Pikachu Outbreak 2017 Event

pikachu outbreak yokohama japan parade Pikachu Outbreak 2017 Event Pikachu Outbreak 2017 Event

Official information on Pokémon GO’s highly anticipated Pikachu Outbreak 2017 event in Yokohama, Japan, has been released:

During a week in August, nearly 1,500 Pikachu from Pokémon fame will appear all throughout Yokohama for different events and parades! This year, the other Pokémon characters will also be present at the festivities. Not to mention the largest-ever “Pikachu Carnival Parade” on Nihon Odori Avenue on August 14. Around 100 Pikachu will be paraded by the dancers and performers to a Latin rhythm! Pikachu will jack the whole city from land, sea, and sky! This summer, Yokohama will be transformed into a magnificent picturesque city!

Date: Monday, August 14th, 2017
Nihon Odori Avenue is the location (Nihon Odori Station, 5 min. walk from Kannai Station)

In the Minato Mirai region, about 1,500 Pikachus dance and march! Pikachus arrive and dance at Queens Square, Landmark Plaza, Nippon Maru, Redbrick Warehouse, and other locations! There will also be a “Dripping Wet Splash Show” at Yokohama Redbrick Warehouse.
Dates: August 9th (Wednesday) through August 15th (Tuesday), 2017.
Yokohama Redbrick Warehouse and different facilities in the Minato Mirai neighborhood will serve as the venue.


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Pokemon Go’s Japan-only Pikachu Outbreak event drew 2 million participants over the course of seven days, with over 120 million Pokémon captured.



After the Yokohama event, which debuted new Shiny Pokemon and the long-awaited Mewtwo, Niantic released information about it.

The event, held in Yokohama, transformed kilometers of real-life locations into Pokemon Go Park, culminating with thousands of trainers battling at Pokemon Go Stadium, seeking to catch Mewtwo against a background of fireworks and gigantic Pokemon projections.


Pikachu Outbreak 2017 Event pokemon go

Niantic told IGN that it has learnt from the errors of its disastrous Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago.


All Japanese network carriers were notified in advance of the event, and servers were segregated throughout the Mewtwo Raid climax to ensure that gamers received their award. The manner Pokemon were produced across Yokohama also encouraged players to wander about rather than remain in one spot.

It will ideally set the bar for the numerous real-world events still planned to take place this year.

The term “virtual reality” refers to the process of creating a virtual reality experience. It started in 2014 and is conducted yearly. The procession of Pikachus dancing and marching along Nihon Odori avenue was what made this event memorable. Before we go into it, keep in mind that many programs are conducted at various venues across Yokohama over this 6-day period. These are some of the activities available during the Pikachu Outbreak Event.


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If there was ever a moment to return to Pokémon Go, it was during the Pikachu Outbreak. After the game’s debut last year, the excitement has waned. Nonetheless, these are event-specific occasions when uncommon Pokémon, like as Pidgey and Rattata, arrive regularly. The highlight (if you were fortunate enough to get in) was the Pokémon Go Stadium, where players got the opportunity to capture a Mewtwo. There were two specified sites near the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse where uncommon Pokémon might be caught. One section centered on Kanto, the other on Johto, although both held the possibility of seeing a Mr. Mime. If you’ve traveled to Japan and haven’t been able to capture a Farfetch’d, coming to the Pikachu Outbreak is your best bet (personally I caught 6 of them).


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Besides from the procession, there were numerous stages where you could view Pikachu performances. Landmark Plaza, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama World Porters, Queen’s Square, and Nippon Maru Memorial Park hosted the stages. Each location had a different theme for their performances, but if the weather was bad, the outside ones would be canceled. During various times of the day, there was a boat full of Pikachus on the river path between the Nippon Maru Memorial Park to the Cupnoodles Museum Park. It is best to attend early or wait for the next performance for a greater chance of getting decent seats. You may see the show from a higher height in the Landmark Plaza. During the epidemic, there were over 1000 Pikachus.


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If you attend the event, you should not pass up the opportunity to get some Pikachu merchandise. The things were not in poor supply, but the queues to pay for them took up a significant portion of your time. The Pikachu caps and random figurine boxes were the most popular. There were a lot of Pikachu plushies, and many people purchased the Pikachu tail smartphone strap. There were pop-up stores in several locations, but the Yokohama Pokémon Center was located at the Landmark Plaza. The Pokémon Go Plus and Pikachu power pack were less expensive in the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. If you acquire the Yokohama Minatomirai Pass, specific products become accessible at select railway stops. Goods were available for purchase even at the Hotel Navios Yokohama.


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Pikachu Outbreak 2017



The Pikachu Carnival Parade took place from 4pm to 5pm on a single day. Coming two hours before the start time ensures a front-row seat. The march took place on Nihon Odori Avenue, which was blocked to traffic. Several Pikachus will be dancing with artists to cheerful music throughout this stretch of road. A group of performers will stop in front of your area closer to the start time and show you some motions to follow when the time comes. Like forming your hands into Pikachu shapes and alternating them in the air while yelling “pika.” For the procession, all of the organizations marched along both sides of the street until they came to a halt. After they stopped, it was non-stop Pikachu dancing in front of you. The usual Pikachu suit performers tossed streamers towards the audience at the conclusion.


Pikachu Outbreak 2017 Event