Pokémon GO Week in Korea 2018 Event

Pokémon GO Week in Korea 2018 Event is Here!

Pokémon GO Week in Korea 2018 Event

Let’s GO with Pokémon is the official name of this year’s Pokémon Festa, which was only just confirmed by The Pokémon Company. The current dates are September 14–September 28 in Seoul, South Korea. Suwoong Cheong’s Metagross will be given in the Lotte Department Store in Seoul from September 15 to September 26. The offered Pokémon has the skills Stomping Tantrum, Ice Punch, Iron Head, and Bullet Punch and is level 50.

At the 2018 Pokémon Festa, Jamsil will offer the official Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). From September 17 to September 25 in South Korea, a new Pokémon GO Week event including Tropius, Trapinch, Shellder, Unown, Feebas, Aerodactyl and other uncommon Pokémon spawns and unique activities will take place in conjunction with Pokémon Festa 2018.

GO with POKÉMON, everyone! important dates and events

Pokemon Card Game School: 2018; Pokémon Pop-up shop in Jamsil: 09.14 (Fri) – 26 (Wed); Lotte Department Store Jamsil Branch World St.

  • Department of Department Store Sleeping Center Cultural Center, open from 9.15 on Saturday to 16 on Sunday (12 f)
  • Pokémon stamps will be available in the Jamsil Lotte World Mall and Lotte Department Store from September 21 to September 22.
  • Pikachu Parade and Meet-and-Greet Dates: September 22 (Saturday) and September 25 (Tuesday), Admission: Lotte Department Store in Jamsil

※ The aforementioned timetable and information may be modified based on the needs of the department store.

A special Pokémon GO Week is underway in South Korea! This special week will feature Tropius and Unown encounters for all of the Trainers that attend the event!

According to an announcement from Pokémon GO, A unique Pokémon GO Week has been organized in South Korea by Pokémon Korea, Inc. This occasion began on September 14 and will go through September 26.

The Pokémon Festa, also known as the Pokémon GO Week in South Korea, will see an uptick in Pokémon sightings throughout the whole nation. Owing to the surge in Pokémon sightings, this occasion will provide South Korean Trainers a fantastic chance to load up on Stardust!

Stardust is an important resource in the game, even though there was only a Stardust event in Pokémon GO when the Global Challenge in Yokosuka, Japan, was successfully completed. It’s crucial to use each potential Stardust increase in order to have strong Pokémon during Raid Battles.

There is additional good news for Trainers who reside in or close to Seoul, South Korea, even if the Pokémon Festa with more frequent Pokémon sightings is already exciting enough. Trainers in the city should expect to see more Trapinch, Shellder, Feebas, and Aerodactyl spawning between September 21 and September 23.

Pokémon GO Week in Korea 2018 Event

Recall that throughout their confrontations, Shellder and Aerodactyl may evolve into Shiny Pokémon. Owing to the likelihood of it becoming a Shiny Pokémon, Trainers in this location should make careful to click on each one that appears!

Despite how great the information above is, there is even more excellent news for Trainers in Seoul who can make it to the Lotte World Mall between September 21 and September 23 for this event. Two Pokémon that don’t often occur in South Korea may be found here. Tropius and Unown are the Pokémon in question!

Tropius is a regional Pokémon, and aside of exceptional occasions, Unown is quite uncommon. Trainers in this region have a fantastic chance to complete their Pokédexes since these two Pokémon are uncommon occurrences that will be guaranteed between September 21 and September 23.


For Trainers who have leveled up to 40 in Pokémon GO, a beta test of the PokéStop Nomination system is now taking place in South Korea. Most likely, the purpose of this event is to encourage Trainers to visit the city and suggest more PokéStops for the game. Yet everyone will benefit from this event since it will assist the beta testing advance so that it may spread to other regions of the globe.