Rare Candy in Pokemon GO

Rare Candy is a unique sort of Pokémon Candy that can be taken care of to any Pokémon species. Intriguing Candy substitutes some other Pokémon Candy, for instance, taking care of Rare Candy to Pikachu will make the game treat it as Pikachu Candy.

Rare Candy is one of only a handful of exceptional conceivable Raid Rewards (drops). Intriguing Candy was acquainted with assistance Trainers power-up and advance Pokémon they see once in a while, for example, Porygon, Lapras and so on.

At this phase of the game nonetheless, we would prescribe just utilizing uncommon candy to control up your meta-applicable Pokemon that are challenging to acquire sufficient measures of sweets for like Legendaries.

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When Pokémon Go added Battle Raids, it also included numerous new items as prizes for completing them. This featured, you guessed it, unusual sweets and technological machinery (TMs).

Pokémon Go just begun awarding one to three Rare Candy for completing some of the more tough Field Research missions.

Previously, you could earn candy for a Pokémon by hatching, capturing, evolving, or walking it, and the candy you received was unique to the Pokémon you hatched, caught, evolved, or walked. For very uncommon Pokémon, such as Larviatar (including Pupitar and Tyranitar) or Dratini (including Dragonair and Dragonite), getting enough candies to completely evolve or power up might take weeks or months.

Rare sweets, on the other hand, may be used on any Pokémon. You just need to get it and convert it.

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Pokémon GO Rare Candy
Icon Pokémon GO Rare Candy
Name Rare Candy
Requirement No level requirement
Available from
  • Raid Battles
  • Field and Special Research
  • Trainer Battles (PvP)
  • GO Battle League rewards
  • Adventure Sync Rewards
Effects The Rare Candy can transform into Candy for any Pokémon. For example: when used on a Pikachu, one Rare Candy turns into one Pikachu Candy.
Item ID 1301
Item Category Candy
Candy gain 1

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Raid Battles introduced rare sweets to Pokémon Go. You may now get it by defeating Raid Bosses and completing Field Research missions. Unlike traditional species-specific sweets, you may use it on any Pokémon in your collection.

You can’t get enough of it at first. Then you’re addicted to it and can’t get enough of it. However, it will eventually fill up your storage space and you will need to decide what to do with it.

As Rare Candy can change into some other kind of Candy, it’s normal that Trainers will load up on RC to perform two things:

  • Power-up a solid Pokémon that requires a lot strolling for 1 Candy (Legendary Pokémon)
  • Develop a Pokémon they’ve seen/brought forth just a single time (model: Porygon)

The best methodology for utilizing Rare Candy will eventually be your choice to make, as it’s nothing not the same as some other Candy type. Assuming you are accustomed to driving up Pokémon with great IVs and solid movesets, you ought to presumably keep doing that with RC.

How to get Rare Candy[ps2id id=’How to get Rare Candy’ target=”/]

The first way to get rare candy by winning Raid Battles. You win Raid Battles by beating the Raid Boss. You beat the Raid boss by getting together with fellow Pokémon Go players and kicking @$$.

The higher the raid tier and the more powerful the Raid Boss, the more rare candy you’ll get. Beat a Tier 1 Magikarp, maybe you get 1-2 rare candies. Beat a Tier 5 Legendary, maybe you get 12

The more Battle Raids you win, the more Raid Bosses you beat, the more rare candy you get.

The second way is by getting and completing some of the more challenging Field Research tasks. You can get one to three rare candy this way, even if you don’t or can’t Raid.

But There Are Some Tips By Me:

  1. Do Raids! Attacks are an essential wellspring of Rare Candy and they are a make way to loading up with Rare Candy
  2. Do PvP! There is an opportunity you can get Rare Candies from finishing Trainer Battles, both from Basic and Premium prize tracks.
  3. Observe Field Research errands that reward it! You can usue The Silph Road’s Research Task tracker to track down applicable undertakings.

Rare Candy FAQ[ps2id id=’Rare Candy FAQ’ target=”/]

How many Rare Candies drop from a Raid? 

Niantic has confirmed that all Raid Drops, including Rare Candy, are determined by several factors that include your battle performance, gym affiliation, raid boss. You get anywhere from 1 to 3 Rare Candy from Raid Bosses.

Is there any Pokémon that can’t use Rare Candies? 

No, you can use Rare Candy on all currently available Pokémon species, including Regional Pokémon, Ditto, ultra-rare hatches, Legendary and Mythical Pokémon.

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