Pokémon GO Safari Zone Tainan 2018 Event

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Tainan 2018 Event is Here!

Even though the weather is becoming cooler, Pokémon trainers continue to congregate outside to capture a ton of beautiful tiny fighting animals. Pokémon Go Safari Zone is coming to Tainan next month, giving Taiwan-based gamers the opportunity to complete their Pokédex.

taiwan safari zone 3 Pokémon GO Safari Zone Tainan 2018 Event Pokémon GO Safari Zone Tainan 2018

Taiwan’s Tainan will be transformed into a pokémon trainer’s playground from Thursday, November 1 to Monday, November 5 as recently revealed on the official blog of development company Niantic.

Like previous Safari Zone events, this one will include a central center where people may congregate and capture Pokemon together. This time, the venue will be the Chimel Museum and Tainan Metropolitan Park. It’s fair to expect that this event will be as well-attended as previous ones, which drew thousands of attendees.

Players may anticipate seeing rarer Pokémon in addition to the usual assortment that can be found in Taiwan’s oldest metropolis. Ancient rock/water type Relicanth and physic type Pokémon from generation 6 are among those that will be possible to capture in the wild. Unknown from the previous iterations of Pokémon, Gold and Silver. Also, there will be a chance to snag a rare shining Pinsir to cap it all off.

Now, iOS and Android users may download Pokémon Go.

The first of five days of the Safari Zone event in Tainan, Taiwan, began today, and already there is a great deal of curiosity.

The Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in Tainan will be open from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM on November 1–5. The Tainan Metropolitan Park and the Chimel Museum are the two primary locations where the event will take place, in addition to 30 smaller locations around.

Participants will have the chance to meet Shiny Pinsir, Unown Pokemon, and uncommon (rare in Taiwan) Pokemon during the course of the five-day event.

The event is free, and participants will get a discount of NT$150 off of general admission to the Chimei Museum, where a “limited flash display” will be presented and where parents and kids will be able to snap pictures of the animal hall for the first time. In addition, 20,000 Pikachu hats will be distributed by Tainan Metropolitan Park and the Chimei Museum.

The fact that Tainan’s hotels are completely filled up is really intriguing (which never happened before). At the Pokemon Go Safari Zone event, the Mayor and the Tourist Bureau anticipate around 200,000 gamers.

See a few images from the occasion below.

taiwan safari zone 1 Pokémon GO Safari Zone Tainan 2018 Event Pokémon GO Safari Zone Tainan 2018
Credit: Kevorsen
Pokémon GO Safari Zone Tainan 2018 Event
Credit: Li Enci

Pokemon Go is dead they say! They are wrong, I say!