Kommo-o #784

Evolution family

Kommo-o is part of a three-member family.


Jangmo-o Jangmo-o_shiny
#782 Jangmo-o

25 Jangmo-o_candy
#783 Hakamo-o
100 Jangmo-o_candy
#784 Kommo-o


  • Kommo-o was released at the start of Welcome to Alola on March 1st, 2022.
  • Kommo-o can be acquired by evolution only.

Best moveset for Kommo-o

When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, Kommo-greatest o’s moves are Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the finest for PVP encounters.


  Dragon Tail 16.4 dps
  Dragon Claw 35.3 dps


  Dragon Tail 16.4 dps
  Dragon Claw 35.3 dps


 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
  Poison Jab 10 8.8 12.5
  Dragon Tail 15 8.2 16.4
Main move Damage EPS DPS
  Flamethrower 70 -22.7 31.8
  Dragon Claw 50 -19.4 35.3
  Close Combat 100 -43.5 52.2

The green moves benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus and deliver 20% more damage.


Kommo-o is a bipedal reptile Pokémon with scaly armor. The majority of its body is gray, with some brighter gray regions and yellow and red patterns. It has a rounded, beak-like nose and tiny eyes that are almost buried behind its helmet armor. It has a light gray spot on the tip of its snout and a tiny, tooth-like spike on either side of its upper and lower jaws. An intricate scale arrangement covers the top of its skull. At the front of the headpiece is a yellow oval scale with a red heart at the base. A chain of four circular scales runs down each side of the front scale; the first three scales are red with yellow trim, and the final scale is plain yellow. From the rear of the headpiece, three further chains of simple yellow scales emerge. A line of overlapping scales runs down the front of its long neck: one solid gray at the top, three bigger gray ones with yellow rims, and one solid yellow scale at the bottom. Across its breast is a broad yellow stripe with a bulbous projection in the middle. Tufts of prickly, white feathers cover its shoulders, with little gray scales overlaying them. The tops of its arms are covered in four overlapping scales: three are gray with yellow edges, and the scales covering its hands are red with yellow borders.

Kommo-o has four scaly chains that stretch from right behind its shoulders and are all made up of four scales. The first two chains are formed of overlapping scales with a solid gray scale at the top and three scales with yellow borders below. The other two chains are made up entirely of solid grayscales and do not seem to overlap. The bottom portions of its legs are dark gray, and each knee has a faint gray marking. Its hands feature four golden claws, while its feet only have three. A broad line of slightly elevated, pale gray scales runs down its back to approximately halfway up its tapering tail. Three pairs of loose scales towards the tip of its tail expand in size as it approaches the tip. Each set consists of four independent scales that wrap the tail; the lowest two sets are bright yellow, while the group closest to the tip has gray centers. Its tail is light gray at the very tip.

After completing its rigorous training, Kommo-o returns to its homeland to guard Jangmo-o. However, it just keeps a distant eye on them. This Pokémon’s uppercut is powerful enough to knock opponents out, thus merely extending its arms may produce enough force to alter its surroundings. Legend has it that Kommo-gleaming o’s scales are designed to drive away a vast darkness. It is also stated that it seeks powerful opponents in order to gain strength in order to combat the darkness. [1] Its scales may be used as aggressive weapons as well as protective shields. It clangs its scales together when it detects someone coming since it does not want to combat weak adversaries. Weak or cowardly opponents will fear and escape as soon as they hear this sound.

Kommo-o is the only Pokémon known to be able to learn the moves Clanging Scales and Clangorous Soul. Kommo-o is also the only Pokémon known to be able to use the Z-Move Clangorous Soulblaze.