Pokémon GO Safari Zone Europe 2017

The Pokémon Company International and Niantic have now announced the dates and venues for the Pokémon GO Safari Zone Event.


This event will take place all around the world at the same time. Trainers in the EU will be able to join forces in seven cities to collect rare Pokémon and take on tough raid monsters. On August 5, these Safari activities will be held in various Unibail Rodamco retail complexes in Copenhagen and Prague. On August 12, they will be in Stockholm and Amsterdam, and on September 16, they will be in Oberhausen, Paris, and Barcelona. There will also be separate lounges where attendees may recharge their gadgets and other amenities.

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Europe 2017 is Here!


There will be a Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama, Japan between August 9 and August 14 as well. More information about the Safari events is available here.


Niantic has informed in an update article describing Pokémon GO’s planned European Safari Zone events that the first two events slated for early August will now be postponed until the Autumn / Fall season. Originally scheduled on August 5th (Copenhagen and Prague) and August 12th (Stockholm and Amsterdam), the two meetups promised a “broad variety” of Pokémon from Kanto and Johto, including certain Pokémon coming in Europe for the first time. A specific replacement date has yet to be determined.

Niantic is presently dealing with the fallout from connection troubles during Pokémon GO Fest last weekend, so it may be attempting to strengthen its infrastructure. Gamers had difficulty getting into the app, and there has been much criticism, however several participants have spoken out in defense of the positive aspects of the massive Chicago event.

Additional European events (16th September in France, Spain, and Germany), as well as an event in Yokohama, Japan on 14th August, are unaffected.

Ultimately, Niantic has revealed that non-European Pokémon will begin to emerge in “certain” European towns. Any new information on their whereabouts will be posted here.

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