Melmetal #809

 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
 Thunder Shock 5 13.3 8.3
Main move Damage EPS DPS
 Hyper Beam 150 -26.3 39.5
 Flash Cannon 100 -37 44.4
 Rock Slide 80 -18.5 29.6
 Thunderbolt 80 -20 32
 Superpower 85 -16.7 28.3

The green moves benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus and deliver 20% more damage.


Melmetal is a big, silver Pokémon with a humanoid form made entirely of liquid metal. Many dark-gray hexagonal nuts are inserted or connected to its body: one around each shoulder, one in each hand, one in each foot, and a little light gray one in the middle of its torso. A enormous golden hexagonal nut wraps around its neck, while a smaller one serves as its head. A little, dark gray spherical, maybe ocellated, floats in its head. It has a little red tail that looks like an electrical wire.

Melmetal is a Pokémon that has resurrected after 3,000 years. It was adored in ancient times for its power to generate metal from nothing. Melmetal resided in a remote place deep inside a woodland terrain full of sedimentary rocks rich in magnetite, according to Professor Willow, and its shed metal was utilized by ancient humans to construct unique metal implements. Evolution has toughened its body, making it exceedingly strong. It is, however, still liquid and has considerable elasticity, notably in its massive hex nut arms.  Melmetal uses centrifugal force on its arms to deliver the heaviest blows of any Pokémon. When it fights, the nuts that round its arms fall down, as though to strengthen its fists.  Melmetal is claimed to be formed when a powerful Meltan absorbs the group with whom it lives in order to develop. Melmetal will rust and divide into many Meltan from the little fragments left behind when it approaches the end of its existence.

As Gigantamax Melmetal, it transforms into a gigantic cyclopean behemoth, as legend has it. The dark-gray hexagonal nuts have now been inserted as five fingers for its hands, two for its feet, two under the shoulder, and two linking the shoulder to a giant golden nut in the middle of its chest. It has a silver hexagonal nut on its abdomen and a huge red tail that looks like an electrical line behind it. The head is formed like a knight’s helmet, and it is surrounded by three crimson clouds. A tiny golden hexagonal nut is within, with a blazing red and gray sphere floating in the middle.

Melmetal, in its Gigantamax form, can utilize its elastic and flexible body to strike blows on adversaries while maintaining its distance. It can construct enormous fists for an even larger hit by bringing the hex nuts on its fists together. Gigantamax Melmetal’s belly can emit massive electric beams capable of vaporizing opponents and even a whole hill. The movement of liquid metal housed in Gigantamax Melmetal’s body generates power.

Melmetal is the only Pokémon known to be able to learn the move Double Iron Bash.

The only known Pokémon capable of utilizing the G-Max Move G-Max Meltdown is Gigantamax Melmetal.


Evolution family

Melmetal is part of a two-member family.


Meltan   Meltan_shiny
#808 Meltan

400 Meltan_candy
#809 Melmetal


  • Melmetal was released along with the release of Mystery Box on November 14th, 2018.Shiny_Pokemon_icon
  • Shiny form of Melmetal was released on February 5th, 2019.
  • Melmetal can be acquired by evolution only.