How To Use Berries in Pokemon GO: Useful 2022 Guide

Pokémon Go Berries are one of several sorts of objects you may gather while you explore the real world, and one of the few you can utilize to help you capture wild critters or provide you other benefits and soo Read This Guide To Know How to Use Berries in Pokemon GO: Useful 2022 Guide !

Berries may also be utilized to feed your Buddy Pokémon and raise motivation for animals who are presently in a Gym.

There are many ways to get Berries in Pokémon Go, and this tutorial will go through them all while describing how to utilize Berries and what each sort of Berry accomplishes.

Pokemon Go is one of the world’s most popular smartphone games! It motivates gamers all around the world to leave their homes and go in search of those well-known species. While the game is pretty easy, there are several elements that might be perplexing. If you’re wondering where you may find some Razz Berries, go no further than this tutorial!

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Berries in Pokémon Go: How to Get Them

Berries may be obtained in the same way that most other encounter items are obtained – by spinning PokéStops and receiving a Berry or two. They’re not as frequent as Poké Balls, so keep spinning those stops and you should get a modest amount among the Poké Balls and curatives over time.

Berries may also be obtained by completing certain Field and Special Research assignments, as well as specific level up incentives. Pinap Berries are also a potential prize for opening Gifts.

Only by winning a Raid Battle, accomplishing specific Research Tasks, and spinning a PokéStop or Gym with a Great Buddy can you acquire Golden Razzberries.

Silver Pinap Berries are the most difficult to get, and can only be gained by performing certain Research Tasks and receiving weekly Adventure Sync prizes.


Berries are items obtained by leveling up, spinning the Photo Disc at a Gym or PokéStop, beating a Raid Boss, performing research assignments, opening Gifts, or participating in GO Battle League. They may be used to capture wild Pokémon. They may also be served to a Pokémon at a friendly Gym to boost motivation and CP.

Each berry served to a Gym Pokémon earns 20 Stardust, and Trainers may feed up to 10 berries at once. Since the Buddy Adventure update, berries may now be used to feed Pokémon.

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There are presently five different types of berries accessible in the game:

  • Razz Berry,
  • Pinap Berry,
  • Nanab Berry,
  • Golden Razz Berry
  • and Silver Pinap Berry.

Trainer may see the currently owned Berries on the item bag page. White_Button_Bag.

Types of Berries[ps2id id=’Types of Berries’ target=”/]

Razz Berry[ps2id id=’Razz Berry’ target=”/]

To get Razz Berries in Pokemon Go, you will initially should be basically level 8 as a coach. Whenever you’ve arrived at that level, you can get Razz Berries from either turning a Photo Disk at a PokeStop or Gym and by stepping up your personality.

On the off chance that you’re attempting to get a lot of Razz Berries rapidly, your smartest option is to find a region close by where there’s a lot of PokeStop and Gyms grouped together. That way you can simply circle around again and again turning the Photo Disks and ideally getting berries.

Brilliant Razz Berries are a more extraordinary and harder to get rendition of Razz Berry. To get Golden Razz Berries, you should acquire them by taking part in Raid Battles or finishing Research Tasks.

Brilliant and typical Razz Berries are helpful for expanding the catch pace of Pokemon, so in the event that you’re hoping to gather a hard to get little pocket beast, you will need to try to utilize them!

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A Razz Fruit is a kind of berry that, when offered to a Pokémon while attempting to catch it, improves the likelihood of succeeding by 1.5 times. Trainers at Level 8 and above may get them. Razz Berries, like two other types of berries, may be earned via spinning Photo Disc at PokéStops and Gyms, as well as as a prize for leveling up.
In-game description

Feed this to a Pokémon, and it will be easier to capture on your next toss.Pinap Berry


A Pinap Fruit is a kind of berry that, when offered to a Pokémon while attempting to catch it, doubles the amount of Candy the Trainer receives if the following capture attempt is successful. Trainers at Level 18 and above may get them. Pinap Berries, like two other types of berries, may be earned via spinning Photo Disc at PokéStops and Gyms, as well as as a reward for leveling up.It is especially beneficial on Pokémon in their second and third stages of evolution, since they drop more candy (5 and 10, respectively) than their first stage version (only 3 candies). However, such Pokémon are typically more difficult to capture, making it more likely to escape and squander the fruit.Pinap berries multiply with double candy benefits from events. If a Pokémon ordinarily provides three candies and grants six during the event, utilizing a Pinap berry at the same time grants twelve.
In-game description
Feed this to a Pokémon to make it drop more candy.

