gengar, which melt through Deoxys, totally removing the Defense from its shape.

334 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueAltaria

Altaria is the most powerful Pokémon in the Great League. Its massive size and tremendous damage give it a commanding lead in the Great League. Altaria is typically defeated with a specialized counter Pokémon.

Its dual type of Dragon and Flying makes it tough to resist, and with a rapid, hard-hitting quick move like Dragon Breath, it may be an unpleasant match up if you’re not prepared.

Altaria’s toughest counters are Galarian Stunfisk, Azumaril, and Abomasnow, who can ‘wall’ Altaria’s attacks, meaning that Altaria’s moves will merely irritate these Pokémon except Abomasnow, who will have to defend Sky Attack.


184 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueAzumarill

Azumarill inherently counters many current meta choices.

Azumarill’s strong defense enables it to take a few direct blows while continue battling. It is an excellent Pokémon at making decisive comebacks without relying on shields to defend itself.

The inclusion of Ice Beam provides a counter against many Grass-type Pokémon, but it should only be used as a last option.

Play Rough is another excellent move that performs well against several popular Great League choices, such as Sableye and Medicham.

Hydro Pump has the ability to inflict huge quantities of neutral damage to most opponents and can almost completely kill an Alolan Marowak with no shielding.

003 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueVenusaur

Venusaur’s special move for the community day Frenzy Plant is one of the finest Grass-type Pokémon in the Great League meta, if not the best. Venusaur is very deadly since it only takes 6 Vine Whip to charge a Frenzy Plant.

Venusaur, with its ability to Sludge Bomb, a high-hitting Poison-type Charge Move, may be a particularly lethal Grass-type killer. Its high defensive stat makes it a very effective closing.

If you have one under 1500CP, it’s a no-brainer to power up an extremely powerful dual Grass-type for the Great League. It does have to be wary of frequent popular meta Pokémon like Alolan Marowak and even Rapidash with its latest Quick Move addition Incinerate.

197 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueUmbreon

Umbreon, the legendary black cat, may not seem to be the most tanky Pokemon, but don’t underestimate its strength. It understands how to take a hit and is an excellent Closer as well as a fantastic Safe Swap.

Although it has limited counters, it compensates for its Fighting-type disadvantages by being an excellent “staller” (using the clock to switch Pokémon).

Umbreon’s Community Day special move Last Resort, which does significant Normal-type damage and may be used as a solution when employing Azumaril, which counters Umbreon, is quite useful.

Umbreon may be an excellent counter to top-tier choices like Deoxys (Defense form), Altaria, and even Skarmory.

It may be difficult to get an Umbreon with Last Resort for less than 1500CP, but if you can, it can and will serve you well in combat.

865 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueSirfetch’d

Sirfetch’d is a new Pokémon GO addition. It has a lot of flexibility and is a fantastic Pokémon to employ to finish out games because of its usage of Close Combat, which is an incredibly powerful Fighting type Charge Move.

Close Combat will reduce your defense by two stages; the best way to utilize it is to charge up to two Close Combat and use them one after the other before your opponent can launch an attack.

Counter, when combined with Leaf Blade, charges energy fast and can send out a spammy Grass type burst capable of dealing with many Pokémon in the Great League meta.

Sirfetch’d has access to Night Slash and Brave Bird as well. The beauty of Sirfetch’d is that you can customize it to meet any team composition, that it fits in well with the meta, and that it has numerous favorable matchups.

105 f2 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueMarowak (Alola)

Alolan Marowak has been a staple for the Great League for some while now. It recently was gained access to a new move being Shadow Bone which is a hard-hitting Ghost type move that does slightly less damage than Shadow Ball, but has a 20% chance to lower the opponent’s defense by 1 stage.

Its dual Ghost and Fire typing make it incredibly efficient at dealing with FightingBug and Steel types. Alolan Marowak has access to Bone Club which is a 40 damage Ground type move that has amazing bait potential that can flip a matchup if your opponent falls for it.


411 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueBastiodon

The ‘grasshole’ staple Pokémon, which many trainers hate seeing in the lead since they know what the other two Pokémon are, which are usually two Razer Leaf users.

This technique gained popularity in Season 4, prompting trainers on social media to complain about the pandemic.

Jokes aside, a list of top tier selections would be incomplete without including this monster, who is now the number one pick as an Attacker. Its role is exactly what it seems to be: a huge powerful wall. Its only true “danger” is Fighting and Ground-type Pokémon, which don’t harm Bastiodon too much and can still survive a few good blows to the face.

You will have to pay a lot of stardust if you want to use it on your Great League squad, but in the long run, it will be well worth it and will be an incredibly important addition to your team.

308 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueMedicham

The Famous Website puts Medicham high in the Great League, demonstrating its strength.

Medicham poses a significant danger against a variety of top-tier Great League Pokémon, including Galarian Stunfisk, Bastiodon, and Abomasnow.

