Pokémon GO Safari Zone Dortmund 2018 Event

The first of three significant Pokémon GO occasions is going on now, German city of Dortmund has a safari zone. This is proving to be so well-liked that, surprise, it’s crashing the game, much as it did at the 2017 Pokémon GO Fest. If you go, a kindly recommendation is to avoid using incense since it seems to be a crash trigger that will prevent you from entering and damage your game.

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Dortmund 2018 is Here!

This event is a component of Pokémon GO’s months-long Global Research Challenge, where participants are given goals throughout each event to attempt to earn rewards both locally and worldwide.

The people of Dortmund and the Asia-Pacific area have already contributed in some measure. Together, the Safari Zone visitors accomplished 50,000 research assignments, unlocking 3x catch XP worldwide. Five million research jobs have now been completed in Asia by gamers, extending the lifespan of luck eggs to one hour.

America’s turn is now. Well, the Americas. It’s time to start looking for information and finishing your own study projects if you reside in North, South, or Central America and are just waking up right now.

We must also perform 5 million chores by ourselves, which shouldn’t be too hard in a game with 145 million active users. Asia almost achieved their aim after 30 minutes. We should achieve all of these global objectives if less than 5% of the player community even completes one research activity. So take action now. If The Americas succeed in reaching their objective, they will get additional hatch XP. It’s extra raid XP if Europe or Africa hits it.

Pokemon GO


What are these aims’ ultimate goals? Even if players haven’t yet completed all the objectives, it would be a major unlock on July 7 that Niantic has ostensibly already announced.

From what I can tell,

If all objectives are accomplished, Articuno will return as a raid boss for a three-hour period on July 7. Articuno will also have the opportunity to be shiny during this time.

That may seem a little pointless on the surface, but considering how Pokémon GO Community Day works with its three-hour super-spawns, I venture to guess that we may experience something extreme, such as all raids being Articunos for that three-hour period and a significantly higher chance of being shiny than usual.

If true, the reward would really be rather good. And if this is the unlock, I predict that Zapdos and Moltres, along with their shiny versions, will be the other two unlocks for the GO Fest in Chicago and the other Safari Zone in Japan. I’m unsure of what the “ultra” unlock will be after this is over. Shiny…Mewtwo?

So that the gamers in Dortmund may keep enjoying the event, I hope the server troubles there are fixed. It’s time to go to work in America to ensure that we unlock this Articuno, although to be quite honest, I don’t believe it will be all that hard. Happy searching.

Safari Zone was a free event that took place in Dortmund’s enormous and picturesque Westfalenpark and then spread throughout the entire inner city, but due to the associated travel and lodging costs for attendees (the entire city was booked up), Niantic was under pressure to produce an event free of the widespread technical issues that marred Chicago last year.

It had a full year to make an assessment, and the additional amenities, such as mobile cell towers for greater coverage and wireless internet hotspots, were visible throughout the park. Nevertheless, things did not proceed as expected as players dribbled onto the park from long lines.

A significant issue in Pokémon Go’s game code appeared just before noon when network connectivity in certain parts of the park started to indicate the presence of the 50,000 players who had soon reached the site’s maximum capacity. Anybody using Incense, a costly item purchased to increase the number of Pokémon around, was barred from entering. They stayed like way for up to five hours. Regular broadcasts over the tannoys informed players that Niantic was aware of the problem and that those, like me, who could still play patchily, would have better luck in Dortmund’s downtown.

img 8042 Pokémon GO Safari Zone Dortmund 2018 Event Pokémon GO Safari Zone Dortmund 2018
People queued from early in the morning to enter Westfalenpark.
While Niantic has always intended to utilize the all of downtown Dortmund, Westfalenpark had also received significant promotion. To put it mildly, telling the groups of players from Cambridge and London to leave the area they had waited hours to enter was confusing for them.They had waited in line at the park gates from 3am and 6am, respectively. On Saturday afternoon, things were still shaky outside the park. I chatted with incensed players from Germany, Mexico, Scotland, and Belgium who had traveled from Belgium while suffering from the Incense bug and had spent the night in her vehicle.

But then, amazingly, at approximately 4pm, Niantic discovered a cure for the Incense problem, and the network problems subsided as people were better dispersed across Dortmund’s city center and some had probably gone home for the day.

Thousands of gamers roamed the streets and paused to pick through their catches in its squares as perplexed people watched. I’ve never seen that many valuable Pokémon in one place, and the players I was traveling with, who were all from Brighton, made it plain that Niantic had increased the rate of encounters for the very uncommon Shiny Pokémon variations. The atmosphere immediately improved, and I ended up playing until after 10 p.m. while enjoying the company of others who were also doing the same thing.

img 8058 Pokémon GO Safari Zone Dortmund 2018 Event Pokémon GO Safari Zone Dortmund 2018

Team lounges had colour-coded benches so you could show your in-game team allegiance.

Day two provided little more than the occasional network hiccup, which necessitated restarting the game while the masses rushed into the city once again. By discreetly opening its gates early to those who had arrived, Niantic handled lines at Westfalenpark, making it simple access by the time I arrived.

Now that WiFi was being promoted, the park’s whole area was accessible. The same spawns were accessible across the city, enabling players to disperse, as they had now come to understand through experience. I spoke with players from Wales, Oxford, and London until I had to leave in the early afternoon. They were all playing well. Why wasn’t it like this from the start?

The problems from Saturday had ruined the first day, and many couldn’t believe Niantic had put on another event that hadn’t gone as planned. In spite of the legitimate complaints, the event never reached the stage-heckling lows of Chicago.

Last weekend was scorchingly hot in Dortmund. Westfalenpark was packed with players enjoying the weather on bean bags in the shade and beneath the big team-colored tents, maintaining a rock festival vibe throughout the whole tournament.

Several attendees were dressed for the event and proudly donned their complimentary Pikachu headbands. The frequent, loud cries of “Shiny!” were the same in all languages, it seemed. As attractive the cosplayer in the complete furry Squirtle costume may have been, God bless him for asking for “ein euro” in exchange for a picture. Under such conditions, man, you deserve it.

img 8084 Pokémon GO Safari Zone Dortmund 2018 Event Pokémon GO Safari Zone Dortmund 2018
Westfalenpark on day two was noticeably more serene.

I like Pokémon Go for its surreal, distinctive social interaction moments. Not the bunch of individuals huddled around, passively looking at their phones, but rather the families, couples, and retired individuals playing together. I had many of similar conversations over the weekend. I recall the Margate family who parked in the nearby disability area with their mother in a wheelchair. Their children were having a blast. The Nebraskan group that traveled particularly for the occasion.

The lads from Norwich, where I grew up, who took an overnight boat after renting a bus and proudly wore PoGo Norwich and their trainer names on their custom designed T-shirts. The East Grinstead pair who often play with their dog, who has his own account and participates while sporting a Go-tcha auto-catch gadget on his collar. After a false report of a rare spawn, there was a stampede of spectators from one side of the park to the other, requiring a hasty tannoy statement that “there was nothing behind the stage!”

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Dortmund 2018
Dortmund streets turned into a hive of Pokémon players, after word of a rare spawn nearby.

I left Dortmund with my Pokémon Go account full to the brim, sunburned, fatigued, and memories of these individuals, moments, and everything that went well starting on Saturday. Little stampedes were occurring on the way to the station as people screamed about a high-level Pokémon that was nearby. While I had a lot of questions for Niantic’s leader John Hanke during an interview on the second day, watch for it to be posted online shortly. Niantic must perform given that Pokémon Go’s even greater return to Chicago is coming up in less than two weeks.