Trainers can obtain Experience Points in several ways. The listings below show those ways and the regular amount of XP gained in each.

GO Beyond has increased XP earned from many actions, making level up easier.[1][2] In addition, some XP values were increased due to other game element changes such as merge Raid Battle Tiers and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting XP quickly in Pokémon Go is helpful for completing Pokémon Go level requirements faster, particularly with the time-limited Legacy 40 Challenge and badge available.

Even if you’re just starting out, greater Trainer Levels will boost your chances of encountering higher CP Pokémon in the wild and enable you to improve their combat effectiveness.


Later trainer level prizes improve throughout time, becoming more valuable as your level increases, with more powerful Pokéballs, curatives, and other goods becoming accessible.


Finally, the higher your level, the sooner you’ll get access to new features. We’ve seen this twice before, with Raids and Friends first available only to a small group of higher-level players, and although they were eventually made available to the whole player population, it’s an added motivation to rack up as much XP as possible.


This article contains a list of XP sources in Pokémon Go, as well as several rapid XP ways, including adjustments made with the Season of Celebration update in December 2020.


If you hold a Lucky Egg, your XP earnings will be doubled for the following 30 minutes. You must utilize a Lucky Egg during a Double XP event to earn a 4x boost.

Double XP events have become increasingly rare in recent years (though evolution and catch specific double XP occur on a regular basis as part of Spotlight Hour), but if you can time some of the following activities – such as becoming Best Friends with another Trainer – alongside them, you can really maximize your gains.

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What about cheats? Can you outperform the Pokémon Go XP system?

Some users attempt to force-quit the Pokémon Go app as an evolution begins, hoping that their phone will reopen before the evolution animation ends.

Others attempt to utilize many phones at the same time to get multiple concurrent evolutions. That type of behavior, though, might result in your account being banned, so you’re better off accepting the massive amount of XP you can obtain properly and leaving it at that. While it may seem attractive to earn even a little more XP from your Lucky Eggs, there are lots of genuine methods to level up quickly without risking being banned from the game.

General experience

Experience gained through general gameplay.

XP Amount Description
1,000 Pokémon evolution.
Original value: 500
1,000 Registering a new Pokémon in the Pokédex. Possible while Catching Pokémon, Hatching Pokémon eggs or evolving Pokémon.
Original value: 500

Capture experience

Experience gained through capturing Pokémon.

XP Amount Bonus kind Description
100 Capture Capture of a Pokémon.
25 Flee Bonus when Pokémon fled while Trainer attempted to catch it in wild.
20 Nice Throw Bonus for capture of a Pokémon with Nice Throw.
Original value: 10
100 Great Throw Bonus for capture of a Pokémon with Great Throw.
Original value: 50
1,000 Excellent Throw Bonus for capture of a Pokémon with Excellent Throw.
Original value: 100
20 Curve Ball Bonus for capture of a Pokémon with Curve Ball.
Original value: 10
50 First Throw Bonus for capture of a Pokémon using only one Poké Ball without missing.
100 100th Pokémon Bonus for capture of every 100th Pokémon of the same species.
300 AR Capture Expert Handler bonus.
Original value: 100
1,500 First Catch of the Day Bonus for the first capture of a Pokémon of the day.
Original value: 500
6,000 Seven Days in a Row Catch Bonus for capture at least one Pokémon for seven days in a row.
Original value: 2,000

Hatching experience

Experience gained through hatching Pokémon Eggs.

XP Amount Description
500 Hatch of a Pokémon from a 2-km Egg.
Original value: 200
1,000 Hatch of a Pokémon from a 5-km Egg.
Original value: 500
1,500 Hatch of a Pokémon from a 7-km Egg.
Original value: 500
2,000 Hatch of a Pokémon from a 10-km Egg.
Original value: 1,000
4,000 Hatch of a Pokémon from a 12-km Egg.
Original value: 2,000

Spinning Photo Discs experience

Experience gained through spinning Photo Discs in PokéStops and Gyms.

