Incense Ultimate Guide In Pokemon Go 2022

Due to COVID-19 pandemic:
Incense now is sold for PokeCoin 40 and the spawn rate is 1 Pokémon per minute.[1]


Incense is a temporary item that causes Pokémon to spawn near a Trainer.

When triggered, incense creates a pinkish cloud aura surrounding the Trainer. If a Trainer continues to move, the effect will follow them, albeit part of the attraction is being able to catch while staying in one spot. Pokémon attracted by the Incense will have a pink cloud aura as well. Spawns are either depending on the player’s current location or on an ongoing event.

Incense is one of the most important and essential trainer tools in Pokemon Go, particularly now that developers Niantic have disabled the step location and locked off third-party Pokemon trackers. However, since incense is a limited resource, you want to make the most of it.

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When triggered, Incense lasts an hour and produces 1 Pokémon every 5 minutes if the Trainer is still standing, and 1 Pokémon every 1 minute or 200 meters (whichever comes first) if the Trainer is moving. This item has no effect on other Trainers. Ongoing events may alter the length and efficacy of the active Incense.

When an ongoing event causes a certain pool of Pokémon to be generated with an Incense, the item’s color changes from green to orange across the game for the duration of that event.

The Incense-spawned Pokémon do not appear on the Nearby tab.

This item is not available at a PokéStop. It may, however, be obtained by hitting specific levels or by buying it from the Shop for 80. A bundle of eight Incenses may also be bought for 500. It may also be obtained by completing a series of Special Research missions.

In-game description
Incense with a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes.

Mystery Box

Mystery Box lasts for an hour and the spawn rate is 1 Meltan per minute.

Mystery Box is a kind of Incense that is only accessible to users who have connected their Pokémon GO game account with the Pokémon Let’s Go game or Pokémon HOME[2] and transferred at least one Pokémon to that game.

When you open it, a perfume is released that attracts Meltan for 30 minutes. After activating the box, the Trainer must wait three days before transferring Pokémon and receiving another box. A visible countdown begins at 3 and drops by one each day until it reaches zero.

Mystery Box has a 7-day cooldown prior to April 24th, 2019.


Since November 10th, 2020, you may connect to Pokémon HOME.

In-game description
A mysterious old box. Opening it causes a certain Pokémon to appear for a limited time.

Which is better in Pokemon Go: Incense or Lures?

While Lures are utilized at Pokestops to provide a net benefit to everyone around, Pokemon Go’s Incense item is an essential tool for every aspiring trainer – but it’s also a one that’s simple to misuse.

Lures are helpful because they may transform a certain region into a Pokemon-catching paradise for everyone in the vicinity of a given Pokestop, but incense particularly lures Pokemon to you and you alone.

In addition, rarer Pokemon that you would not normally meet in a given location will be compelled to spawn by incense. It also increases the frequency with which those naturally close emerge, which is handy if you see some of your most-wanted Pokemon on the nearby list but can’t find them.

Pokemon drawn to Incense will be surrounded by a swirl of purple gas, representing the aroma of the incense you popped. Because these Pokemon are solely visible to you, there’s no need to worry about competing with other trainers in the region.

The Incense movement method allows you to capture more Pokemon faster.

There is one crucial tip to using Incense that may make or ruin your experience: As you stay motionless, Incense generates 1 Pokemon every 5 minutes, however when you move, Pokemon spawn every 1 minute or 200 meters.

This means that, whether you’re at home or at work, popping incense isn’t particularly useful – you’ll receive a single Pokemon every 5 minutes – a total of 6 while the incense is active – but that’s all. If you walk at a reasonable speed while using incense, you may capture many more and a larger variety as you go through locations with various Pokemon accessible.

Fastidious enthusiasts on the Silph Road Pokemon Go research group subreddit have observed that Incense has gotten substantially more effective and attracts rarer Pokemon with the first August update, albeit this is debatable.

Catching a Pokemon earns you 100 XP if you’ve previously caught one, and 500 XP if you haven’t. This also makes Incense an excellent method to level up; combine smart incense usage with the XP-boosting Lucky Egg item and our approach of walking a Pokestop lap while developing lower-tier Pokemon to maximize your XP gain over a half-hour period.

