Seadra #117


Seadra is a light blue, piscine Pokémon with a cream-colored belly covered in rough scales, akin to a seahorse. It features a long, tubular mouth, black eyes that are narrow, a fin-like ridge above each eye, and spiny pectoral fins. It has a long, curled tail as well. It features a pair of dorsal fins with venomous sharp, cream-colored tips. Seadra venom is deadly enough to cause numbness and even fainting in humans, yet it is highly revered by traditional healers.

By quickly flapping its fins and tail, Seadra may swim in any direction while facing forward. It captures prey by rotating its body and generating enormous whirlpools. When its target has run out of energy, Seadra consumes it entirely with its long nose. Seadra builds its nest by crawling between or fastening itself to coral branches in the water. The male Seadra will care for the young after a female Seadra gives birth. It is quite violent and will attack anybody who get too close to its nest ruthlessly. During this stage, the male’s venom thickens and grows stronger than normal.

 Best moveset for Seadra

When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, Seadra’s greatest moves are Water Gun and Hydro Pump. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the finest for PVP encounters.


  Water Gun 12 dps
  Hydro Pump 47.3 dps


  Water Gun 12 dps
  Dragon Pulse 25 dps


 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
 Dragon Breath 6 8 12
 Water Gun 5 10 12
Main move Damage EPS DPS
 Dragon Pulse 90 -13.9 25
 Hydro Pump 130 -30.3 47.3
 Aurora Beam 80 -14.1 22.5
 Blizzard Elite TM 130 -32.3 41.9
 Frustration Shadow 10 -16.5 5
 Return Purified 35 -47.1 50

The green moves benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus and deliver 20% more damage.

Pokemon Sidra is a Generation 1 Pokemon that ranks 117 in the Pokedex… He dwells in the Kanto Region and is a Pokémon of the aquatic type. Pokémon Seadra evolves into Pokemon Kingdra after eating 100 Candy and using the Dragon Scale Evolution Item.


Parameters and characteristics of Pokemon Cider

Max BS 2366
Атака 187
Protection 156
Resistance 146

How to find and catch Pokémon Sidra?

Pokémon Seadra may be found near any body of water, including the shores of ponds, rivers, and oceans, as well as near swamps. In the city, look for him in fountains, pools, and water parks.

Seadra is an uncommon sight on the map. A genuine opportunity – evolve Pokemon Horsey or capture it at an event.