XP Amount Description
100 Spinning a Photo Disc in a PokéStop.
Original value: 50
25 Spinning a Photo Disc in an enemy or neutral Gym without respective Gym Badge on at least Bronze level.
31 Spinning a Photo Disc in a friendly Gym without respective Gym Badge on at least Bronze level.
50 Spinning a Photo Disc in an enemy or neutral Gym with respective Bronze Gym Badge.
63 Spinning a Photo Disc in a friendly Gym with respective Bronze Gym Badge.
75 Spinning a Photo Disc in an enemy or neutral Gym with respective Silver Gym Badge.
94 Spinning a Photo Disc in a friendly Gym with respective Silver Gym Badge.
100 Spinning a Photo Disc in an enemy or neutral Gym with respective Gold Gym Badge.
125 Spinning a Photo Disc in a friendly Gym with respective Gold Gym Badge.
100 Bonus for spinning a Photo Discs in 10 unique PokéStops in under 30 minutes.
300 Bonus for spinning a Photo Discs in the completely new PokéStop (the one with white ring around it).
Original value: 250
500 Bonus for spinning a Photo Disc in a PokéStop or Gym for the first time of the day.
2,000 Bonus for spinning at least one Photo Disc in a PokéStop or Gym for seven days in a row.

Gym experience

Experience gained through interacting with Gyms.

XP Amount Description
1,000 Defeat the enemy Gym.
Original value: 100
300 Defeat of a Pokémon in the enemy Gym.
Original value: 100
150 Bonus for defeat of every Pokémon in the enemy Gym on the single attempt.
Original value: 50

Raid Battle experience

Experience gained through completing Raid Battles.

XP Amount Description
3,500 Defeat of a first-tier Raid Boss.
Original value: 3,000
5,000 Defeat of a third-tier Raid Boss.
Original value: 4,000
10,000 Defeat of a Legendary/Mega Raid Boss.
13,000 Defeat of a Mega Legendary Raid Boss.

Friends experience

Experience gained through Friends system.

XP Amount Description
200 Send a gift to another trainer.
3,000 Become Good Friend with another Trainer.
10,000 Become Great Friend with another trainer.
50,000 Become Ultra Friend with another trainer.
100,000 Become Best Friend with another trainer.


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Example of high amount of XP gained in single action

How to Get XP in Pokémon Go Quickly

Though not the ‘quickest,’ the ‘best’ approach is to level a Friend to Best Friend status, which nets you a whooping 100,000 XP.

Adding Friends, giving them presents, and then utilizing a Lucky Egg when turning Best Friends is the most effective method to get XP.
This takes some time – 90 days altogether – but since all it takes is trading Gifts back and forth everyday, it’s by far the most profitable XP source in the game.

Remember that you can double this to 200,000 XP with a Lucky Egg, and if you time it correctly, you can easily queue up numerous Best Friends to open their presents in a single Lucky Egg usage.

Aside from that, finishing a Tier 5 raid will award you 10,000 XP in the shortest amount of time. You may chain numerous Tier 5 Raids in a single session using Raid Hours, earning many times that, particularly with a Lucky Egg.

The issue with this strategy is that you need the assistance of other players. If you can, join a local Pokémon Go group – one that regularly plans Raid attendance around Raid Hours and other events – so you have other Trainers to assist you in completing Raids.

Otherwise, developing Pokémon one after the other while a Lucky Egg multiplier is active is a highly efficient way of collecting XP that may be done alone and at your leisure.

Weedles and other low Candy Pokémon are your way to quick XP.

Evolving a creature yields 500 XP, and if you have enough animals and Candy to develop them for a full 30 minutes, using a Lucky Egg may win you roughly 60,000 XP.

If you can time it with a Spotlight Hour, which provides double evolution XP, this may be improved even further – not to mention when utilizing a Pokémon Go Plus accessory, which allows you to spin a PokéStop or capture wild animals nearby without pausing evolution.

This approach involves some preparation, and the simplest way to do it is with common species like Pidgeys, Weedles, Caterpies, Wurmples, and Whismurs, which are all easy to catch and require a very tiny amount of Candy to develop – 12 instead of the normal 25, 50, or 100.

Catch as many first evolution animals as possible to get the most out of this approach, with each capture providing you Candy and a prospective monster to develop. Remember that you may receive more Candy by returning it to the Professor, but make sure you have enough to develop. Fortunately, there’s a useful online calculator called PidgeyCalc that will calculate how many you need to transfer in order to maximize your time, as well as how long it will take.

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Adding a new Pokémon to your Pokédex grants you 500 more XP.

Another time-saving method is to search for ‘evolution’ in your Pokémon list; the game will filter down every species you may evolve depending on the Candy you currently have. This will prevent you from having to look through your list while the Lucky Egg timer counts down.

It’s also a good idea to wait until you have a Lucky Egg to evolve anything new to your Pokédex. Each new Pokédex entry is worth 500 XP, thus doubling your XP.

You’ll be soaring through trainer levels faster than you think if you get into the habit of hunting after ordinary animals and storing them up for such evolution sprees.


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