Swablu Community Day in May 15, 2021

May Community Day in Pokemon Go is here. The event for this month is today, May 15, and it includes the beautiful Cotton Bird Pokemon Swablu. Not only will you have greater opportunities to capture Swablu during the Community Day, but Niantic will also add Mega Altaria to the game right after the event concludes. There will also be additional benefits to take advantage of, so to help you prepare, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about Pokemon Go’s May 2021 Community Day below.


Swablu Community Day : Get ready for Mega Altaria!

The next Pokemon Go Community Day will be held on May 15, 2021, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time.

During this event, Swablu will occur in the wild more often than usual, and you’ll have a chance to discover a Shiny one.

Swablu is a Normal and Flying-type Pokemon from the Pokemon universe’s third generation. Swablu may be evolved into Altaria in Pokemon Go by consuming 400 Swablu Candy.

Altaria will learn the move every time you develop Swablu into Altaria during this event or the two hours immediately after it. Moonblast

Furthermore, after this Community Day event concludes (at 5 p.m. local time on May 15), Mega Altaria will begin to emerge in Mega Raids.

You’ll be able to snap Snapshots of Pokemon during this Community Day event to score more Swablu encounters. If eggs are put in Incubators during this event, they will hatch after travelling 1/4 of the typical needed distance. Finally, when ignited during this event, Incense will last three hours rather than one.

During Swablu Community Day, there will be two options for spending real money. First, for 1,280 PokeCoins, a Community Day Box will be available for purchase. This package will include 50 Ultra Balls, 5 Super Incubators, 5 Incense, and an Elite Fast TM.

Following that, players will have the option of spending $1 on a ticket that grants them access to the “Cotton-Winged Bird” Special Research plotline. If you want to buy one of these tickets, bear in mind that PokeCoins cannot be used to do so. That is, these tickets can only be bought with actual money.

May 2021 Featured Pokemon: Swablu


Swablu, the pre-evolved version of Altaria, is this month’s featured Pokemon. Swablu will occur in the wild considerably more often than usual during the festival, making this an excellent time to stock up on Swablu Candy. You’ll want to take advantage of this opportunity while you can; Swablu, like Magikarp, takes 400 Candy to develop, so you’ll need to capture a lot of them if you want Altaria.

During the event, you may possibly come across Shiny Swablu. This variety is yellow rather than blue, so you’ll know if you’ve spotted one right away. It will be uncommon, like other Shiny Pokemon, but you will have a better chance of encountering one if you use an Incense during the event.

May’s Community Day Move: Moonblast

If you develop Swablu into Altaria during May’s Community Day, or up to two hours after the event concludes, it will learn the strong Fairy-type Charged Attack Moonblast. Altaria cannot ordinarily learn this attack in Pokemon Go, thus this is your only opportunity.

Moonblast is an important move for Altaria to know; as previously stated, Niantic is bringing Mega Altaria to the game immediately after the Community Day, and this form is part-Fairy, which means it gets an attack boost while using Fairy-type attacks like Moonblast. To Mega Evolve your own Altaria, you must first collect Altaria Mega Energy, which is generally obtained through fighting the Pokemon in Mega Raids.

May’s Community Day Hours

May’s Community Day will last six hours, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. This implies you have until 7 p.m. local time to develop Swablu into an Altaria capable of using Moonblast.


Other May Community Day Bonuses

In addition to enhanced Swablu spawns, Niantic is giving a paid Special Research tale called Cotton-Winged Bird for this month’s Community Day. A ticket to the Special Research costs $1 USD and gives you additional chances to capture Swablu.

During the occasion, Niantic is also offering a Community Day item bundle in Pokemon Go’s in-game store. The package costs 1,280 PokeCoins and includes the following items:

  • 50 Ultra Balls
  • 5 Super Incubators
  • 5 Incense
  • 1 Elite Fast TM

There will also be a few extra in-game perks. To begin, any Incense used during the event will be active for three hours. Furthermore, eggs placed in incubators will hatch in a fourth of the time normally required, allowing you to hatch Pokemon considerably faster during the event.

Swablu, the cloudy flying-type Pokémon, is the focus of May’s Community Day in Pokémon Go.

Swablu Community Day is on May 15 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in your time zone. Swablu will spawn in large numbers throughout the event duration, making them easier to spot and capture. Because Swablu need 400 Swablu Candy to develop into Altaria, this is an excellent opportunity to get that candy.

In addition to increased Swablu spawns, the Community Day will provide a benefit that reduces egg hatch distance to 14 when placed in an Incubator during the event.


Shiny and normal Swablu and Altaria. Shiny Swablu and Altaria are both golden instead of light blue.Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image: The Pokémon Company/Niantic

The Shiny rate for the featured Pokémon is increased during Community Day events, so if you’re playing, you should be able to discover multiple Shiny Swablu. If you don’t have time to spend all day playing, you may locate a Shiny Swablu by lighting an Incense and tapping each Swablu that appears. According to The Silph Road’s research, the Shiny rate on Community Days is roughly 1 in 25, therefore you should be able to locate a Shiny Swablu shortly.


To get the rare Community Day move, Moonblast, you must develop your Swablu between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. in your local time on May 15. (The evolution window has two more hours after Community Day finishes.)

If you miss the Community Day time, based on previous years, you should be able to develop your Swablu during the December Community Weekend event to get Moonblast. You may also utilize an Elite TM to teach Community Day-exclusive moves.


Altaria isn’t extremely good at PvE stuff like gyms and raids. It’s outclassed in both flying and dragon types, and its odd mix of fairy moves doesn’t help. When Mega Altaria is transformed, this alters somewhat since it can now withstand dragon-type attacks because to its newly acquired fairy-typing. While raiding, it will also increase other dragon and fairy-type moves. It’s still not the greatest, but if you have the Mega Energy to spare, it can fill a need.

Altaria is very excellent at PvP content in Great League. Its usage of Dragon Breath, which is very powerful, making it a nightmare to match up against.

swablu-community-day-shiny swablu-pokemon


If you don’t intend to use Mega Altaria, set it up with Dragon Breath and Dragon Pulse for PvE. If you want to use Mega Altaria in raids, equip it with Dragon Breath and Dazzling Gleam.

There’s some disagreement regarding where Moonbeam fits in the PvP meta, since it helps in specific matchups, but the popular thinking is that PvP Altaria should run Dragon Breath, Sky Attack, and Dazzling Gleam.