Haxorus #612

 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
  Counter 12 8.9 13.3
  Dragon Tail 15 8.2 16.4
Main move Damage EPS DPS
  Earthquake 140 -27.8 38.9
  Night Slash 50 -15 22.7
  Dragon Claw 50 -19.4 35.3
  Surf 65 -29.4 38.2

The green moves benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus and deliver 20% more damage.

Evolution family

Haxorus is part of a three-member family.


Axew Axew_shiny
#610 Axew

25 Axew candy.pngArrow Dark.png
Fraxure Fraxure_shiny
#611 Fraxure
100 Axew candy.pngArrow Dark.png
Haxorus Haxorus_shiny
#612 Haxorus



Haxorus is a bipedal Pokémon with a dark yellow-green coating on its back and the majority of its front. It features a black body, tail tip, and thighs, as well as crimson talons and claws. Its scythe-like tusks are black with a crimson edge and are positioned on its upper jaw on the side of its mouth. These tusks are indestructible and can slash steel beams. It has medium-sized crimson eyes with black pupils. From its back to its head, it has ridged plate-like skin. It features thick armor and a separating line design on its legs and tail. Its limbs have three digits, two elliptical triceps and biceps, and circular elbows. It has little, round hands with small crimson claws. Its legs are tough and powerful, with three toes and a crimson talon on each. It is normally sociable, despite its austere look, yet it is quite territorial.