How to Join the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 at Berlin’s Britzer Garten

A detailed guide to Berlin’s Britzer Garden, where Pokémon GO Fest 2022: Berlin will be held from Friday, July 1, 2022 through Sunday, July 3, 2022. Learn about the park’s layout, how to travel to Britzer Garden, how to use public transportation, and what to anticipate in terms of Gyms and Poké Stops.

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Britzer Garten, Berlin[ps2id id=’Britzer Garten, Berlin’ target=”/]

Note:Please be warned that this article includes spoilers for both the real-life and PoGo versions of the place! And please keep in mind that English is not my first language =)

The Britzer Garten is situated on Berlin’s southern outskirts. The Park was created as a local leisure area and as part of the “Bundesgartenschau,” a contemporary landscaping and horticulture display with various themes throughout the park. Because of its size of 110 hectares, it can easily handle 20.000 visitors at the same time (I asked an employee at the garden).

Britzer Grden, GO Fest 2022 Berlin
Map of the Garden. A more detailed version can be found on the website of the Britzer Garten.

But first things first:

  • Please use public transportation to get to the park. Parking in the park is quite restricted, and taking a cab or Uber will be prohibitively costly.
  • During the PoGo Fest, you may purchase a ticket for all buses, metro lines, and local trains (no fast trains) for 9€. This ticket is valid for the whole month. So you’ll just have to spend 9€ for all transportation throughout Berlin and Germany!
  • Please download the Berlin public transit system’s official app (BVG). The app “BVG Fahrinfo” is available for free download from the app store.
  • It is the simplest method to locate the best route to go from point A to point B in Berlin, and you can purchase the 9€ ticket using the app (Monatskarte 9-Euro-Ticket).

Note: The 9€ ticket is valid for one month. If you arrive on June 30th, you must purchase a new ticket for July 1st. Even still, this will outperform any Uber or cab fare!


How to get to the Britzer Garten and to the entrance I booked my ticket for?[ps2id id=’How to get to the Britzer Garten and to the entrance I booked my ticket for?’ target=”/]

  1. To get to Mohringer Allee, take the metro line U6 (violet line) to “Alt-Mariendorf” and walk east. You may walk (1,7) or take the bus 181 to the “Rotkopfweg” or “Windröschenweg” bus stops.
  2. Entrance Tauernallee: Take the U6 (violet line) metro line to “Alt-Mariendorf” and go south. It is 1.9 kilometers by foot, or you may take the bus M76 to the stop “Pilatusweg” and walk the remaining distance.
  3. Take the metro line U6 (violet line) to “Alt-Mariendorf” and then the bus 181 to the stop “Neumrakplan.” For 50 meters, take the “Mohringer Allee,” then turn right and right again to take the “Massiner Weg.” The entrance will be visible as soon as you turn right into the Massinger Weg.
  4. Entrance Buckower Damm: Take the U6 (violet line) metro line to “Alt-Mariendorf”, then the bus X71 to “Alt-Buckow” and walk the 600 meters north to the entrance.

What does the park looks like and what is there to eat?[ps2id id=’What does the park looks like and what is there to eat?’ target=”/]

The Britzer Garten’s main entrance is on Mohringer Allee. Through this gate, you’ll get your first glimpse of the park’s lush green depths. Because the park was intended to be a garden exhibition, it has a Japanese garden, a rose garden, and a witches garden (herbs). However, in addition to these specific garden sections, the park has huge open areas for playing or just resting after a stroll.

These are lightly wooded areas, yet you are never far from the next tree and hence shade.

In addition to the natural features, the park has a vantage point. It is situated between the “Mohringer Allee” and the “Kalenderplatz” entrances. You’ll get a great view of the whole park from there.

A sit-down Italian restaurant with indoor and patio seating is available at the Kalenderpalz. Smaller food-truck stands may be found around the park, where you can get snacks and beverages. Be warned that the majority of the items are fairly pricey (Coca Cola, 0.33l for 2.90€). 5€ for a little piece of fries and a hot dog).

There will be water faucets around the park where you can fill your water bottles for free, and you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages.

There are restrooms located throughout the park. I saw that several are now being rebuilt or updated, which is fantastic!

Britzer Grden, GO Fest 2022 Berlin
First view into the park from the entrance “Mohringer Allee”.
Britzer Grden, GO Fest 2022 Berlin
“Die Liegewiese”, an open space, where you can play or relax.
Britzer Grden, GO Fest 2022 Berlin
The rhododendron garden with art installation.
Britzer Grden, GO Fest 2022 Berlin
Sunset at the Johto tour 2022 at the Britzer Garten.

What about playing Pokémon Go in the Britzer Garten?[ps2id id=’What about playing Pokémon Go in the Britzer Garten?’ target=”/]

The Britzer Garten has several stations and venues, as seen on the map below. Because hundreds of people will be utilizing the internet and GPS at the same time during the event, two mobile antennae have been erected. However, since I did not stroll around the whole park on Saturday (21.05.2022), there might be a third and fourth antenna.

Berlin lies in the continental climatic zone, therefore the summers may be quite hot. Please bring sunscreen and a hat, as well as something salty to nibble on (yay electrolytes). The majority of the paths in the garden are paved or gravel, while others are cobble stone. Please wear sturdy shoes if you are unfamiliar with this kind of walk.

I’m guessing the meet-ups with content creators will take place at the outside stage. There was a tiny pavilion near the children’s waterpark section in the park’s west, between entry Tauernallee and Sangerhauser Weg, for the Johto Tour. However, I believe Niantic will reveal all official tent sites and such a couple of days before the Fest begins.

How to Join the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 at Berlin's Britzer Garten
Britzer Garten gyms and stops (marked area with red borders). Bookofquests provided the map.I hope this revised version of the How To Guide will assist you in navigating the Britzer Garten. If you have any questions, please ask them, and I will do my best to answer them.Please bear in mind that I am only a Pokemon Trainer that happens to live nearby. I do not work for/with Niantic or the Britzer Garten, but I have access to the same spawns, bonuses, and other information that you have. ​

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