McDonald’s collaborates with Pokémon GO in France

The Pokémon World Championships have just ended, but the good times continue. If you like McDonald’s, play Pokémon Go, and live in France, you’re in luck since a new Niantic McCafe cooperation allows you to pause for a snack while still collecting more beautiful beasties. I Hope You Enjoy This McDonald’s collaborates with Pokémon GO in France.

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Yes, you read that correctly: a Pokémon Go McCafe partnership is in the works, and it will begin this month. As a result of this new cooperation, different McDonald’s restaurants around France are now pokéstops, while some McCafes are now arenas. As if eating a large delicious or a lot of nuggies wasn’t enough, you may now obtain some in-game goodies and extra Pokémon encounters as you eat.

Unfortunately, this one-of-a-kind collaboration is only available in France, and there is no indication on whether additional areas will be able to participate in the future. It’s similar to how London just received a’mon makeover, while in the US, a Pokémon Go Amazon Prime cooperation means that certain lockers now have Pikachus on them.

Trainers, beginning August 22, McDonald’sTM will join forces with Pokémon GO for an all-new experience!

As part of this collaboration, all participating McDonald’s outlets in France (more than 1600+ sites) will become PokéStops.

Furthermore, all McCafé sites will become Gyms, and regular raids will be held at particular times publicized by McDonalds at the McCafés.

According to the marketing department’s official blog post:

"Your favorite McDonald'sTM restaurants will be transformed into PokéStops, and McCafé® locations will be transformed into Gyms." Now you may have a wonderful lunch with your pals while still catching new Pokémon!"


Here’s an odd combination that has completely inflated the French trainers! Pokémon GO is now available solely at McDonald’s and McCafé locations in France. France’s residents are therefore quite fortunate, since they will be able to explore these new fighting zones in the country’s most popular fast-food restaurant.

Pokémon GO, the popular mobile version of the tale, has officially announced a partnership with the fast food company McDonald’s. Since yesterday, numerous McDonald’s and McCafé brands in France have become essential for trainers attempting to catch Pokémon. All McDonald’s restaurants have been converted into PokéStops, which enable you to recover game items like as eggs, incense, potions, and even Poke Balls.

At the same time, McCafés are not an exception to the norm. They will change in an arena, not a PokeStop: a venue where trainers may fight in 6-on-6 Pokémon battles. When a player defeats the occupant of the arena, he becomes the defense. Enough to keep many McDonald’s customers entertained.

McDonald’s has joined forces with Pokémon Go!

It’s official: all McDonald’s restaurants will become PokéStops for a year, while those with a McCafé area will become Arenas. Something to excite Pokémon GO gamers, who will now be able to capture little critters and discover things while still fighting and/or interacting with other players at the table.

The news elicited a lot of pleasure from French coaches and a lot of envy from foreign players on social media. Nobody knows if the gadget will be expanded outside France in the future months. Meanwhile, we’ll enjoy it anyway!

Pokémon GO huge partnership with McDonalds
Pokémon GO huge partnership with McDonalds

Raids at McCafe’s

A special event will begin on September 13 at restaurants that have a McCafé. This strategy is also part of the cooperation between Pokémon GO and McDonalds, and it promises gamers a lot of fun. Trainers will discover the Raid by McCafé for a week: “A week to battle a very strong and rare Pokémon on the spot and as a team.”

Of course, the identity of the Pokémon in issue has been kept hidden in order to keep game fans guessing until September 13th. Three more McCafé Raids will take place during the course of the cooperation, which is one year! We assume that a new powerful Pokémon will arrive each time, and gamers will be able to capture it.

Dear Trainers, here is a fantastic chance not just to capture new (and quite strong) Pokémon, but also to meet other gamers. We will, without a doubt, be present for the Raids!