Lotad Limited Research 2019 Event

Lotad Limited Research 2019 Event id Here!

Limited Research Day is still in what we would call the experimental phase. The new event debuted in Pokémon GO with a less-than-successful Feebas event, which developer Niantic Labs followed with a much more successful Clamperl event that simplified the research tasks and gave people a fair shot at getting a shiny. Today we return with Lotad, which will come in a shiny variant as usual and there’s a huge change to the start and end times. Here’s what you need to know, from start and end times to shiny Ludiculo and Castform.


This unique study day will span a whopping 9 hours, from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM in your time zone. As with Community Day, the timing will differ for each time zone rather than depending on where you are in broad geographical categories.

This should give folks plenty of time to perform a ton of research work, albeit on Clamperl Research Day, I believe I was able to finish around 70 tasks while playing diligently over the course of three hours. This event seems a bit different than Community Day, which I believe is an essential aim this time around. The shorter Community Day is more suited to holding parties and flooding gym-heavy locations, whilst this rather leisurely Limited Research Day should be better suited to investigating alone or with a buddy or two. It, in any case, seems more in accord with the notion of research.

The primary aim for this event, as usual, is to find shiny Lotad, which can be evolved into shining Lombre and Ludiculou. Regular Castform will also be accessible with higher shine rates, so you’ll be able to try that if the weather cooperates. Apart from that, if you’re a medal hunter, now is a fantastic time to work on your Pokémon Ranger medal.

Restricted Research is a nice time since it has a bit more organization than Community Day’s “get soon overwhelmed with event spawns” manner. I’d suggest going to the most Pokéstop-dense place you can locate to avoid running out. Note that each Pokéstop can only provide you one research job each day.

There’s a possibility you’ll also come across Shiny Castform.

Trainers, it seems that “Limited Research” events have become a new fixture in Pokemon Go. A third event will be happening later this month, after Feebas’ Restricted Research event in January and Clamperl’s event in February.

From 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time on March 30, players will be able to visit PokeStops to acquire unique Field Research assignments that will reward them with an encounter with Lotad when accomplished. Although the premise is identical to the previous two events, it’s worth noting that this event provides participants with a massive nine hours to collect Lotad’s Field Research tasks (the last two events lasted only three hours each).

Lotad is a Gen III Pokémon that originally appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, which were published on Game Boy Advance in North America in 2003. Lotad can be evolved into Lombre in Pokemon Go for 25 Lotad Candy, while Lombre may be evolved into Ludicolo for 100 Lotad Candy.

When players accomplish these Limited Research objectives, the Lotad they meet may be Shiny. Shiny Castform will also begin to appear in its Normal form. (There are four types of castform: normal, sunny, rainy, and snowy.) During this event, Pokemon that arrive “due to meteorological circumstances” will occur more often in the wild.

Lastly, when this event starts, a new fighting move for Castform, Weather Ball, will be introduced to the game permanently.

Before this event starts, keep in mind that you do not need to complete the Limited Research assignments within this event window to obtain a Lotad encounter. You may finish and turn in chores at any time as long as you’ve gathered them on your account; you’ll still earn a Lotad encounter when you do.


Lotad Limited Research 2019 event