Pidgey #016


Pidgey is a tiny bird Pokémon with a chubby body. It has a brown body and a cream-colored face, underbelly, and flying feathers. A small crest of three tufts protrudes from the top of its skull. The crest feathers in the middle are brown, while the outside two tufts are cream-colored. Its tiny eyes contain white sclera and pupils, as well as black irises, and are located just behind its crest. Angular black marks spread from beneath its eyes down its cheekbones. It has a small, stubby beak and feet with two front toes and one rear toe. Its beak and foot are both grayish-pink. It has three feathers on its short brown tail.

Pidgey has a keen sense of direction and instinctive homing abilities. It has the ability to return to its nest regardless of how far they have flown. It is a gentle Pokémon that likes to run from its opponents rather than combat them. To defend itself and flush out prospective prey, it can whip up dust clouds and produce whirlwinds by quickly flapping its wings. Feather Dance was Generation III’s trademark move. Pidgey is found across its range and is often observed in meadows and temperate woodlands. Pidgey’s natural predators are Ekans and Sneasel. Pidgey hunts Seedot.

Evolution family

Pidgey is part of a three-member family.

Regular Version


Pidgey Pidgey #016 pidgey
#016 Pidgey

12 Pidgey candy Pidgey #016 pidgey
Pidgeotto Pidgey #016 pidgey
#017 Pidgeotto
50 Pidgey candy Pidgey #016 pidgey
Pidgeot Pidgey #016 pidgey
#018 Pidgeot
100Pidgeot mega energy Pidgey #016 pidgey
Pidgeot mega Pidgey #016 pidgey
Mega Pidgeot


Shiny Version



Pidgey shiny Pidgey #016 pidgey
#016 Pidgey

12 Pidgey candy Pidgey #016 pidgey
Pidgeotto shiny Pidgey #016 pidgey
#017 Pidgeotto
50 Pidgey candy Pidgey #016 pidgey
Pidgeot shiny Pidgey #016 pidgey
#018 Pidgeot
100Pidgeot mega energy Pidgey #016 pidgey
Pidgeot mega shiny Pidgey #016 pidgey
Mega Pidgeot


  • Pidgey was released along with the game launch on July 6th, 2016.
  • Shiny_Pokemon_icon Shiny form of Pidgey was released at the start of Pokémon Day 2019 on February 26th, 2019.
Method Maximum CP Details

(weather boosted)
In wild since 2016 Jul 6Increased spawns in:
Kanto Celebration Event: 2021 Feb 21 – 27 (Incense-only)
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto: 2021 Feb 20
4th Anniversary: 2020 Jul 3 – 8
Pokémon Spotlight Hour: 2020 Apr 28
A Drive to Investigate: 2020 Mar 20 – 23
Pokémon GO Fest 2019 Yokohama: Aug 6 – 12
388 Increased chance/Previously in:
2-km – 4th Anniversary: 2020 Jul 3 – 8
2-km – 2016 Jul 6 – Nov 3
Research tasks
291 Field Research:
Catch 5 Pokémon: 2022 Feb
Use 4 Berries to help catch Pokémon: 4th Anniversary
Evolve a Pokémon: 2019 May – Aug


The Pokemon Pidgey is one of the many capturable monsters in Pokemon Go.

#016 Pidgey Info

Type Candy Needed to Evolve
Normal/Flying 12 Pidgey Candy

Combat Moves

When in battle, touch the screen to attack with combat moves, and the Pokemon will release their attacks as quickly as they can. Attacks that are repeated will fill the bars on their specific meter. When any or all of the bars are full, press and hold the screen for a few seconds to unleash a special move.
Possible Attack Moves
Name Type Damage
Quick Attack Normal 8
Tackle Normal 5
Possible Special Moves
Name Type Damage Number of Special Bars
Twister Dragon 45 3
Air Cutter Flying 60 3
Aerial Ace Flying 55 2
  • Evolves Into: Pidgeotto

Image Gallery

Pokemon Pidgey is the 16th generation Pokemon in the Pokedex… He dwells in the Kanto area and is a Pokémon of the normal and flying types. Pidgey transforms into pidgeotto after eating 12 sweets.

Bird Pokémon have excellent senses of direction. He can obviously return to his nest no matter how far away he is from his typical habitat.

Parameters and characteristics of Pokémon Pidgey

Max PC 769
Attack 85
Defense 73
Stamina 120

How to find and catch Pidgey’s Pokémon?

Pokémon Pidgey may be found around residential structures, schools and colleges, and parking lots.

Pokemon Pidgey is the most common and spawns often, thus obtaining one is not difficult. Sometimes encountered during raids and field investigations.

 Best moveset for Pidgey

When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, Pidgey’s greatest moves are Quick Attack and Aerial Ace. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the finest for PVP encounters.


  Quick Attack 12 dps
  Aerial Ace 27.5 dps


  Quick Attack 12 dps
  Aerial Ace 27.5 dps


 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
  Quick Attack 8 12.5 12
  Tackle 5 10 12
Main move Damage EPS DPS
  Twister 45 -11.8 16.1
  Aerial Ace 55 -13.8 27.5
  Air Cutter 60 -18.5 26.7

The moves highlighted in green benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus, and deal 20% more damage.

What counters Pidgey?

Pidgey is a Normal/Flying type Pokémon, which makes it weak against RockElectric and Ice moves.

The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Pidgey are:

  • Darmanitan (Galarian Zen),
  • Xurkitree,
  • Thundurus (Therian),
  • Zekrom,
  • Rampardos.