Johto Festival 2018 Event

With an exhilarating rise in Gen 2 spawns that have taken over the game, Pokemon GO users have been capping up the summer of activities. Johto Festival 2018 Event was a perfect time to complete the Gen 2 Pokedex and make significant progress on the Celebi special research because to the increased spawns in the Johto area and the amazing encounter prizes for research. However, it seems that there are now just a few days remaining to enjoy the event.

Johto Festival 2018 Event is Here!


Johto Festival 2018 Event

The enhanced Gen 2 spawn rates will end on August 28 at 1pm PT, according to a message from the official Pokémon GO Twitter account. It indicates that there are now just four days remaining to attend the event. Try to set aside a few hours this weekend for some hunting if you still haven’t finished your Johto dex.

This is a screenshot of the official Twitter announcement.

This Gen 2 incident was anticipated by many gamers since a similar occurrence occurred when the Mew Special Research was released. Completionists may want to go out and attempt to find the three new shinies that were released in conjunction with the Johto Festival start while the spawns are still enhanced.

Players now just have the usual Community Day to look forward to, but maybe new events will start to appear early in September to help fill the hole left by the conclusion of the Johto event. It won’t be long until another noteworthy event appears on the schedule, we’re certain.

For additional information in the coming days, check back. Until then, trainers, good luck on the field!

What a night it has been, trainers!

The in-game Johto Festival has been launched by Celebi as a commemoration of the notorious locale where Generation II games for the Nintendo Gameboy and Gameboy Color took place all those years ago.

With it, a few significant modifications that affect almost every aspect of Pokemon GO have surfaced. Let’s check out what’s fresh right now! And don’t worry, comprehensive guides to new bosses as well as a sale box analysis (spoiler: not too bad) are on the way!



New raid bosses

With the introduction of Gen II starters Yanma and Sunkern into Tier 1, Pineco into Tier 2, and Ursaring into Tier 4, the lower tier raiding scenario has been dramatically transformed by the Johto Festival. Strangely, Raids also offers all of the Gen IV pre-evolutions. Is it a foreshadowing of a Gen IV release to come? Naturally, it is.

Johto festival raid bosses

  • T1: Yanma, Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Totodile, Sunkern
  • T2: Pineco, Kirlia, Roselia, Mawile, Alolan Exeggutor
  • T3: Alolan Raichu, Tangela, Machamp, Donphan, Piloswine,
  • T4: Ursaring, A-Marowak, Absol, Tyranitar, Rhydon
  • T5: Regirock, Mewtwo (EX)
Johto Festival Raid bosses
Johto Festival Raid bosses

New Field Research Quests

As was previously said, a ton of additional field research was conducted as a result of the new event, which included Pokemon that evolved in Generation II by utilizing an evolution item. In addition, a unique quest offers evolution goods that may be used to Pokemon you meet during the Johto Festival. a cunning plan.

Johto Festival New Quests

New shiny forms

Three new Pokemon species are confirmed to be available as shiny Pokemon:

  • Sunkern & Sunflora
  • Pineco & Forretress
  • Natu & Xatu

Couple of Gaming has prepared a wonderful infographic about it for your visual enjoyment.

image0 1 Johto Festival 2018 Event Johto Festival 2018 Event

New boxes

Special Box (480 Coins):

Great Box (780 Coins):

  • 6x Incense
  • 4x Super Incubator
  • 4x Premium Raid Pass
  • 5x Star Piece

Ultra Box (1480 Coins):

pokemon_go_app_store_johto_update-Johto Festival 2018