Melmetal temporarily removed from GO Battle League due to move bug

Due to a new issue in the Pokémon Go Battle League, Niantic has temporarily removed Meltan and Melmetal from the available Pokémon pool.

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This decision was taken in response to complaints of a visual mistake occurring when Melmetal was engaged in GBL engagements.

Niantic observed that in certain situations, Melmetal activating a Charge Attack that adds an extra effect or modifies stats during a GBL fight caused both players’ Charge Attack and Switch buttons to vanish. This would force the combat to halt and each side to be unable to act.

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Melmetal BUG TWEET HERE:[ps2id id=’Melmetal BUG TWEET HERE:’ target=”/]

r/TheSilphRoad - New bug in 0.209: during battles (especially in GBL master) the charge move buttons randomly disappear and the pokemon freezes. You can only press the forfeit button or restart the game (and lose).

This mistake was uncovered in the Master League, where Melmetal is a popular Pokémon. One gamer said that the problem occurred three times in a row while utilizing the Charge Move, Superpower.

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The engineers are attempting to correct the problem, and the job may already be done, according to data-mining organization PokeMiners. This is due to the release of an upgrade for Melmetal and Meltan’s 3D models.

Other reports have started coming in, claiming that this might be a wider GBL issue and not just something to do with Melmetal. But Niantic has not made a statement about that at this time.

Update May 21 8:05pm CT: Niantic have resolved the GBL issues and unbanned Melmetal.

This implies that players should have no problems and may utilize Melmetal again in GBL. Any future modifications or upgrades will be noted on the Pokémon Go known issues page.