Pokémon GO Park 2017 Event

Thousands of trainers are expected to converge on Chicago’s Grant Park today for the Pokémon GO Park 2017, the first of the augmented reality game’s large-scale real-life events, Pokémon GO Fest. There’s a lot going on in Chicago, but the celebrations aren’t restricted to those who are physically there. There are still ways for everyone else to partake in the celebrations, even if you have to wait until tomorrow for a chance at Legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Park 2017 Event is Here!


Pokémon GO Park 2017

The day is interrupted by a series of “catch challenges,” which imply something different depending on where you are. People at Grant Park are in charge of deciding what kind of benefits trainers would get after the event. It has to do with the Pokémon that those trainers choose to catch: Leaf-type for Stardust bonuses, Fire-type for confectionery bonuses, and so on. If I had to guess, I’d assume the Grant Park high-level trainers would prioritize Stardust.


Others, on the other hand, are charged with collecting as many Pokémon as possible in order to decide how long those advantages will stay. Although we don’t know how many Pokémon will be necessary to earn bronze, silver, and gold levels, trainers all across the globe are preparing to collect as many as they can during the catch periods.

If you’re not in Chicago, check out your local Pokémon GO clubs to see if they have anything planned. I’m seeing mini-fests planned all across the nation where people plan to set up near many Pokéstops and drop lures, which has traditionally been the greatest technique to capture as many catches as possible. You’re unlikely to obtain anything other than the standard set of Normal-type Pokémon, but you can be comfortable that you’re contributing.

The catch windows are all in the same time zone. These are 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM, 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM, and 3 PM to 3:30 PM. is fantastic since we’ll be documenting the outcomes of each one.


Pokémon GO has had a number of concerns in the past with providing a better game to folks in certain areas over others, so it’s prudent to ensure that the inaugural Pokémon GO Fest is both a local and worldwide event. The catch challenges are a brilliant approach to make this seem like a really global event while also delivering something unique to the locals. As an aside, it’s a great chance to market lures to all those folks organizing mini-fests in their hometowns. Niantic has been more adept at this in recent months.

Since the Park event takes place during the yearly Pikachu Outbreak, all laws and restrictions apply to guests. Remember that Japan has a stringent culture when it comes to live events and large gatherings in parks.

Remember to visit Tokyo while you’re in Japan; we have a fantastic Pokémon GO travel guide for you: A Tourist’s Guide to Pokémon Go in Tokyo.

Questions & Answers about Pokémon GO Park

Will there be more regional Pokémon at the Park event?
Except for Mr. Mime, nothing has been officially stated. Often, events like this include just one regional exclusive: Heracross at GO Fest, Kangaskhan at European Safari Zones. We do not anticipate more than one regional species.

Do the Unowns caught during the Pokémon GO Park event make up a special sentence?
No, not at all. It is particularly bad given that Unown misspelled CHICAGO on GO Fest and EUROPE during the Safari Zones.