Hatchathon 2019 Event

The second Hatchathon event in Pokémon GO took place in 2019. This time, the event’s name is Adventure Sync Hatchathon.

Hatchathon 2019 Event is Here!

Hatchathon 2019 Event


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The following offers were available from the shop from the start of the event.

Special Box
Great Box 780
Ultra Box


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The winter event in Pokemon GO ends as the new year gets underway, bringing to an end a number of incentives and removing a number of seasonal Pokémon. But, with the beginning of the first Hatchathon event of 2019, Niantic is continuing the holiday’s pattern of more payouts.

For each egg they hatch before 4pm EST on January 15, Pokemon GO users who take part in the Hatchathon will get double Hatch Candy and double Hatch Stardust. Moreover, from PokeStops and gyms, trainers will “more often” get 5 KM and 10 KM eggs.

A vociferous part of the community is saying that extra 5 KM eggs are not what they need, even though the fee hike for egg procurement has not been disclosed. Some gamers have gone so far as to say that the Pokemon that may be caught from these ordinary eggs aren’t all that great to begin with. These kinds of worries have been resolved in previous Hatchathon events by the addition of shiny Pokemon for participants to catch. However as of right now, nothing new has been verified on the ongoing incident.


There is presently widespread agreement that hatching eggs rewards weak Pokémon, and this opinion does not simply apply to eggs with a 5 KM value. Players were urged to hatch 7 KM eggs as part of Pokemon GO’s Christmas event in order to receive new baby Pokemon, but an incredibly low hatch rate has left trainers disappointed.

Several of these players claim that the timing of the Hatchathon, an event that rewards participants for using more incubators, is unfortunate since many of their incubators were spent in fruitless attempts to get new pocket monsters from 7 KM eggs. Yet, some of the player population will undoubtedly be pleased with the bigger benefits the Hatchathon delivers. The new field research assignments in the game may be sufficient to keep uninterested players busy.