Nanab Berry[ps2id id=’Nanab Berry’ target=”/]

A Nanab Fruit is a kind of berry that slows a Pokémon’s mobility during an encounter, making it easier to catch on the Trainer’s next try. Trainers at Level 4 and above may get them. Nanab Berries, like two other types of berries, may be earned via spinning Photo Disc at PokéStops and Gyms, as well as as a reward for leveling up.It is very effective against hovering Pokémon that move about. There are various such move patterns, including darting from one location to another quickly (Magnemite, Zubat), moving about in a figure 8 (Abra, Gastly), and soaring aloft and lingering for a while (Pidgeotto, Golbat).
In-game description
Feed this to a Pokémon to calm it down, making it less erratic.

Golden Razz Berry[ps2id id=’Golden Razz Berry’ target=”/]

Golden Razz Berries improve a Trainer’s chances of capturing a wild Pokémon by 2.5 times and may also be given to a Pokémon assigned to a Gym to completely restore its motivation meter. This kind of berry may be acquired as a prize for participating in a Raid Battle or completing a Research mission.
In-game description
Feed this to a wild Pokémon to make it much easier to catch. Feed this to a Pokémon on a Gym to fully restore its motivation.

Silver Pinap Berry[ps2id id=’Silver Pinap Berry’ target=”/]

Silver Pinap Berries boost a Trainer’s probability of capturing an encountered Pokémon by 1.8 times and double the quantity of Candy provided when a Pokémon is successfully captured by 2.333 times. They may be gained via Mega Raid Battle, Research missions, and the GO Battle League. The conversions are as follows:3 Candy – 7 Candy
5 Candy – 11 Candy
ten candies – twenty-three candies
In-game description
Feed this to a Pokémon to receive more Candy when you catch it and make it easier to catch.

Bluk Berry[ps2id id=’Bluk Berry’ target=”/]

It is one of two varieties of berries that are not yet present in gameplay but may be discovered in game data. It is said to discourage wild Pokémon from leaping when a Poké Ball is being thrown at them.
In-game description

Wepear Berry[ps2id id=’Wepear Berry’ target=”/]

It is one of two varieties of berries that are not yet accessible in gameplay, although information about them may be accessed in game data. While capturing a Pokémon with a Poké Ball, it is said to widen the hit circle.
In-game description

Update history[ps2id id=’Update history’ target=”/]

Certain Berries were less effective before the GO Beyond update: [1]

  • Nanab Berry only slowed down a Pokémon by 95%.
  • Silver Pinap Berry quadrupled the quantity of Candy in the same way as normal Pinap Berry
  • Buddy alters – to be added

Trivia[ps2id id=’Trivia’ target=”/]

  • The item’s in-game description is deceptive. It claims that feeding a Pokémon Razz Berry “on your next throw” will make it easier to capture. The effect is effective until the Pokémon enters a
  • Poké Ball at least once. If the Pokémon seems to be caught but escapes from the ball, the berry’s effect wears off and another must be used. The impact remains even if the Pokémon does not enter the ball, such as if the player’s throw misses.
  • Furthermore, only one berry may be utilized at a time. The power of the berry wears off after an unsuccessful catch (Pokémon escapes from Poké Ball), and the player may use another fruit.
    The names of the following berries are based on genuine fruit names:

    • Razz Berry was inspired by raspberries.
    • Banan(a) written backwards is Nanab Berry.
    • And Pinap Berry is a play on the words berry and pineapple.
  • Nanab Berries boost a Pokémon’s attractiveness in the original handheld series.
    • Originally, Nanab berries delayed a Pokemon by 70%.
    • Originally, graphics for Nanab and Pinap Berry in game data were recolored copies of Wepear and Bluk Berry sprites, as follows: sprite for Nanab Berry was red-colored Bluk Berry sprite, while sprite for Pinap Berry was green-colored Wepear Berry sprite.
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