Medicham is also unusually large. The fact that you may spam Power-Up Punch and get enhanced stats with each usage makes it very hazardous if you don’t have a solution. Medicham is frequently capable of carrying your whole team to victory.

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Medicham is a costly Stardust investment, but the fact that it has a maximum of 1431CP enables it to reach its full potential in the Great League. If you don’t deal with Medicham right away, you’ll be in big trouble since it’ll keep becoming stronger with each Power-Up Punch you use.

260 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great league Swampert

Look no farther than Swampert if you’re searching for a vexingly powerful Water/Ground-type Pokémon.

Swampert’s well-rounded stats and type make him a great counter to a lot of current meta choices.

Swampert has the ability to rapidly charge and spam Hydro Cannon, which may be a game-changer.

Swampert’s major flaw is his dual vulnerability to Grass assaults. Venasaur, for example, may melt Swampert in a second and, if you’re not cautious, take you down with a single charge move.

Swampert’s saving grace is Hydro Cannon, which is one of the strongest techniques in the Great League overall. It enables Swampert to bait shields while also granting access to Earthquake for heavy damage.


171 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueLanturn

Lanturn’s dual Water/Electric type makes it a highly flexible Pokémon to have on your squad.

Lanturn is a safe and strong choice for Great League, with some very interesting applications.

While it takes 20+ Water Guns to fully charge a charge move, Lanturn’s fast moves may do a lot of damage on their own.

If you have shields to burn as a Defender, repeating Water Gun to get to a Hydro Pump (or even a Thunderbolt) may be a strong choice.

Lanturn offers excellent coverage against several top-tier choices, including Skarmory and Azumaril. Don’t forget that it’s also quite powerful against Fire, Rock, and Ground, making Lanturn a very flexible choice for your Great League squad.

205 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueForretress

Forretress debuted as an excellent Bug/Steel-type Pokemon and a natural counter to top-tier meta Pokémon like Venasaur and Defense form Deoxys. Both of them are killed by the Forretress Bug, who bites them into nothingness.

The primary weakness of the fortress is fire-types, which may melt through the fortress. However, if you combine it with Azumaril, Whiscash, or Swampert and let them cover Forretress’ major weaknesses, you’ll have a strong Great League team.

Heavy Slam may be utilized to fool opponents into believing you’re utilizing Earthquake. To mislead your opponent into deploying a critical shield, this is a superb baiting technique, a skill in and of itself.

288 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great leagueVigoroth

Vigoroth has one of the most spammy play styles of any Pokémon in the Great League.

Vigoroth may be a headache to deal with if you don’t have a strategy in place.

Its fast move Counter may be a fantastic neutral damage source or a lethal move against several popular choices like Bastiodon and Galarian Stunfisk.

You’ll have saved up enough energy for a Body Slam, Vigoroth’s main charge attack, before you realize it.

Body Slam is a normal-type move that may inflict a shocking amount of damage. This high level of damage may take your opponent off guard and help you win numerous matches.

During Season 1’s Silph Arena Jungle Cup, Vigoroth was a must-have, and many felt that it should be banned completely due to its overpowering nature.

p618f414 Great League Tier Ranking List in Pokemon GO great league Stunkfisk (Galarian Version)

Last but not least, we have Galarian Stunfisk. Galarian Stunfisk is a force to be reckoned with, having been ranked first for total performance on Galarian Stunkfisk’s massive stature, along with its lethal Charge Moves, cements it as the ruler of the Great League.

Popular choices include Skarmory, Altaria, Bastiodon, Galvantula, and Alolan Marowak, to mention a few.

Earthquake, which has always been a powerful move, charges fast thanks to its Quick Move Mud Shot, which has a high EPS (Energy Per Second)

If you can get your hands on a Galarian Stunfisk, combining it with another strong Pokémon like Azumaril generates a lot of pressure and gives you a hefty team composition that can cover a lot of top tier Great League Pokémon.

My Final words

Making sure you have a varied team structure will help you win in the competitive Pokémon GO PvP environment.

The wonderful thing about PvP is that you never know what to anticipate when it comes to opposing your opponents and their team structure.

Your opponent may totally throw you off with an off-meta team or employ a Pokémon you don’t know much about, what moves it possesses, or how well it will perform.

There is no definitive list of which Pokémon to use in a tournament, but consider this page to be a basic reference on how to verse some of the most popular Pokémon in the current meta, as well as to learn what roles they excel in.

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You may utilize them, or even form a team of people who know how to defeat them, by using the techniques and methods described in this article.

With that in mind, it is strongly advised to have at least one Pokémon on your squad that can fill a particular function in combat. This will assist you in forming a varied squad and preparing for every scenario that may occur during a fight. Instead of using sheer force, use intelligence to defeat your opponent.

If you want to get started in the Pokémon GO PvP competitive scene, I recommend going to to locate a local tournament and get started on your quest to climb the competitive ranking ladder and possibly be the best in your town!


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