Magmar Community Day in November 2020

Magmar Community Day is Here!


Niantic Labs, the developer of one of the most popular AR-based games, Pokemon GO, just completed a huge in-game event. In terms of specifics, the firm just completed its Electrabuzz Community Day, the first of two November Community Days. With the first day over, the firm is preparing for the second community day of the month. The second community day in November is known as Pokemon GO Magmar Day. It will provide players the opportunity to catch the rare Pokemon and learn a new move exclusive to the event. Check out more information on the second in-game community event, Pokemon GO Magmar Day, right here.

Pokemon GO Magmar Day, details

According to the specifications, the Pokemon GO Magmar Community Day event will take place on November 21. Magmar is a fire-type Pokemon that players will encounter more commonly in the wild. This will give Pokemon GO gamers plenty of chances to capture the Pokemon. Furthermore, with just 2km eggs, one will be able to hatch Magby, the infant version of Magmar. Niantic Labs also stated that players who successfully develop Magmar into Magmortar would get a unique move.

Further investigation reveals that completing this evolution “up to two hours” after the event finishes would grant Magmortar a “Thunderbolt” attack. The fascinating thing is that this move is only available to Electric-type Pokemon. This event is the sole chance for players to teach their evolved Magmar this electric-type attack. Furthermore, regardless of when it was captured, this move will be available to every Magmar that develops throughout the event. People that developed their Electrabuzz on the community day received the Flamethrower attack, which is similar to this move.

The Magmar Community Day will begin at 11 a.m. local time and will go until 5 p.m. This implies you have until 7 PM to develop your Magmar in order to earn the unique attack. Players will also get access to “No Match for Magmar,” an event-exclusive special research tale. The tickets to view this narrative may be purchased in-game for $1. The ticket grants players access to timed research and field research projects on Community Day.


The research missions will provide them the opportunity to acquire goodies such as Sinnoh Stones, which will aid them in developing Magmar into Magmortar. Other event-related benefits include cutting hatch distance in half, increasing incense duration to three hours, and a special Community Day package in the store.

Niantic, the creators of Pokemon Go, has revealed information about the game’s upcoming Community Day activities. While the studio usually only hosts one Community Day each month, there will be two different events in November 2020, both of which will feature the Gen 1 Pokemon Electabuzz and Magmar.

The inaugural Community Day, on Sunday, November 15, will feature Electabuzz. During the event, the Electric-type Pokemon will occur in the wild more often than usual, and you may meet a Shiny variant. Furthermore, every Electabuzz that evolves into Electivire during two hours of the Community Day will learn the Fire-type move Flamethrower.


During the November 15 Community Day, Niantic will give a special Special Research tale centered on the Electric Pokemon, in addition to increased Electabuzz spawns. As is customary, this narrative will need the purchase of a $1 USD virtual ticket. Any incense you burn on Community Day will likewise last three hours, and eggs will hatch at one-quarter the normal distance.

The following Saturday, November 21, will be the second Community Day. During this event, Magmar will occur in the wild more often than normal, and you’ll also have a chance to find a Shiny form. Furthermore, any Magmar you develop into Magmortar during two hours of the Community Day will learn the Electric-type attack Thunderbolt.


During the November 21 event, Niantic will present a special Special Research tale centered on Magmar, similar to the Electabuzz Community Day. Tickets for this will also be $1 USD. Throughout the event, the same perks will be accessible. Any Incense you use will last three hours, and eggs will hatch in a fraction of the time they typically do.

Both Community Days will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. More information on the events may be found on the official Pokemon Go website.

This isn’t the only thing Niantic has in store for Pokemon Go this month. Other November events for the game have been announced by the studio, including the return of Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, as well as special GrubHub and Verizon events.