How to Obtain It The Remember the Last-Used Poké Ball Feature?

The current version of Pokémon Go, 0.245.0, has a very important function called ‘Remember Last Used Poke Ball.’ Remember Last Used Poké Ball in Pokémon Go enables trainers to automatically choose the sort of poke ball that the trainer has previously used.

Read Below This Article and See How to Obtain It The Remember the Last-Used Poké Ball Feature.

Remember Last-Used Poké Ball is a new Pokémon GO feature that enables Trainers to capture using the kind of Poké Ball they used the most recently. Once engaged, the kind of Poké Ball you last used will be picked at the start of your next Pokémon encounter.

This feature is only accessible in Pokémon GO versions 0.245 and above, so be sure to upgrade your app to try it out.

Remember the Last-Used Poké Ball

If this option is enabled, the previously used poke ball will be used by default the next time the Trainer meets a Pokémon. This function will be accessible in Pokémon Go versions 0.245.0 and above. Trainers must have the most recent app version loaded on their devices.

How to Make It Possible Remember the last time you used a Poké Ball in Pokémon Go.

The ‘Remember Last Used Poké Ball’ option is not activated by default. Trainers must go to options, then scroll down a little, and then activate Remember Last Used Poke Ball.

Once enabled, the Pokémon GO app will maintain track of the Trainer’s most recently used poke ball, and the most recently used poke ball will be used by default during the next Pokémon encounter. If the trainer runs out of the kind of poke ball, a standard poke ball is the default choice.

This new function has no effect on Premier balls, in raids, or field research encounters. In these circumstances, the default balls would be chosen. However, in the event of a special encounter, the Remember Last Used Poké Ball would operate.

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Utilization with Pokémon Go Plus Devices

Regular poke balls are used by gadgets that can auto-catch Pokémon. These devices do not support the new functionality.

Trainers that use Pokémon GO Plus to auto-catch Pokémon are aware that the app only employs standard Poké Balls.

We can confirm that when the option “Remember Last-Used Poké Ball” is enabled, GO Plus does not employ Ultra or Great balls to capture Pokémon.

GO Plus players may continue to use their standard Poké Balls, and the game will remember the last setting they used when meeting Pokémon in-game. With GO Plus, you can spend standard Poké Balls and have an Ultra Ball or Great Ball ready for you when you attempt to catch.

For those who want to know more, both the GO Plus and Poké Ball Plus are configured to always utilize ordinary Poké Balls:

  • When capturing Pokémon with this equipment, it will only have one try. It will flee if you fail to capture it.
  • When you run out of Poké Balls, the device will not utilize any more Balls to capture Pokémon.
  • The Pokémon capture rate is the same as when using a Poké Ball on a straight toss.
  • It will always give precedence to Pokémon over PokéStops.

Benefits of the Remember Last Used Poké Ball option

This function would assist trainers in saving time during events that required a lot of grinds. Also, during community days, trainers must use hyper balls to capture Pokémon, therefore this function would save a lot of time. Saving time allows trainers to capture more Pokémon and earn more sweets, experience, and stardust. Speed catching would become considerably easier.