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My Opinion About The Incense in Pokemon GO

To be clear, the 90-minute bonus is only available during the Season of Alola. We appreciate Niantic’s desire for us to go out and about, but is 90 minutes truly a meaningful benefit to compensate for the absence of spawns for stationary incense? Because it is now longer than a spotlight hour, half an hour will be ordinary spawns, and Community Day generally includes longer incense as a bonus anyway, is it truly a benefit?

90 minutes is a long period, and most individuals will not devote that much time to this game in one sitting with their normal daily play. Because the speed for improved efficacy seems to be rather high, many individuals walking will still fail to activate it because they are not going quickly enough.

The pace to gain the additional spawning is roughly 6km per hour, which is actually faster than the usual walking speed, so you need to start moving. We often stop and start walking on event days because we want to shiny check clusters or catch as much as we can, so sustaining a 6km pace isn’t something we’ll accomplish. Plus, for a 12-hour tournament like Johto Tour, nobody on earth could maintain that pace throughout the day?!

As previously stated, this is only available during the Season of Alola and is not a permanent benefit to replace the fixed incense increase.


  • Trainer receives Incense as the reward for achieving specific levels:
    • at levels 5, 7, 10, 15, 25 and 35 they receive one Incense,
    • at level 20 two of them,
    • at level 30 three Incenses,
    • and at level 40 four Incenses.


Ordinary Incense

  • In game files and code there are some data about other types of Incenses, although none of these was implemented to the gameplay yet:
    • there is data with picture of Ordinary Incense, that looks like jar of honey.
    • there is also some data about three types of Incense that supposed to lure specific types of Pokémon, like:
      • Spicy Incense that might attract

        and possibly


      • Cool Incense that might attract

        and possibly


      • and Floral Incense that might attract

        and possibly


  • Initially, Incense only lasted for 30 minutes. It is increased to 1 hour since the COVID-19 pandemic and was announced to be permanent on September 29th, 2020.[4]
    • Before worldwide adjustments, Incense in Japan, South Korea and Italy is 50% off, lasts for 60 minutes and attracts more Pokémon from March 2nd to 18th, 2020.[5]
  • Mystery Box is considered by the game to be an Incense due to attracting Meltan like how Incense attracts Pokémon as well as the changes to Incense due to the COVID-19 pandemic also applies to Mystery Box.
  • Before its release, Mystery Box was referred in game code as “BELUGA_BOX“.
  • Trainer cannot use Incense and Mystery Box simultaneously.

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We’d want to see Niantic reconsider after hearing from the community. With the 5 minute spawn gap, incense was basically worthless before to the pandemic, and even now with the new movement benefit, you had to walk swiftly for the increased spawns, and on busy event days, you aren’t constantly moving fast due to the density of spawns to catch/shiny check.

If there must be a difference, maybe one minute spawns for moving and one and a half minute spawns for immobile would be a more sensible alteration. In a game like Pokémon GO, five minutes is such a long time that it doesn’t seem like this is being done with the community in mind.

People are often working during events, or caring for their children, and are unable to get out and play every Community Day; nevertheless, Incense made it so that they could receive a few spawns wherever they were to attempt to earn a shine.

Before the epidemic, it was a kind of a joke that incense was practically worthless, so people didn’t use it at all, and I can see this occurring again today. People were purchasing incense to use, so why cut off a source of income?! Most of us think of incense as a means to attract spawning when there aren’t any, rather than a technique to boost them while we’re out wandering and have enough.

I know incense has gone from something I’d use every spotlight hour or during an event because I enjoyed the spawns and wanted to shiny hunt to something I’m unlikely to use unless it’s a community day and I’m able to go out and about for an extended amount of time. I would sometimes purchase incense or boxes containing incense since it was so pleasant and aided my gaming as a semi-rural chronically unwell player.

There is no reason for the incense to have altered so substantially; this isn’t simply a downgrade, but a severe nerf to the point of being nearly worthless.

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